Pa'u Zoto Zhaan is an 800 year old--middle aged--Delvian priestess. Unlike everyone else on Moya, Zhaan actually committed the crime she was accused of - the murder of her lover. There are at least two sides to Zhaan - one good and one evil.

Zhaan is kind, gentle, and wise. Due to these qualities she has shown extraordinary patience with John. She worked to understand the disoriented human when others on Moya simply ridiculed him. She has developed a special bond with John, particularly since Rhapsody In Blue when they shared each other's souls in unity.

For all her good qualities, Zhaan must struggle to control her negative impulses.

As D'Argo once said, she has a very flexible morality. In Family Ties, when asked by Aeryn for suggestions in the naming of Moya's baby, Zhaan rebuffed the offer of doing so. She said "christening a warship is hardly my Pa'u." Of course, the very moment she made that statement, Zhaan was preparing explosives with the intent of destroying a world. Flexible morality indeed.

There is a sense that the dark forces that pushed Zhaan to murder are always there - lurking just beneath the surface of her character. She has spent a great deal of time in meditation and hard work just to develop a state of balance. The events and pressures she faces as a fugitive on Moya will test her discipline and self control. For the crew's sake, she will maintain her precarious hold on sanity.



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Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan
is played by Australian fashion model-turned-actress Virginia Hey.

Virginia's first acting job was as a warrior woman on the 1981 film, Mad Max 2. A Bond girl (The Living Daylights), Virginia made her way to Farscape as an original member of the cast in 1998. Fascinated by eastern religions and mystic ways, Virginia is a natural for the roll of the Delvian priestess.

Concerned that the makeup and long hours were harming her physical well being, Virginia stunned fans by leaving Farscape in 2001. Virginia has stated that she originally wanted Zhaan to be a recurring roll, somewhat like Lani Tupu's Crais character, but TPTB decided to "kill" off Zhaan instead. However, as is common with Farscape, "dead" characters have a way of returning when one least expects it.

Of the Farscape cast, Virginia is the most fan-accessible. Featured at many conventions each year, Virginia Hey loves to share her experiences with fans, even speaking for hours with small groups of Scapers.


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