Season Four may be ending, there may be no more episodes in the can, but that doesn't mean we have seen the last of Farscape.

Inspired by the ground-breaking efforts of Scapers worldwide, The Viewer Consortium, Inc. (TVC) is working to get the fans what they want. TVC's mission is to raise the level of viewer involvement in television programming decisions, particularly the cancellation or extension of shows. As a non-profit corporation, TVC can give viewers access to long-term, advanced solutions that have been previously unavailable. Viewer financing is but one of those solutions.

Project One...Renew Farscape. TVC is already working with the Farscape viewers to broker deals among networks, production companies, and advertisers, and otherwise facilitate the production of Season Five. This may involve TVC becoming financially involved in one or more of the following:

* Partnering with The Jim Henson Comapny to produce the show.
* Partnering with a U.S. network to license a 5th season of the show
* Partnering with an international group of networks (for example BBC and SpaceTV) to co-license a 5th season. The show would then one day be available in the U.S. via future licensing, syndication, and DVD.
* Partnering with certain advertisers to secure a 5th season through preferential advertising.

Those are just a few of the possibilities. To help TVC's efforts, which rely on the strength of viewer support, visit the new website at Discussion forums have been recently added, and TVC hopes to hear discussion from viewers on such topics as their role in the TV industry, the Farscape Project, and many other projects, such as:

* Creating hybrid public/private production companies and networks.
* Working with advertisers to enhance the effectiveness of their campaigns through supporting the priorities of viewer groups.
* Developing alternative television ratings systems.
* Producing a publication with a focus on viewer interaction with the TV industry.
* Joining other viewer groups to work on other shows like Farscape.

More contact information for TVC is included at the bottom of this article.

There is also a unique internet pledge petition, The Farscape Fund Petition at to demonstrate support for viewer-financing and the production of more Farscape. The pledge total is over $260,000, and one does not have to pledge to sign. Anyone who signs this petition will be contacted as soon as a promising 5th season negotiation is in the works.

TVC urges supporters to at least sign the petition, but also contact TVC through one of the following methods. Quick, coordinated action by the viewers may be necessary to save Farscape.

Here's how to contact TVC:
* Visit the website at
* E-mail your comments, suggestions and questions to
* Join the Renew Farscape mailing list by e-mailing to or by writing to

The Renew Farscape Project of
The Viewer Consortium, Inc.
3702 S Virginia St. Ste. G12
Reno, NV 89502-6030.

"We know the viewers aren't giving up on Farscape. Neither is TVC. We can renew the show if we all work together."

For more information, here is a list of the best Save Farscape resources I have found so far: - Unofficial home to saving Farscape - a huge site.

NewScape - brought to you by Karlsweb - tons of stuff here.

Farscape World - UK based site at the center of the save-Farscape storm.

Farscape-one - Lots of info, including downloads of the CNN Farscape reports (must see)

Click Here to view one online petition.
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If you want to help fund Farscape's fifth season, please make a pledge here >>

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