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  September 29, 2002 - New music video The Time Warp. Edited by Tarena Scott and music by The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Crichton experiences Unrealized Realities. QuickTime. Download now >>

  September 28, 2002 - Scapers who appreciate Farscape art will like today's update. Featuring 13 works from 6 different scapers, this is the largest art update in site history. Enjoy!
  Zhuuka sent in a new black and white Pilot & Moya wallpaper. Enjoy it by visiting the Fan Art gallery, page 3 >>
  Denise Gideon contributes to the Save Farscape project by sharing with us a new John and Aeryn wallpaper. Not only is it a great image of the two lovers, but this work includes a touching poem, Always Aeryn. View it at the Save Farscape art gallery >>

Just opened a brand new art gallery, just for the work created by Jean. Included are four new wallpaper: Bialar Crais, Pilot & Moya, Peacekeepers, and Romantics. Enter Jean's gallery >>

Remember, Scapers submitting four works (all at once, or over time) get their very own gallery!

  Christina Varo Gonzalez can always be counted on for sharing with us stunning wallpaper. Today is no different. Christina's gallery has been embellished with two new works: Claudia Black and John and Aeryn in red. Enter Christina's gallery >>
  There's been some talk that a Farscape "anime" project is in the works. If so, Rozi has already beaten The Henson Company to it. Rozi's newest work, Aeryn Sun and The Women of Farscape, have been added to her gallery. Enter Rozi's gallery >>
  Cathy Hubbard just sent in three new sketches that scapers will really love. John and Gilina from PK Tech Girl, Talyn-John and Aeryn from Infinite Possibilities part 1, and Talyn-John in his black coat in Infinite Possibilities part 2. All three works are located in the Fan Art, page 3 >>

  September 22, 2002 - New music video, Smile. Edited by Farscape Fran and music by Robert Downey, Jr. Moya's crew must face adversity, triumphs, and sometimes tragedy with dignity and yes, the smile. QuickTime required. Download now >>


September 19, 2002 - Well, last night's scheduled chat with Farscape's David Kemper and Richard Manning fell through for technical reasons. They will try again today @ 7 PM Dallas time. I have a feeling we're not going to like what they have to say. More info here >>

The site updates roll on...

  Curufea (from the other side of the planet, Australia) just submitted two new works of Farscape art. Featuring Moya and some interesting graphic effects, the works can be viewed here >>

Cristina Varo Gonzalez (from way over there, Spain) sent in three new John and Aeryn theme wallpaper. They have been added to Cristina's gallery >>

Remember, Scapers submitting four or more works of Farscape art get their very own gallery!

  September 18, 2002 - Did you miss Ben's interview on CNN Headline News? Download it now >>
  New music video: She Drives Me Crazy by TarScaper. John and Aeryn, mostly during 4.07 John Quixote. QuickTime Required. Music by The Find Young Cannibals. Download now >>

  September 17, 2002 - Adnan Virk is kind enough to share with us a new Save Farscape music video. Featuring scenes from season 4 and music by Tchaikovsky, this promotional video is bound to keep Scaper spirits high. All major media players. Enter the Save Farscape page >>

  September 16, 2002 - Farscape, fighting for it's life, needs your help. Click Here for more info.
  Tarene just sent in a new Farscape fight song music video. Meant to inspire scapers to help the show survive for another season, this video is located on the Save-Farscape page. Music by Queen. QuickTime required. Download now >>
  Cathy sent in two new works of Save-Farscape art. The first is of Talyn-John and the other is of John and Aeryn together. Both sketches are located on the Save Farscape page >>
  The DVD upgrade of my image gallery continues, just added 250 more DVD images to the first season gallery. They're all from episode 1.03 Exodus From Genesis. Enter the gallery >>
  September 15, 2002 - Diana Wey, this site's most prolific video editor, just sent in another music video. John Crichton fans will love Diana's Wonderful, music by Everclear. Windows Media required. Download now >>

  September 12, 2002 - This site passed a milestone Tuesday worthy of note, 200,000 "official" visitors. Actually, according to my server statistics, this site has received over 270,000 visitors, but who's counting? ;) Too bad this had to occur during such a crappy week (Farscape being cancelled) but at least it didn't happen on 9-11. Thanks for visiting! On with the update...
  New music video: Looking Glass, edited by Jay Calder. Fun, fast-paced video based on Through The Looking Glass. Music by Lenny Kravitz. Windows Media. Download now >>
  Art: Kusari just sent in a new Chiana sketch that will inspire scapers to do what ever it takes to save Farscape. Enter the gallery >>
  Cristina Varo Gonzalez just sent in two new John and Aeryn wallpapers that shippers are going to love. Enter Cristina's gallery >>

  September 9, 2002 - Today's update includes a new music video and more info on Sci-Fi's decision to cancel Farscape.
  New music video: Never Forget You, by AerynJohn. Shippy music video featuring Aeryn and her life with Talyn-John and Moya-John. Music by Mariah Carey. Windows Media. Download now >>

  September 4, 2002 - Today's update includes a fun new music video, new Flash animation, three stunning Farscape sketches, a slightly slashy fan fic, and 500 new DVD images.
  Music video: Sunshine Day by Rebecca. This video highlights the happy times for Moya's crew. Set to the music of The Brady Kids, this vid is available in Windows Media format. Download now >>
  New Flash animation: Scape Ghost by Hynerian Donkey. Space Ghost has a show where he interviews celebrities from all over the universe. Tonight's show features interviews of Commander John Crichton and Farscape creative guy Brian Henson. Flash Player or QuickTime required. Download now >>
  New art: Lee Kohse just submitted three beautiful sketches of Zhaan, Scorpius, and D'Argo with Chiana. You're really going to like these. View the art now >>
  New fiction: Unnatural Attractions by Surebrec. Chiana's love potion was supposed to help Crichton attract Aeryn's attention. It worked, sort of, but not in a way the human intended. Read now >>
  Continuing to upgrade my image gallery, replacing the stinky broadcast images with larger, sharper DVD images. Today I open two new galleries, 1.01 The Premiere (300 images) and 1.02 I, ET (200 images.) Enjoy!

  September 1, 2002 - To help make the long hiatus between new episodes a little easier to live with, Farscape Fantasy will be updated often. In September this site will feature new fiction, art, ten new music videos, Farscape Flash animation and more. If you like to express your love of the show by creative means, submit your work here and share it with the world!
  New Fiction: All It Took, by Ennix Sun. Set during A Human Reaction. This is the morning after the night before. Basically an alternate ending starting from the morning after the night in the safe house. Start reading >>
  New music video: Major Tom, by Craig Giannelli. This video highlights Crichton's adventures and relationships in the Uncharted Territories. Music by David Bowie. Realplayer. Download now >>
  Coming September 4: More fiction, a new music video, and Hynerian Donkey's Flash animation of Space Ghost interviewing John Crichton.


August 24, 2002 - The Unrealized Reality image gallery, containing 250 video stills, is now open! Enter the gallery >>


August 23, 2002 - Just posted the first of three new music videos made by Rebecca. Steal Your Love features some of John and Aeryn's best moments. Music by Lucinda Williams. Windows Media. Download now >>

Coming tomorrow: images from 4.11 Unrealized Reality

  August 20, 2002 - Just posted a new music video featuring scenes from The Way We Weren't. Using music by Ennio Morricone, this video captures the complex mood of the episode without giving away how it ends. Video edited by Sami Valtonen and presented in .AVI video format. Download now >>

  August 19, 2002 - Ameliamo just sent in four new character sketches, which have been added to the new Ameliamo art gallery. To view Scorpi, Rygel, D'Argo, and Chiana, click here >>


August 17, 2002 -You can now download images and video of the Sci Fi Channel preview for 4.11 Unrealized Reality. Download now >>

The Coup By Clam image gallery, containing 200 video stills, is now open!

New music vid: Hold Me Down, edited by Thundergod. Music by Tommy Lee, former drummer for Motley Crue. Fast paced video featuring some of Crichton's experiences in the Uncharted Territories. Windows Media. Download now >>

  August 10, 2002 - I'm starting my vacation today, so this will be the only update until next Saturday. Enjoy!

The A Perfect Murder image gallery, containing 250 video stills, is now open!

Last Wednesday I posted a shippy new music video by Rory Kearn titled, True Companion. Featuring J & A scenes from all four seasons, this video is set to the music of Marc Cohn. Download now >>


August 5, 2002 - New Fiction. What happened to Aeryn between the events of The Choice and Fractures? Following the death of Talyn-John Aeryn must confront the memory of the man she lost. To Moya from Valldon is a new fic written by Greenmistress. Start reading >>

Coming Wednesday: More fiction and a new music video.
Coming Saturday: Images from 4.09 A Perfect Murder and new music video. This will be the last update for a week while I'm on vacation in Florida.


August 4, 2002 - Just posted a new music video, titled Bodyscape, sent in by Venomsoup. Farscape comes of age early in its seconds season, shocking many long time scapers in the process. This video highlights some of the show's more memorable and fast paced moments, set to rock music by Drowning Pool. Windows Media. Download now >>

Coming tomorrow: New fiction!


August 3, 2002 - The 4.08 I Shrink, Therefore I Am image gallery, containing 240 Texas-sized 640 x 480 video stills, is now open! Enter the gallery >>

Coming tomorrow: A new music video!
Coming Monday: New fiction!

  July 31, 2002 - Jonelle just sent in her very first Farscape music video and it's very good! Titled Kiss and featuring music by Prince, the video is aptly named. Yes, there's a lot of kissing in it. QuickTime. Download now >>


July 29, 2002 - Posted a new fic and opened a new art gallery:

New fiction: One Way Conversation, by Shelley Robinson. Aeryn's first conversation with her unborn child. Start reading >>


Aerynjohn just sent in a new sketch of Ben Browder, the actor that plays John Crichton. The sketch has been posted to Aerynjohn's new art gallery >

Remember, scapers that submit 4 or more works of Farscape art get their own gallery!


July 28, 2002 - Just learned that I must work today, so this update will be spread out. This morning I'm posting a new music video and this afternoon I'll post a new fic and a very nice sketch of Ben Browder by Aerynjohn.

New music video: The Angel's Revenge. ShorTTy submitted this tribute to the third season episode Revenging Angel. Featuring lots of animation from the episode and music by John Williams, this vid is sure to bring back good memories of a very creative, if somewhat controversial episode. Windows Media. Download now >>


July 27, 2002 - The John Quixote image gallery, containing 250 video stills, is now open!

Coming tomorrow: New art, fiction and a music video.


July 24, 2002 - New fan fiction: John and Aeryn, made for each other. Story by Sarah. This is before season three even started. Aeryn and John are working out their feelings towards each other and dropping hints to each other with out knowing. Start reading >>

Coming this weekend: Images from 4.07 John Quixote, new fan fiction, a new music video, and more!

  July 22, 2002 - New fiction: Trouble in the Leviathan by Grey. A ship of unexpected visitors brings big trouble to Moya and her crew. Start reading >>
  New art: Julie just sent me two new watercolors, one of Pilot and the other of Chiana and Jool. Also submitted are two new sketches, one of Crais and the other of Crais with Jool. Enter Julie's Farscape art gallery >>


July 21, 2002 - I was called into work unexpectedly yesterday, so I must alter the update schedule. Today I have a new music video, tomorrow I'll post the fiction and art.

Just posted my newest music video, Sail Away. The theme of this vid is Farscape at the begging of the series. Music by Styx. Personally, I think it's my best video to date. Available in all major media players. Download now >>


July 20, 2002 - The Natural Election image gallery, containing 200 video stills, is now open! Enter the gallery >>

  July 17, 2002 - Buckwheat just sent in the conclusion to the fic, Unwanted Sun. Summary: John had found something for Aeryn while she was on Talyn. He did not want her to have it after the unpleasantness. He asked Dargo to get rid of it. Dargo hid it in Aeryn's prowler. Read the final chapter >> or start from the beginning >>
  Sarah Turnock created a shippy new music video she wants to share with you. Titled, At The Beginning, the theme is John and Aeryn from early in the series through Crichton Kicks. Music by Richard Marx and Donna Lewis. QuickTime required. Download now >>
  Lots of updates coming this weekend: 200 images from Natural Selection, all new fiction, fan art, and a new music video!

  July 14, 2002 - Buckwheat's fic, Unwanted Sun, continues with part 5: Towards Destiny. Preview this fic or start from the beginning >>
  A new, adventurous fic written by Cathy, titled Entertaining Angels, gets started with the first four chapters. John and friends have barely protected each other. Now can they defend the Uncharted Territories? With a dash of action, romance, and a little fun, this story takes place after Dog With Two Bones and uses spoilers from Season 4 up to Lava's A Many Splendored Thing. Start reading now >>
  Snoopygirl just submitted a new Crichton/Scorpius background for your enjoyment. You can view this work by visiting Snoopygirl's art gallery >>
  Coming Wednesday: More fiction and a new music video!

  July 13, 2002 - The Promises image gallery, containing 200 video stills, is now open! Enter the gallery >>
  Coming tomorrow: Unwanted Sun, by Buckwheat, continues with part 5: Towards Destiny. Cathy kicks off a new fiction epic, titled Entertaining Angels. Snoopygirl has a new Crichton/Scorpius background.

  July 10, 2002 - Just posted a new fic by Sailor Shipper titled "Ray." Immediately following the events of Dog With Two Bones, Aeryn comes across a mysterious object from Crichton's past. Owned by Talyn-John, now only Moya-John can reveal it's true meaning to Aeryn. Start reading now >>
  Just opened a new gallery featuring character sketches by Cathy. Cathy is kind enough to share her art of Crichton, Crichton wearing leather form Taking The Stone, Aeryn and John getting shippy and the shippy scene from A Human Reaction. Enter Cathy's new gallery >>
  Snoopygirl's art gallery has a new addition! An image montage of John and Aeryn is ready for your enjoyment. Enter Snoopygirl's art gallery >>

  July 7, 2002 - Today's update includes a new fic, a new DVD image gallery, and some art!
  Fic: Shadow Games by Ennix Sun. Shortly after his death, Talyn-John visits Aeryn in a dream. Tormented by her lover's death, and again by his invasion of her mind, can Aeryn drop her Peacekeeper defenses long enough to listen to what the human has to say? Start reading >>
  Image Gallery: Just posted 200 images from one of my favorite season one episodes, Rhapsody in Blue. Enter the RIB DVD gallery >>
  Art: Moonkissed just sent me two new works of art. You can view the sketches of D'Argo and Zhaan by visiting the Moonkissed art gallery >>
Remember, scapers that submit 4 or more works of art get their own gallery!
  Art: Happy to welcome a new artist to Farscape Fantasy! Majid sent in three new captioned Crais images featuring some of the captain's best moments. View all three in the scaper art gallery page 2 >>

  July 3, 2002 - Today's update includes a new fic, a poem, an article describing Farscape fans, a shippy new music vid and some very sharp looking art.
  Fan Fic: A Mother's Love by Snoopygirl. Crichton misses Aeryn so much. One day, the love of his life comes home, with a joyful surprise. Start reading >>
  Poem: Forever Changed by Ennix Sun. Aeryn reflects on her life, how it has changed, and the man responsible for those changes. Start reading >>
  TYPES OF FARSCAPE FANS by Starling. Observations of Farscape fans by a Farscape fan. Start reading >>
  Music Vid: She, edited by Cristina Varo Gonzalez, music by Elvis Costello. Sent to me from Spain, this video features Aeryn Sun in all her glory. Windows Media. Download now >>
  Art: Chiana 4 by Kusari. A very sexy sketch of our favorite Nebari has been added to the fan art gallery. View it now >>
  Art: Oronge by Baby Blue Eyes. A very well done John Crichton digital art conglomeration. Those eyes have lady scapers swooning. View it now >>

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