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  June 30, 2002 - The weekend update continues with the addition of the 57th new Farscape music video to this site. Aerynjohn sent me a shippy/heroic music vid, titled A Hero Lies In You, that is focused on John and Aeryn's rather adventurous relationship. Music by Mariah Carey. Windows Media. Download Now >>
  June 29, 2002 The Lava's a Many Splendored Thing image gallery, containing 200 video stills, is now open! Enter the gallery >>
  By popular request, you can now view images and download the video from the much talked-about Sci-Fi Channel preview of 4.05 Promises, which features the reunion of John and Aeryn. Go there now >>

  June 26, 2002 - Cristina Varo Gonzalez from Spain sent me a sexy new music vid that you can now download. Hot Seduction, music by Lullaby, is very aptly named. Windows Media. Download now >>
  Just posted a very well done season four wallpaper by Charlie. The work is now available at the scapers art gallery, page 2 >>

  June 23, 2002 - Somehow I got confused when posting Buckwheat's Memorium, thinking it was part of the Unwanted Sun series. It actually has nothing to do with Unwanted Sun and has been posted as a separate story.
  Just posted Ennix Sun's new fic, titled Motherly Reaction. A cycle after DWTB, Crichton finally finds Aeryn, but not in a condition he could have imagined. Preview now or start reading >>
  Can just sent me an epilogue to the short story Twofold. Immediately following the events of DWTB, Crichton leaves Aeryn one last message, but will she receive it in time? Read the Epilogue now or start from the beginning of the story >>

  June 22, 2002 - The What Was Lost, part 2 image gallery, containing 200 Texas-sized 640 x 480 video stills, is now open! Enter the gallery >>

  June 19, 2002 - PK Lil is kind enough to share with us her newest Farscape music video. Notorious, music by Duran Duran, is dedicated to Bialar Crais. Available in various media formats, the video is ready for your inspection. Download now >>
  Charlie just sent in a new Farscape wallpaper using characters as they appear in the fourth season. Check out this very well done example of Farscape art by visiting the scapers art gallery >>

  June 17, 2002 - Just posted a short fic by Snoopygirl titled This Is The Future. The crew contemplate where they've been and the direction of their lives. Read now >>
  Posted my summary and analysis of Crichton Kicks. Read now >>

  June 15, 2002 - The What Was Lost, part 1 image gallery, containing 200 video stills, is now open! Check them out by clicking here >>
  New music vid 1812. Just completed a new music video made entirely of scenes from Crichton Kicks. The music is Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture. All major media players. Download now >>

  June 12, 2002 - Today's update includes a new fic, a new music video, and lots of art!
  Fan Fiction: Conspiracy by Angel. Immediately following the events of I-Yensch, You-Yensch, Crichton and Aeryn face the greatest challenge of their lives - sabotaging Scorpius' command carrier wormhole project. But how can Crichton and Aeryn complete such a task when they can barely stand being in the same room together? Against their instincts, the two are tricked into facing their fears and each other. Start reading >>
  Music video: Canon by Hynerian Donkey. The focus of this video is Aeryn during The Choice. Alone and desperate, Aeryn spends her time with the memory of the man she loves and lost. Very beautiful music is Johann Pachelbel's Canon. QuickTime required. Download now >>
  TeenScaper submitted 6 new pieces of wallpaper: One for each of Crichton, Aeryn, D'Argo, Jool, and two for Chiana. Enter TeenScaper's art gallery >>
  Julie is kind enough to share three new Farscape sketches. They are titled Unrequited (Crais and Aeryn) - Warrior's Tear(Chiana) - and Nebari Princess. Enter Julie's art gallery >>

  June 9, 2002 - It's easy for forget that the command carrier Crichton and Co. Destroyed in Into The Lion's Den is populated by more than soldiers, but children as well. Just posted a fan fic by Snoopygirl focused on the events of ITLD, as told by a Peacekeeper child. Preview >> or start reading now >>
  TeenScaper has submitted two new works of Farscape art, both of which have been added to the TeenScaper art gallery. One is a Chiana piece and the other is a Crichton/Aeryn wallpaper. Enter TeenScaper's art gallery >>

  June 8, 2002 - The Crichton Kicks image gallery, containing 200 videos stills, is now open! To enter the gallery click here >>
  You can now download the new opening Credits. Available in Windows Media and QuickTime formats. You will also find an image gallery of the credits. Download the video and images now >>

  June 6, 2002 - Curufea is kind enough to share with us his newest video. Dedicated to Scorpius, Spider is a quick and fun look at the Scarran half-breed. Music by They Might Be Giants, the vid is available in Windows Media and DivX formats. Download now >>
  Coming this weekend: Images from Crichton Kicks, download the new opening credits, fan fiction and more!

  June 3, 2002 - For the next week, most of the updates will involve getting this site ready for the third season. However, I do have a new music video and a rebuilt image gallery for you.
  Music Video. The string of shippy vids from Spain continues with AerynJohn's Unchained Melody. Contains shippy John and Aeryn scenes from The Premiere through Dog With Two Bones. Music by The Righteous Brothers. Windows Media. Download now >>
  About 9 months ago I stopped making image galleries from the DVDs because my old PC and video card just weren't up to the task. Armed with new equipment, I just opened the first of many new DVD image galleries, this one from the season one episode, DNA Mad Scientist. What a difference decent equipment makes. Check it out the 200 HI-RES images for yourself >>

  May 31, 2002 - Just posted a new fic by Can titled, Twofold. Crichton, low on fuel and time, records one last message to Aeryn. Preview this fic or start reading now >>
  Cristina Varo Gonzalez sent me a new music video, titled Without You, all the way from Spain. The video expresses Aeryn's feelings immediately following the death of Talyn-John. Music by Maria Carey. Download Now >>

  May 28, 2002 - Today's update includes a new music vid, a new fic, the conclusion of a fic series, and 7 new works of scaper art/wallpaper.
  Music Video: The recent series of shippy music vids from Spanish Scapers continues with LeNnA's Goodbye. Music by Michelle Branch, the focus of this vid is that Aeryn is still in mourning for Talyn-John and isn't ready to go forward with Moya-John. Windows Media. Download now >>
  Fiction: The adventures of Pleisar Sun concludes with part 4 and A Memoriam of Buckwheat's Unwanted Sun. Preview >> or Read part 4 >> or start from the beginning >>

Fiction: Soruboruo by Vic. Desperate to find a cure for Chiana's illness, Crichton, D'Argo and Aeryn encounter a mysterious alien with a shocking connection to Zhaan. This fic is written as an episode screenplay. Preview or start reading now >>

  Art: Just added a new Aeryn Sun wallpaper by Eldon to the fan art page >>
  Art: Added two new watercolors, one of Zhaan and the other of Chiana, along with a sketch of Jool to Julie's (Jule27) gallery. Enter Julie's gallery >>
  The pattern of new art featuring the show's female characters continues with three new drawings by Rozi. The three pieces - Zhaan, Aeryn, and Chiana - can be viewed by visiting Rozi's art gallery >>

  May 25, 2002 - Just posted part 3 of Buckwheat's fan fic, Unwanted Sun. Preview this fic, start reading part 3, or start from the beginning >>
  TeenScaper has submitted some new Farscape art, featuring Scorpy in one and the ladies of season 4 in the other. You can check them out by visiting TeenScaper's art gallery >>
  Julie submitted some new art, a pencil sketch of Chiana titled "Life Disk" and another sketch of Chiana and D'Argo in a loving embrace. Both pieces have been added to Julie's new gallery, which you can enter by clicking here >>
  The music video collection now includes another new music video by Pipashell. Titled Don't Leave Me, music by Blackstreet, this video has John explaining his feeling to Aeryn during the events of Dog With Two Bones. Windows Media. Download now >>

  May 22, 2002 - Just posted part 2 of Buckwheat's fiction, titled Unwanted Sun. Preview this fic, start reading part 2, or start from the beginning >>
  Crichton and D'Argo may have started out as antagonists, but they have managed to develop a strong friendship. This is the theme of Diana Wey's new music vid. The music is I'll Be There For You, music by the Rembrandts. Windows Media. Download now >>
  Next update May 25 with new fic, new art, and another music vid!

  May 20, 2002 - New Fiction: Unwanted Sun, by Buckwheat. Half a cycle after DWTB, Aeryn is alone, unwilling to even mention the name of John Crichton. But a discovery she makes opens her mind to the human once again.
Preview >> or Read part 1 now >>
  New Fiction:
This is the Future, by Farscape Maniac . The eventual fate of Moya's crew is finally revealed 30 cycles later.
Preview >> or Read now >>

  May 19, 2002 - Well, found out Friday afternoon that I had to work this weekend, which is bad for making updates :( Today's update will have to be spread out; the music vid and art today, new fan fiction tomorrow.
  Art: PipaShell sent me six new wallpapers, which I promptly added to the Pipashell Art Gallery. Enter PipaShell's gallery >>
  Not to be outdone by PipaShell, TeenScaper sent me six new pieces of Farscape art. To view them, click here to enter TeenScaper's gallery >>
  Julie has submitted a scan of her new oil pastel entitled "Entering The Wormhole." Enter the Scaper Art Gallery 2 to view Julie's art >>
  Music Video: Well, it's been a while since my last new shippy music video. After DWTB, I bought some new editing software and got to work. Hope you like it. The vid is titled Hey Jude, music by The Beatles, and is available in all major media players. Enjoy! Download now >>

  May 16, 2002 - Curufea invited me to post his new Zhaan music video, titled Only Time. This smooth flowing video, music by Enya, chronicles Zhaan's life on Moya and the impact she had on the lives she encountered. DivX codec required to view this video. The vid is a rather large file - broadband is recommended. Download now >>
  Fiction: Aeryncrichton82 has submitted the final two installments of her series, If You Want Me To. Part 1 of this fic is rated a strong NC-17 for sexuality, the rest of the series contains mild shippyness. Preview or read part 3 >> or part 4 >>
  More fic, lots of art, and the new music video "Hey Jude" coming Sunday!

  May 13, 2002 - Today's update includes new fic, a new music video, and a new art gallery!
  Music Vid: Torn between the memory of the man she loved and the fear of acknowledging the love she still feels for Moya John, Aeryn must decide her destiny, her fate. Music is This Woman's Work, music by Kate Bush, video edited by Rory Kearn. Bring a hanky. QuickTime required. Download now >>
  Fiction: If You Want: Part 2, by Aeryncrichton82, continues the story of Crichton and Aeryn during the events of Dog With Two Bones. Preview >> or Start reading Part 2 or Start from the beginning >>

Just opened a new art gallery showcasing TeenScaper's artistic talent. Currently contains three new wallpapers in addition to the art added last week. Enter TeenScaper's gallery >>

Remember, scapers submitting at least 4 works of art get their own art gallery!

  May 10, 2002 - I have a new music video and another piece of shippy John/Aeryn art! A big update, which includes new fic, another new music video, and more is coming Monday.
  Music vid: birthsister sent me a poignant video the focus of which is John, Aeryn, and their friends during the season three final episode, Dog With Two Bones. Music is Road by Nick Drake. Windows Media. Download now >>
  TeenScaper sent me a lovely new John and Aeryn wallpaper titled, The Greatest Love Story Ever Told. View this art by entering the Fan Art Gallery page 2 >>

  May 7, 2002 - Today's update includes new Aeryn art, two new fics, and a music video!
  Art: Oz_scapers has submitted a new Aeryn Sun wallpaper for your enjoyment. View it now by entering the scaper art gallery page 2 >>
  Fic: Just when we thought Hurt had ended on a down note, Farscape Maniac comes to the rescue with part 4. Preview >> or Read now >>
  Fic: If You Want, by Aeryncrichton82. Taking place a few days after Fractures when Aeryn, Crais, Rygel, and Talyn return to Moya. Aeryn is dealing with seeing (Moya) John for the first time since (Talyn) John died. She is still grieving for his loss. This fic is rated NC-17 for sexual content. Preview >> or Read now >>
  Music Video: My remake of the WGFA video, Boogie or Die, is ready for your inspection. Available in all major media player formats. Download now >>

  May 4, 2002 - Farscape Maniac's fan fic, Hurt, continues with part 3: Knife Wounds. Preview >> or Read now >>
  When times get tough, Aeryn and Crichton know they can always count on each other. This is the theme of Diana Wey's new music video titled Crash and Burn, music by Savage Garden. Download Now >>
  Coming May 7: New music video, Boogie or Die 2; new fan fiction from Lisa B,titled If You Want Me To; and art from Oz_Scaper!

  May 1, 2002 - Farscape Maniac continues the fan fiction, Hurt, with part 2: Coin of Fate. Preview >> or starting reading part1 >> or part 2 >>
  The first new music video for May is a fast paced and unorthodox collection of scenes and music put together by "dmadhatter." "Farscape explained in about five minutes" is available in Windows Media Player format. Download now >>

  April 28, 2002 - The weekend update continues with more fan art and fiction:

Just posted a new John and Aeryn wallpaper, titled Lost in A Wormhole, by sassy_lion. Actually, it looks like they're lost in more than a wormhole. View it now >>

  Julie is kind enough to share with us a new Chiana pencil sketch, which has been posted to the fan art gallery page 2 >>
  New Fic: Hurt. Four years since John's arrival to the Uncharted Territories, he tells his pain to a friend. Is forgiveness the key? Written by Farscape Maniac. Preview >> or Start Reading Now >> Part 2 coming May 1; Part 3 coming May 4!
  April 27, 2002 - The Dog With Two Bones photo gallery, containing 245 images, is now open! Enter the gallery >>
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