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US broadcast update: The Sci-Fi Channel will be broadcasting repeats all through May (details >>). The new season starts Friday, June 7 at a new time: 9pm central / 10pm eastern & pacific.

  April 28, 2002 - The weekend update continues with more fan art and fiction:

Just posted a new John and Aeryn wallpaper, titled Lost in A Wormhole, by sassy_lion. Actually, it looks like they're lost in more than a wormhole. View it now >>

  Julie is kind enough to share with us a new Chiana pencil sketch, which has been posted to the fan art gallery page 2 >>
  New Fic: Hurt. Four years since John's arrival to the Uncharted Territories, he tells his pain to a friend. Is forgiveness the key? Written by Farscape Maniac. Preview >> or Start Reading Now >> Part 2 coming May 1; Part 3 coming May 4!
  April 27, 2002 - The Dog With Two Bones photo gallery, containing 245 images, is now open! Enter the gallery >>

  April 25, 2002 - Sometimes I receive so many emails ( I love hearing from you) from scapers that I miss one or two along the way. Such is the case involving today's art submission. Aerynjohn sent me three sketches featuring Crichton and Aeryn last January, but I somehow skipped them. It's almost a miracle I happened upon them, but I guess late is better than never. View Aerynjohn's Farscape sketches >>
  Schala is kind enough to share with us another music video, this one titled Stand Here With Me, music by Creed. This video is dedicated to John Crichton, who wouldn't be where he is today without his friends. Download now >>
  New Fic: The Farscape project inadvertently sends another young astronaut to the Peacekeepers. Unlike the uptight Crichton, Carrie Marcus just wants to have fun! Preview >> or Read now >>

  April 22, 2002 - Moya and Pilot finally get their very own music video. Music by Train, music video by Diana Wey. Download now >>
Next update: April 25 with more fan fiction and another new video!

  April 21, 2002 - The weekend update continues with all new fan art!
  Just opened a new gallery just for Snoopygirl's work. She submitted two Aeryn posters, a Moya poster and a Moya/Pilot poster. Enter Snoopygirl's gallery >>
Remember, scapers submitting 4 or more works get their own gallery.
  Moonkissed sent me a beautiful Zhaan painting that is a must see for all blue lady fans. It's titled Delvian Dignity and can be found by entering Moonkissed's art gallery >>
  Julie Weber has submitted a new pencil sketch featuring Crichton and Aeryn. This is what she writes about it: "It's called 'The Pain' and is an interpretation of the tension and love between John and Aeryn right now. He lovers her and she him, but when she reaches out to him it hurts." View Julie's art by entering the fan art gallery #2 >>
  April 20, 2002 - The Into The Lion's Den part 2: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing photo gallery, containing 199 video stills, is now open. Enter the gallery >>

  April 19, 2002 - If Crichton returns to Earth, will he know if it's a "real" Earth or a figment of his imagination? Psyscaper explores this scenario with the new fic No Place Like Home. Preview or read now >>
  Added a new music video, Untitled, by Rory Kearn and Alex from crichtonisms.com. The focus of this video, music by Collective Soul, is John and Aeryn as a formidable team. Download now >>
  More updates coming this weekend with photos from Lion's Den 2 and more fan art!

  April 17, 2002 - Shelley Robinson has submitted a new action/adventure/romantic fic titled, No Sacrifice Too Great. John accidentally creates a wormhole while on maneuvers with Aeryn in his Farscape I module and they are sucked through to the real Earth. Start reading >>
  Just posted a new shippy music video by Diana Wey titled When You Say Nothing At All. Music by Ronan Keating. This is Diana's fifth music video hosted here, with more to come. Get the idea Diana really likes making Farscape videos? Download it now to find out why scapers like watching them >>

  April 14, 2002 - Well, the week from web server hell is almost over. The new server seems to be working fine and nearly all of this site has been uploaded. I'll have the rest of this site up and running by later today. As I complete the uploading, I will also update the site in stages. Right now I have a new video and the Ask Dallas page has been updated. Later today I'll post two new fics and my summary / analysis of Into The Lions Den part 1.
  New Video: PKDainchi has submitted a new video, titled Been A While, featuring music by Stain. The lyrics are quite appropriate, considering the way Crichton must be feel about his life the last few years. Windows Media .AVI. Download now >>

  April 13, 2002 - The Into The Lion's Den part 1 photo gallery, containing 200 video stills, is now open! Enter the gallery >>

  April 7, 2002 - Just posted my summary and analysis of I-Yensch, You-Yensch. Start reading >>
  Diana Wey sent me a shippy new music vid featuring John and Aeryn through the first three seasons. It's titled Stand By Me, music by John Lennon. Scapers that haven't seen the final three episodes of S3 should note the video does contain spoilers. Now playing >>
  Next update Wednesday April 10 with new fiction by Psyscaper, Shelly R, a new music video by PKDainichi, and what else I can never tell. Long Live Farscape!

  April 6, 2002 - The I-Yensch, You-Yensch photo gallery, containing 158 video stills, is now open! Enter the gallery >>

  April 1, 2002 - No fooling, a new episode is only 5 days away! Got a big update for you today: new fic, art and a music video.
  Art: Added a new Aeryn Sun wallpaper to Cristina Varo Gonzalez's gallery. Enter Christina's gallery >>
  Art: Sean has submitted another stunning pencil sketch, this time featuring John and Aeryn in a passionate embrace. Enter Sean's gallery >>
  Fic: Goodnight My Mother by Pancake. This story would be through Aeryn's child's point of view. Preview >> or Read now >>
  Fic: Reaching Out by Angel. An accident forces Aeryn to finally confront her feelings for John. Takes place after Fractures. Nice shower scene. ;) Preview >> or Read now >>
  Music Video: PK Lil presents a new John and Aeryn video, this one from Aeryn's point-of-view. Very touching and appropriate music for our favorite former Peacekeeper. Windows Media required. Download it now >>


March 15, 2002 - The next creative (music vids, fan fic, art, etc...) update to this site will be April 1, 2002. However, there are a lot of technical changes that are happening around here that will improve this site greatly. The most important change is that I'm moving FF (all 14,244 files of it) to its very own dedicated web server. The new commercial server has 20 times the current drive space, allows 5 times the current bandwidth and 10 times the current data transfer limit. That's over 200 gigs of data transfer per month - good news for scapers who love the music videos. The new server should be up and running no later than April 1, just in time for the new episodes in the U.S.

  March 11, 2002 - Just got back from our third Texas area scapermeet and had a great time. I posted a brief description of our activities, along with a photo of our group. Click Here to enter the Texas Area Scapers page >>
  If you enjoy dark Farscape fic, I just posted a new story titled Loneliness, written by Abandon, that you will find thought provoking. Aeryn isn't taking Talyn-John's death very well. She remembers what John once said about human beliefs in the afterlife and, well, the story turns very dark from there. Contains suicidal themes. Read now >>

  March 4, 2002
Art: Just opened a new gallery for art submitted by Moonkissed. The newest addition to Moonkissed's gallery is a pencil sketch of Rygel titled Spanky. Enter Moonkissed's new gallery >>
  Art: John and Aeryn fans will love a new sketch of our two galactic lovers by Seizard. Enter the art gallery >>
  Fiction: Dreamscape by Shelley Robinson. Unconscious, and unwilling to leave her dream world with Talyn-John, Aeryn is content to die with the memory of the man she loves. Using unconventional means, it's up to Moya-John to enter her dream of make-believe and convince Aeryn that her future is with him in the real world. Read now >>
  Fiction: Until Now by Pkbabey. A half-cycle after the events of Fractures, Crichton wants to know if Aeryn is ready for romance. Oh yeah... Read now >>
  Music Video. Schala has submitted a new Chiana/D'Argo/Jothee video to music from the film Moulin Rouge. It's titled El Tango de Roxanne and is available in QuickTime 5. Download now >>


March 1, 2002 - Today's update is very simple, but it's one that many scapers have been waiting for. All music videos have been enabled for immediate download, including the 2001 archive. Enjoy!

The next update on March 4 will include new fiction, artwork, and a new music video.

  February 23, 2002 - Today's update includes a new music vid, two new fics, and some fan made artwork. Enjoy!
  Fic: Undecided by Pancake. This fic takes place on Talyn when Aeryn and John were still a happy couple. In a quiet moment, Aeryn contemplates her love for the other John on Moya. Preview >> or Read now >>
  Fic: Alone by Striker. Following the events of Dog With Two Bones, Crichton finds himself on an inhospitable planet with little hope of finding Moya. The human's only chance is to team up with a mysterious warrior bent on accomplishing a dangerous mission against a common foe. Preview >> or Read now >>
  Music Video: Televisao by Diana Wey. Music by Titas. Sent to me from Brazil, this video focuses on Crichton's sometimes manic personality. Windows Media required. Download now >>
  Fan art: Aeryn Sun & John Crichton, a shippy wallpaper by Eldon. View it now >>
  Fan art: Erpman, by Ljinx features a very serious looking Crichton with a globe of Earth. View it now >>
  Fan art: Paula Jean McCrossan just submitted two new Looney Tunes style Farscape posters. View them now >>

  February 20, 2002 - My job got in the way of today's update (I hate it when my life gets in the way of this site) which means a truncated update. The fan fic and art scheduled for today will be posted to this site February 23. However, I do have a new music vid for you...
  Just posted a new music video, titled In the Arms of an Angel and created by Cristina Varo Gonzalez, to the music video page. It's a smooth, shippy John and Aeryn video; the video can be downloaded from here >>

  February 17, 2002 - Posted two new montages, both very well done by Diana Wey, to the art gallery. Also added two new pieces of art by Paula Jean McCrossan titled Only Human and Survivor, Lovers, Soldier. Enter the gallery >>

A fun, fast paced Farscape video, created by Schala and titled Ordinary Day, has been added to the Music Video page. QuickTime required. Download it now >>


February 14, 2002 - A new music video, made by PK Lil and titled Superman, is now available for download. The focus of this touching video is John Crichton, the man behind the heroic facade. Download now >>

  February 11, 2002 - The sixth new music video posted to this site since January 28 is submitted by Diana Wey. Titled Busca vida, music by Brazilian band Paralamas do Sucesso. The focus of this Portuguese language video is Crichton's amazing adventure in the Uncharted Territories. English translation provided. Download now >>
  The Fan Art Gallery has been embellished with two new additions presented by creative scapers. A sexy J&A pencil sketch titled Embrace by PJ and a beautiful wallpaper titled Zhaan Watches Over by Samantha. View them now >>

  February 8, 2002 - Cristina Varo Gonzalez sent me a shippy new John/Aeryn video titled Free For Love. Music by Lighthouse Family. Download it now >>

  February 5, 2002 - Just posted a new music video by Curufea titled The Show Must Go On. It's a stylish video featuring Chiana to music by Queen. Download it now >>

  February 2, 2002 - Posted a new music video from Brazil titled Pra Dizer adeus. It's made by Diana Wey, its theme is Crichton's memories of Aeryn during her funeral. Download it now >>
  Posted a new fan fic titled Wardrobe, written by Scott Preston. Aeryn tries a new persona for a day, to see what it would take to be something other than a Peacekeeper. Read it now >>
  Cristina Varo Gonzalez has submitted a new Aeryn wallpaper. Click Here to enter Cristina's gallery of Farscape art >>
  The Fan art gallery has two new contributors. Emily submitted two pieces, John and Aeryn, and Zhaan. Eldon submitted a new Aeryn wallpaper. View them by clicking here >>

  January 30, 2002 - PipaShell sent me a wonderful shippy video from Spain titled Come What May. Music is from the film Moulin Rouge. Download Now >>
  Did you miss Farscape being mentioned on the game show Jeopardy? No problem, you can download the clip from here >>

  January 28, 2002 - Music videos archived in 2002 are now available for download. Videos archived in 2001 will be back soon.
  Just posted a new music video by Cristina Varo Gonzalez titled Sexy, sexy John. Music by B se onkelz. QuickTime. More videos are on the way! Download now >>

  January 22, 2002 - Added 4 new wallpapers to Cristina Varo Gonzalez's art gallery. Click Here to enter
  Opened a new gallery featuring art created by Meier. Lots of Chiana wallpaper and don't forget the picture of Scorpius wrestling! Enter Meier's gallery >>
  Posted a new fan fic, titled To Blame, written by Pancake. Aeryn ponders the fact that every person she has dared to love has met an untimely death. This fic is adult in nature, featuring suicidal themes and imagery. Read Now >>

  January 14, 2002 - Opened a new art gallery featuring sketches of Farscape characters by Rozi. Click Here to visit Rozi's new gallery
  Added 4 new wallpapers to Cristina Varo Gonzalez's art gallery. Click Here to enter
  Added a new wallpaper by Jlinx to the fan art gallery. Click Here to enter
  Rozi was kind enough to submit a fun little fic titled, "Creature Comforts." Jool is feeling down, but the solution to her loneliness means big trouble for the crew. Read now >>

  January 10, 2002 - Opened a new art gallery featuring Farscape wallpaper by PipaShell and another gallery featuring wallpaper by Cristina Varo Gonzalez.
  Added a new John and Aeryn wallpaper, made by by LeNna, to the fan art page.
  Aussies account for about 4% of the total visitors to this site since May 2000. However, so far for this month, FF has gotten more visitors from Australia (about 48%) than from any other country, including the U.S. It's kind of obvious when Nine is broadcasting new episodes, isn't it? Maybe they should do it more often.

  January 6, 2002 - Just posted a new music video by QSscaperGirl titled, Million Miles Away. QuickTime required. Download now>>
  The Embrace, a shippy new pencil sketch by Aerynjohn has been added to the Art Gallery
  John and Aeryn wallpaper by Roxanne has been added to the Art Gallery
  Planet Glow, my first attempt at Farscape art, and the background used for the new site design has been added to the Art Gallery

January 1, 2002 - Happy New Year Scapers! Regular visitors to this site may notice a few changes around here. Farscape Fantasy was starting to look rather drab, so it's time to shake things up. I hope you find the changes, once they are all in place, help make this site a little easier to navigate.
  This site just surpassed 100,000 unique visitors! Wow, that's pretty good for an amateur fan site of an obscure TV show most people have never heard of. Thanks for visiting.
  Just posted PipaShell's new music video, I Can Make It, to the Music Video Page.
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