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October 2002 - December 2002

  December 30, 2002 - Farscape Fantasy just reached a milestone unique among Farscape fan sites. Just posted the 100th fan-made Farscape music video to this server. To the best of my knowledge, this is the largest collection of Farscape music videos on the internet. Not bad for a show almost no one has ever heard of! Hope everyone has a happy new year and enjoy the new episodes!
  New music video: Deliver Me, music by Sarah Brightman, edited by Birthsister. Beautiful Zhaan video featuring her best moments from the first four seasons. Windows Media required. Download now >>
  New fiction: Mind Eraser, story by Denise Gideon. Crichton makes a decision that he hopes will stop the universe from chasing him. Preview >> or start reading >>
  New art: "Vision" Chiana art by Dmitry Shintjakov. This very hot Chiana piece was sent to me all the way from Siberia. Enter the art gallery >>

  December 27, 2002 - Rebecca is kind enough to share with us a very cool Crichton video, Steve McQueen. Music by Sheryl Crow, this fast-paced video requires Windows Media Player. Download now >>
  New fiction: Phi Phi continues Wormhole Destinations with a new fic, True Reality. Just when Crichton believes he's figured out wormholes, a monkey wrench is thrown into the works! Preview >> or start reading >>

  December 25, 2002 - Hope everyone is having a safe and happy Christmas. Two days ago my relatively new PC died, which means Windows XP - the most stable Windows software out there - lasted all of eight months before coming to a crashing halt. Through extraordinary means, and the help of a very good Microsoft phone technician, I managed to save AerynJohn's new music video, which I now share with you, albeit a day late. Enjoy the video!

  December 21, 2002 - New fiction, Wormhole Destinations gets started with Earth! Written by Phi Phi, this fic explores what would have happen if Crichton had chosen the left path of the wormhole instead of the right. Preview >> or start reading >>
  New video: Magic Carpet Ride, music by Steppenwolf and edited by Rebecca. Crichton is whisked away by his magic carpet; mayhem and romance follow. Windows Media. Download now >>
  Shippy new art by Cristina Varo Gonzalez can be viewed by visiting her gallery >>

  December 18, 2002 - AerynJohn is kind enough to share with us a music video based on one of Farscape's strangest episodes, 4.10 Coup by Clam. The video is Pretty Woman, music by Roy Orbison. Windows Media. Download now >>
  Two new shippy wallpaper has been added to Auri's art gallery. Enter the gallery >>

  December 15, 2002 - New poetry: A Time of Pain, written by Sarah. After taking the Stone, Chiana writes a passage about what her heart is feeling. Or it could be Aeryn writing it after John dies. Read >>

New music video: OboeCrazy's award-winning video, Hall of the Mountain King. Music by Apocalyptica. Moya's crew kicks some ass. All major media players. Download now >>

I just opened a page that contains a text list of all the videos hosted here. View the list >>

  New art by Auri. A beautiful new Stark and Zhaan wallpaper has been added to Auri's new gallery. Go there now >>
  Did you miss either of the new Sci Fi Channel Farscape previews broadcast during Taken? No problem, view the images and/or download the videos from here >>

  December 12, 2002 - New art gallery! Auri just sent in four new works, which means there's a new art gallery here. To view the art, enter Auri's new gallery >>
  New music video: Here's a Save Farscape video that features scenes from all four seasons. Fast-paced and fun, this video is edited by Stratus and Bland Man. DivX .AVI. Download now >>

  December 9, 2002 - New music video: Hanging by a Moment. Music by Lighthouse, edited by Diana Wey. The focus of this video is John and Aeryn during season one. QuickTime required. Download now >>
  New fiction: A Return to Reality. Story by Denise Gideon. Crichton, greatly affected by events he experienced in unrealized realities, finally makes it back to the Moya he knows. Preview >> or start reading now >>
  New art: A sketch of Claudia Black by AerynJohn. View this work by visiting AerynJohn's Farscape art gallery >>

  December 6, 2002 - New fiction: The Best Laid Plans, story by PKTechSquirrel. What might have happened had Crichton not been sucked into the wormhole. Inspired by Unrealized Reality. Preview >> or start reading now >>
  New music video: Darkest of Them All. Sami Valtonen presents a fast-paced look at Peacekeepers and those that try to impersonate them. Windows Media and Real Player. Download now >>

  December 2, 2002 - Whew, this year is just flying by. Hard to believe Scapers in the US have seen only 15 new episodes since August 2001. 39 more days until 4.12 Kansas premieres in the US. There are rumors that UK Scapers may get the final 11 episodes before the US, or not. I sure hope UK Scapers don't get them first. Why? Well, that's just the kind of guy I am! Honestly, I suspect both markets will get the episodes at about the same time. I'll post definitive information here as soon as the BBC releases it. Here's today's update:
  New Fiction: Cathy Hubbard just sent in part 5 of her action/romantic adventure series, Entertaining Angels. Preview >> the series or start from the beginning >> or jump right to part 5 >>
  New art: Speaking of Cathy, she just sent in a slew of new sketches featuring Farscape characters as they were in season one. Enter Cathy's gallery >>
  New music video: Oh the angst of John and Aeryn. Will they ever get together? Tarena answers that question, if only in her video, When I'm Up. Music by Great Big Sea. QuickTime required. Download now >>


November 28, 2002 - Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving holiday! If you live outside of the US and don't celebrate Thanksgiving, that's fine. I hope you have a great Thursday! Now, on with the update:

  New music video: Eating the Residents. Video by Curufea. This stylish and creepy video does a great job of capturing the dark mood of episode 3.06 Eat Me. Music by Resident Evil. Windows Media. Download now >>
  New art: Chiana from Nerve. This wonderful piece is graciously shared with us by Cathy. To view this art, simply visit Cathy's Farscape art gallery >>

  November 26, 2002 - New fiction: Farscape Dreamer: A Wrench in the Clockwork. Story by Code Breaker. A beleaguered high school nerd finds himself onboard Moya, altering the events of episode 2.18 A Clockwork Nebari. Preview >> or start reading now >>

  November 24, 2002 - Just posted a new music video by Cristina Varo Gonzalez titled Tainted Love, music by Marilyn Manson. The video offers a look at John and Aeryn from a different perspective. Windows Media required. Download now >>
  Part 2 of Spacelord's Crichton vs. PREDATOR series has just been added to the fiction page. If you like lots of action and suspense, this fic is for you. Preview >> Start reading from the beginning >> or go right to part 2 >>

  November 22, 2002 - Do you know who Francesca Buller is? Well, she's important enough to Farscape that OboeCrazy created a music video dedicated to Francesca. To learn more about Mrs. Ben Browder, get your RealPlayer viewer ready and download the video >>
  November 21, 2002 - My PC crashed while I was at work yesterday which is messing up today's update. After three hours of troubleshooting, I finally got the damn thing to work (bad video driver) but all that wasted time means today's update will be spread out over the next two days.

Available now: New fiction: Crichton vs. PREDATOR by Spacelord. Start reading now >>

Coming tonight: New music video You're My Home, edited by OboeCrazy.

Coming Saturday: Farscape Dreamer, story by Code Breaker.

  November 17, 2002 - New music video, Cry. Edited by LT Garrix, this video features John and Aeryn as a Shakespearean tragedy. Music by Faith Hill. Windows Media. Download now >>
  New fiction: Old Pain, Old Secrets and Earth, story by Elle. John finds Earth, and learns the truth behind a long-held secret. Preview >> or start reading >>
  New fiction: The Just Be Glad Game, story by Denise Gideon. Confused by memories that are not his own, Crichton turns to Aeryn as to their meaning. Preview >> or start reading >>

  November 13, 2002 - Just posted the final installment of Officersun524's new fiction series, The Future or Something Like It,. You can Preview now >> or start reading chapter 1 >> or chapter 2 >> or chapter 3 >> or chapter 4 >>

  November 12, 2002 - Officersun524's new fiction series, The Future or Something Like It, continues with part 4 >>. Will post a new chapter every day until it is complete. Preview now >> or start reading chapter 1 >> or chapter 2 >> or chapter 3 >>
  PipaShell's art gallery has been expanded with six new shippy works depicting John and Aeryn from various episodes. Enter PipaShell's gallery >>
  Akira, a new artist to this site, submitted two new works, "Space" and "Beyond Hope." To view Akira's art, enter the Scaper Art Gallery, page 3 >>
  Life in the Uncharted Territories isn't always so serious. In fact, the show really knows how to party, sometimes twisted, sometimes otherwise. New music video by Yenrug, music by Pink. Windows Media. Download now >>

  November 11, 2002 - Posted chapter 3 of Officersun524's new fiction series, The Future or Something Like It. Will post a new chapter every day until it is complete. Preview now >> or start reading chapter 1 >> or chapter 2 >> or chapter 3 >>

  November 10, 2002 - Posted chapter 2 of Officersun524's new fiction series, The Future or Something Like It. Will post a new chapter everyday until it is complete. Preview now >> or start reading chapter 1 >> or chapter 2 >>
  PipaShell recently sent in several new art and wallpapers. The first four shippy works of art have been posted to PipaShell's art gallery, the rest will be posted in two days. Enter PipaShell's gallery >>

  November 8, 2002 - Just posted a new video to the music of Madonna titled Frozen. Edited by Silviacat, the focus of this video is Crichton and Aeryn at the end of season three. Windows Media Player required. Download now >>
  Finally got high resolution versions of PK Lil's classic Crichton video, Superman, posted to this site. Even if you've seen the low quality version of this vid, you really haven't seen this vid. Available in all major formats. Download now >>
  New fiction series: The Future or Something Like It, by Officersun524. Unrealized reality. Following the events of 4.04 Lava's a Many Splendored Thing, Crichton finally reunites with Aeryn. However, their happy reunion is short-lived when Noranti reveals Aeryn's secret. It's up to Aeryn and Crichton to once again face death together if there is any chance to save her child. This series continues with a new part every day until it is complete. Start reading >>

  November 4, 2002 - New video Ride of the Crichton. Music by Robert Wagner, edited by Tarena. When the situation is desperate, the going gets rough, Crichton can always be counted upon to rise to the occasion. It's not that Crichton is a super-hero; he simply never gives up. QuickTime required. Download now >>

  November 1, 2002 - Just added a new music video, a new fic, and some art to the site archives. Approximately half of the site has been converted to the new look. More changes are coming.
  New Music vid: Back in Black features Crais when he was just a very bad man. Music by AC/DC and edited by LT Garrix. All major media players. Download now >>
  New Fiction: Heroism by Harveyinmyhead. This story follows the events of 3.18 Fractures, but deviating dramatically from the rest of season three. The tragic sacrifice of a friend forces Aeryn and Crichton to confront their feelings for each other. Preview >> or start reading >>
  Cristina Varo Gonzalez has added to her art gallery a very romantic wallpaper, titled Meltdown. Enter Cristina's gallery >>

  October 16, 2002 - New music video Hero of the Day. Edited by LT Garrix, this video highlights Crais transformation from twisted villain to dark hero. Music by Metallica. All major media players. Download now >>


October 14, 2002 - New fiction: John and Aeryn, Made For Each Other part 2. This is before season three even started. Aeryn and John are working out their feelings towards each other and dropping hints to each other with out knowing. Story by Sarah M. Preview >> or Start reading part 1 >> or part 2 >>

New art: Peacekeeper Command Carrier is a creative new work by D13mila added to the Fan art gallery. Enter the gallery

New art gallery: Sarah sent in five new works of Farscape art. Wallpaper collages from Fractures and The Way We Weren't. Two shippy wallpaper featuring John and Aeryn and a new Save Farscape poster. Enter Sarah's new gallery >>

Scapers submitting 4 or more works of art (all at once or over time) get their very own gallery! FF is proud to be the home to 15 galleries, each one dedicated to the creative endeavors of a particular scaper.

Coming Wednesday: New music video by LT Garrix titled Hero of the Day. Crais fans will love this video!


October 5, 2002 - New music video High and Dry, edited by Oddfeld. Moya's crew must learn to rely on each other if they are to survive. Oddfeld's video highlights some of Moya's best and worst times. Music by Radiohead. Windows Media. Download now >>

  October 2, 2002 - New music video Crichton's Dilemma. Edited by Edgar Intel and music by The Clash. If given the chance, would Crichton leave Moya and his life in the Uncharted Territories? This video features many of the memorable experiences Crichton would have missed had he never flown through that wormhole. .AVI DivX. Download now >>
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New music video:
The World Can Wait
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