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Several online sources are reporting that the entire Farscape series will be available on Blu-Ray 15 November 2011! Source 1: Cinema Blend.com Source 2: TV Shows on DVD

Amazon already has the series, sold by season or the complete set, available for pre-order.

Technical update: Though the show was filmed on 35mm, most of the original film is gone. The Blu-Ray disks will be up converted from the original European PAL formats - the highest quality versions of the show available. So, we won't get a true HD experience, but the picture quality should be superior to DVD. Enjoy!



29th November 2010 - Posted a new music video, Stars and Lovers, music by Milva and edited by Roman Tanin. Click here to watch the video.


24th December 2006 - I'm posting new vids to the archive again. Enjoy! Merry Christmas and have a happy 2007!


16th July 2006 - Scapers, I am posting new videos to the music video archive again. I look forward to seeing the new vids you have created, but I must request that you please hold off on sending me any more vids until after September 1. I have quite a backlog of vids that I need to post, and staying focused on the older vids will help me stay organized. Thank you!


11th January 2006 - In the beginning I never dreamt it could happen, and later there were times that I wondered if we would ever make it. But tomorrow - at 12:01 AM Dallas time - the 500th Farscape music video will be posted to this site. Truly a testament to the creativity, fortitude and devotion of Farscape fans all over the planet, the FF music video archive is the largest collection of Farscape music videos on the net. Thanks and congratulations, Scapers! You are the best. Enter the archive >>


3rd January 2006- New gallery: Fractures - DVD, containing 200 images, is now open! Click Here to enter the new gallery. 3.22 Dog With Two Bones coming next. Enjoy!


31 December 2005 - New gallery: The Choice - DVD, containing 135 images, is now open! Click Here to enter the new gallery. 3.18 Fractures coming next. Enjoy!


13 November 2005 - A new Farscape music video is being posted to the archive every day. Enjoy! Enter the largest collection of Farscape music videos on the net >>


23 October 2005 - New gallery: Revenging Angel - DVD, containing 240 images, is now open! Click Here to enter the new gallery. 3.17 The Choice coming next. Enjoy!


9 October 2005 -

Hi Scapers,

Thanks for dropping by; it's been a while since this site was last updated, but if you aren't aware, there has been some activity in regard to Farscape. The show is now in syndication in the US on channel WGN, the "Super Station," so be sure to check it out. Still no official word as to whether there will be another Farscape miniseries or feature film, but the rumor mill is in full tilt, so I will keep you posted if anything firm is announced.

As for Farscape Fantasy, the site keeps generating traffic, which is not surprising. What is a little surprising is that the site is generating more traffic now than at any time since it was founded in 2000. See below:

Farscape Fantasy web traffic since the site moved to a dedicated server in April 2002:

As you can see, the overall traffic to this site keeps going up. So, if scapers are going to keep visiting, then I guess I had better update the site more often.

I still get emails about the music videos; specifically, whether new vids will be posted to the site. The biggest problem I have is that since building my house in the sticks last year, I have been stuck with satellite internet, which is terrible for uploading large files to my server. However, DSL is now in my neighborhood, which I will be switching to by the end of the month. If the DSL works well for uploading, then there's a good chance that new vids will be returning to FF; I'll keep you updated.

My first update is focused on the image gallery, which is looking pretty shabby. Many of the images I have were taken back when I was using a prehistoric computer, VHS and crappy cable TV, and they are no longer acceptable. So here we go...

New gallery: The Infinite Possibilities Parts 1 & 2 DVD image galleries, containing 430 images, are now open! Click Here to enter the new galleries. 3.16 Revenging Angel coming next. Enjoy!


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