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Title: One of the good days - Unwanted Sun Part 6

Written By: Buckwheat

Email: i_treuer@hotmail.com

Rating: PG-13

Summary: This is the final Chapter in the Unwanted Sun story line. Why was Pleisar replaced as Captain of the Invictus? What will happen in the exciting conclusion of...the shadow knows and so do my Betas you will have to read to find out. I had originally planed to get this out before episode 4x05, but real life intervened. This is how I would have brought things about.

Thanks to my beloved Mrs Buckwheat (Janet) for putting up with my ramblings and bouncing story ideas off you at weird times and places.

Thanks to Marcase and Jessica Rabbit for the Beta and story flow, without your help I don't think Pleisar would have made it out of my head.

 Thanks to those, dare I say fans, who have followed the story and those who have sent messages of encouragement. You all rock.

Copyright Notice: The Jim Henson Company, Hallmark Entertainment, Nine Network Australia and the Sci-Fi Channel own Farscape. They own all rights to characters mentioned within this story. I made some or most up, but if they want to have them too, who am I to complain.


Chance is always powerful. Let your hook be always cast; in the pool where you least expect it, there will be a fish.


The proprietor of the Gilded Trell looked nervously at the group of Peacekeeper...Ex-Peacekeepers that had entered his eatery. Glindor did not care if they were renegades or not they were still Peacekeepers in his mind, and Peacekeepers were bad for business. He smoothed his mane and walked to greet them.

"Fellip nectar or Raslak and lots of it." snapped their leader.

"I'm sorry sir but we do not serve intoxicants here, perhaps you would like some Cholka Tea?" Glindor replied nervously.

"Not frelling likely, come on we're leaving!" snapped the leader.

"I would like some tea." a voice answered.

The others turned, as did Glindor to see who spoke. One of the females in the group stepped forward.

"I would like some tea if it is not to much trouble?" she repeated with a smile.

The others in her group just shook their heads.

"Yes ma'am it would be my pleasure, If you would take a seat at one of the tables I will bring you some." Glindor smiled back.

"Well comm us if you need us, you're on your own Sun." said one of the Peacekeepers as they walked out the door.

Aeryn walked to a table in the corner and sat down facing the door. She opened her bag and took out her one of her prized possessions, the one thing that she always had with her. It was something that was a source of amusement for the rest of her team; she was never without it. The book that John Crichton had put so much time in to preparing for her, the one thing that made her smile again.

Glindor approached her "Your tea ma'am"

Aeryn looked up and smiled, "Thank you" she paused and studied Glindor.

"You're a Thorn." she whispered.

Glindor nervously looked arround then he spoke.

"Not many know how to recognize us any more. We call our selves the Denoth or 'Unworthy' in our ancient tongue. There is less than a hundred of us left. You are the second Sebacean to recognize my species with in solar days of each other. I'm starting to think that my eatery is in some renegade Peacekeeper tourist guide to this planet." Glindor mused.

"Don't worry your secret is safe with me." Aeryn replied

"Funny that is what the other one said too...enjoy your tea." he said as he walked to greet some customers.

Aeryn sip her tea, quietly acknowledging that she liked it, picked up her book and continued where she left of, wondering why Pleisar Sun was being replaced as captain of his own carrier?


Upon my return to High Command, I tried to surrender my weapon to the duty staff, but instead I was ushered into Fleet Admiral Colnek's office. I was then promoted to Admiral and given command over all Special Operations. There was an underlying problem with this though. As part of my duties I would also have the position of Military Liaison to the council. So not only would I have the responsibility of overseeing all Covert ops, but also I would have to spend time explaining the differences between a pulse rifle and a prowler. I was beginning to wonder if this was a punishment rather than a promotion. I did my duty as required, and I excelled at it as usual.

An Admiral! He is right though, dealing with politicians is a punishment, thought Aeryn.

I held the council post for many cycles, it often took me away from my military duties, in the form of receptions and functions. I have over the cycles honed my political skills, I can tell the head of the council to go frell himself and he won't know I did it, and thank me for the complement. How you ask? Well that is a subject best left for another book.*

(*Editor's Note: I have looked for the book and I can't find it. I sure could use it with Sparky.)

Aeryn stifled a laugh.


After several cycles of holding the hands of councillors, my duty as liaison was given to a Lieutenant Faris Durka. He was part of a long line of Sebacean military families. I suspect we will see great things for that family.*

(* Editor's Note: If this is the Durka Family we know, then greatness equates to a severed head decorating a certain Hynerian's wall)

I was given the sole task of dealing with Special Operations Branch. I increased the number of commando trained soldiers in the Peacekeepers. I even had two command carriers transferred under my command and formed three special ops regiments. The disrupters, I can not take credit for, that was my predecessor. Unfortunately he used them to spy on Admiral Colnek, and as I have said before her enemies have a tendency to disappear.  I was glad to be able to spend more time with my family. I was able to reconcile with my father before his death, and I was offered his place on the council, but declined. I had it arranged that the seat would got to the Strana House. Darvo is now a councillor, he was a great soldier, but he is a brilliant politician.

During this time Arnan retired from active duty. She had lost a leg in a prowler crash, she still can chase me around our quarters and win. She accepted a teaching post at Peacekeeper Command school. She is head of the Military History and Strategic Studies department and now a full captain. She takes great delight in dragging her old Admiral of a husband to guest lecture about some of my battles. I still have a problem saying no to her. Besides it has given me a chance to influence the next batch of leaders for the Peacekeepers, and it is not every day that a father can lecture to his daughter and she has to pay attention to pass a course. She is currently stationed aboard the Invictus as a prowler pilot. She goes by her mother's name, Strana. We felt it would be best since High Command has renamed her regiment the Pleisar Regiment after me. Frell it is almost as bad as making me Commander of the Order of Selar. Yet more functions to attend.

A new crisis arose shortly before my retirement from active service. The Peacekeepers were having a recruiting problem. With our increase in our protection contracts this became a growing concern. Our efforts to recruit though normal procedures were coming up short of our requirements. High Command had a solution, a solution that a few of us had problems with. They sent out recruiters to every Sebacean colony recruited, by force if necessary, to bolster the ranks. They also decreed that any children born to serving members would automatically be born to service. Other senior officers and myself protested this new directive, but to no avail. I am under the impression that they want to stop members from marrying as well.

With that in mind, after over 130 cycles of duty I retired from the Peacekeepers. I am still the honorary commander of the Pleisar Regiment. Arnan is still teaching, but she is slowly heading towards retirement as well.  We still get invited to regimental functions and parades, the current commander loves to dust off the great Pleisar Sun and parade me around like a show dorath. It is my duty to attend these functions. I occasionally go on special envoy missions for the council; I have negotiated several peace treaties. As I write this I am preparing to go to Luxan to negotiate use of one of their moons as a PK staging area. Perhaps I should hold off finishing this book to tell you how it went.

{Editor's Message: The following was not written by Admiral Sun, but was written by his wife.}

It is with much sadness that I write this, Admiral Pleisar Sun is dead. After successfully negotiating with the Luxan, we were returning to report to the council when Scarans attacked our convoy. Like the hero he was he joined in the defence of our transport. He died defending the ship, he died defending our way of like, and he died in my arms.

He would not say he was a hero; he said he was just doing his duty and that if that made him a hero then every Peacekeeper is a hero. He was a hero to his friends, his family and to me. He may be gone, but I will never forget him.

Farewell My Love


Aeryn looked at the picture of Pleisar Sun, with tears in her eyes. She knew what it was to lose someone close to her she could relate to Arnan. She then noticed that Pleisar looked familiar, then it dawned on her; he looked like the statues that are in all the terrain re-constructors.

"What do you want Peacekeeper?" Aeryn heard Glindor ask someone.

"Do you have any Beer?" the voice asked

"It's just like fellip nectar" Glindor and the man chimed together.

Aeryn froze. It couldn't be, she thought.

"I told you the last few times you were here. We do not serve that here!" Glindor said.

"Worth a shot, I'll have the tea, just bring it to my table..." the man paused.

Aeryn looked up to meet is eyes, she was hoping it would be the one she had been thinking about for the past quarter of a cycle. She saw the joy in his eyes.

"Hey" she said cautiously.

"Hey" John replied with a smile.

"Hey" she smiled back.

Fate can be kind some times and today is defiantly one of the good days.


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