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Title: Sun Rise, Sun set (Unwanted Sun Part 4)

Written By: Buckwheat

Email: i_treuer@hotmail.com

Rating: PG - 13 Pushing Mature

Spoilers: A long time ago in this galaxy...Well you get the picture

Summary: The further adventures of Pleisar Sun. Confronted with a past that has driven him throughout his life, can he cope with the coming events? Only the shadow knows...and me so read on and be enlightened.

A special thanks goes to Janet for reading and fixing the technical aspects of writing (spelling and other dren).

A great heap of thanks goes to Marcase for his input and help in streamlining the story and setting it on the right flow.

Note: Where as part 1 was written as Aeryn reading his memoirs so to speak, part 4 is written as a first person narrative. If you have suggestions, comments or questions please feel free to email with suggestions.

Copyright Notice: The Jim Henson Company, Hallmark Entertainment, Nine Network Australia and the Sci-Fi Channel own Farscape. They own all rights to characters mentioned within this story. I made some or most up, but if they want to have them too, who am I to complain.

To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.

-author unknown-


"Hello Father..."

There was a long awkward silence, which seemed to go on for arns. I looked at the man that stood before me. He seemed to be taken back by my revelation. The councilor looked me over, as if he was inspecting a piece of furniture at auction. It almost seemed like he was looking into my very core. He still had the same neutral expression on his face I remembered from my youth. Finally the silence was broken, but not by whom you would have thought.

"Well isn't this charming. I hate to brake up this family reunion, but it this the best you Peacekeepers could provide? I would not let him guard the man who shovels the dren after the Maxillian Blater day parade. I've seen better at a PDF recruitment centre."

Enter the brother or the Whelp as my father's servants often referred to him as.

"How dare you-" started Arnan, only to be cut off by Admiral Colnek.

"I assure you that the Lieutenant is the best, his record speaks for it's self. If he wasn't, I would not have assigned him." She paused, "Perhaps a demonstration is in order?"

The whole room tensed. I quickly made eye contact with Arnan and the two Peacekeepers that had come in with the Whelp. With a few minute head gestures and on small hand flick disguised as fixing my uniform, all of them understood what was about to happen. The Admiral stepped back two paces sensing what was about to happen.

"Fine, when will this be sched-" the whelp squealed as Arnan swept his legs, sending him to the floor. 

At the same time the two guards moved the Councilor to a safe area shielding him. I pounced onto the Whelp, my knife drawn and at his throat, my pulse pistol against his head. I could feel him start to shake in fear. Fear that years of torment were coming back at him tenfold. I leaned forward and whispered to him.

"I noticed that you walk with a slight pull to your left side. Is the pistol you have there that heavy for your weak body to carry?"

I holstered my pistol; he flinched as I applied pressure to the knife. I slowly reached into his jacket and pulled out the Pulse Pistol and threw it across the floor. I resumed my talk to him.

"It is becoming a habit of mine to kill those I consider family, and I am getting very good at it. I could say that you brought the weapon to kill the councilor out of jealousy or you were power hungry or you are just a traitor. Before you say how could I get away with it, I know how to plant evidence, I have in the past and I won't hesitate to do it with you. If you cross me I will have retribution. Do you understand me?"

He nodded ever so slightly, he eyes wide with fear. I stood up and sheathed my knife, kicking him once for good measure, "remember our conversation, brother "

"You have done well for your self. You have the look of your mother"

I turned around to see the councilor standing behind me with a smile on his face.

"I would not know, having never known her." I replied coldly

I heard a thud, I quickly turned to see Arnan standing by the Whelp, he was on his back again, and she had a grin on her face.

"I just tried to help him up and he slip on his own waste" she snickered

I looked down and saw that the drennit has wet his trousers. His face was turning red with embarrassment, I thought about killing him then and there to put him out of his and my misery, but that would have been the easy way out. I would see him suffer, the way I suffered.

The Admiral directed us towards the briefing room, where we would discuss the plans for the next few solar days. We found out that the Vote was to be in four solar days, and the Councilor and his entourage were staying at High Command in the diplomat's quarters. There security would be the responsibility of the Admiral's guards while they were inside; my team would be responsible for all matters outside the command building. We would accompany him to a pro-Peacekeeper rally the night before the Vote and to the council chambers for the vote. It was agreed that we would be in uniform for all events. That way all would-be assassins would know whom they are dealing with, or more importantly they would know who would be killing them.


The Admiral approached me after the meeting, she mentioned that there was a loose end to deal with. She mentioned that the chief opponent in the council was Councilor Ginka Rotana, Xana's uncle. If he were to attend the vote, it would be too close to call. I knew what I had to do. I had to tie up the loose ends, in order to ensure victory for the Peacekeepers. I asked Arnan to arrange for quarters for me and I left the command centre. I made an appointment to see the councilor, I think he though I was going to change sides, he obviously had not heard of my role in the deaths of his niece and nephew.

I entered his lavish office decorated with ornate light-globes and art pieces and impressive looking chalices; I was checked for weapons, they found none or so they thought. I have yet to meet anyone who checks between the shoulder blades. Their first mistake; that is where I hid a small knife. The guards left us alone, mistake number two. The Councilor spoke to me like a kindred spirit in that polished, decadent tone he must have used to woo and charm the locals. I thought I would puke. He spoke of the evils of the Peacekeepers and how they would bring down the Sebacean race. I wanted to kill him right then and there, but I needed to dispose of the guards first. That was easy, I feigned a salute and drew my hidden knife, stabbing the councilor in his hand, he reeled back in fright, screaming for the guards while clutching his bleeding hand. I stood and took position by the door and killed the rushing guards with a quick jab to the base of the skull and a circle-kick to the neck of another. They were dead before they hit the ground.

I could smell the fear in the air. Councilor Rotana knew he was going to die. Even so he started to beg for his life, it was pathetic.

"Please! I'm not... I didn't... I'm a loyal servant! I have... I have many items of value I can give you! Spare my life! I have friends... I have powerfull friends that will reward you with riches!" He nursed his bleeding hand while he started to back away from me, until he hit the far wall. His eyes were shooting left and right, desperately looking for a way out. The only way out was the door behind my back, which was now "guarded" by two corpses.

I told him that it was not wise to cross the Peacekeepers and that, rest assured, that his family would soon be joining him. I slowly moved towards him, intent on finishing this quickly. The Councilor started screaming and running along the walls, frantically throwing his trinkets and valuables at me. A single jab ended his misery. I was unwilling to spent any more effort on this piece of dren. I left his body on his ornate desk and as I left tossed a fire grenade, that would keep anyone from entering the room for a while. I left as quickly as I could, and returned to the Command Centre.


I checked in with the duty officer and was given my quarters assignment, I had hoped Arnan had done her duty and got me good quarters. Passed Admiral Colnek on the way, we made eye contact, I nodded and walked on. With that she smiled, she knew that the loose ends were secured. Once again I had done my duty. I entered my quarters, and I was surprised to see that it was a double room. I hadn't had to share quarters since my cadet days. What was I to expect, there were higher ranking officers around that had to double up.I noticed my bags were already unpacked and my dress uniform was prepared.

"I hope you don't mind, I had us quartered together?"

I spun around to find Arnan standing there in her full dress uniform. Something was different about her that I could not place.

"You missed Admiral Chod 's reception, he was a little disappointed that you were not there. I told him that you were out walking the route to the Council Chambers and planing contingency routes." She looked concerned.

"Thank you, I had a... personal matter to deal with." You could have cut steel with the tone of my voice.

"So it's done? We can finally forget about that traitorous family?" She asked sheepishly.

"Justice has been served," I replied. But I will never forget. I thought.

I looked up to see her smile, as I said before she did seemed different, more confident, more mature, more like a grown woman. She was no longer the young pilot that saved our eemas so many cycles before. She looked like a true Sebacean warrior, and then it dawned on me, she wore Lieutenant's insignia.

"Congratulations Arnan, it is about time you got promoted" I beamed at her, I was positively overjoyed with her good fortune. "It's about time they promoted the best pilot I ever flew with."

"Thanks Pleisar, that means a lot coming from you. I guess we can celebrate tonight at the dinner Admiral Cholak is holding for your father...I mean the Councilor." It was the first time I had seen her flinch. I could tell she regretted making that comment.

"He ceased to be my father cycles ago, he supports the Peacekeepers so he has, at least for now, my respect," I said somberly. "Frell! What time is that dinner?"

I looked down at my stained uniform and the blood on my hands, I realized that I was exhausted from my excursion that day.

"Relax Pleisar, you have a little over four arns. You have time to clean up and have a rest. I'll finish prepping your uniform. Did you bring your medals? The higher ups always like to see the accomplishments of their soldiers. Especially those who have the received both Star of Courage and the Order of Sellar."

I was so tired that I was not going to argue. She knew how I hated wearing medals. To this day I believe that they are just a symbol that you survived and that your friends didn't.

"Yes they are in my document case. What would I do without you Arnan?" I said as I wearily trudged to the shower.

"I often wonder the same thing Pleisar." She replied with a smile.

I had to stop for a moment; I looked back to see her smiling at me. I was too tired to say anything I just went to have my shower and to clean up. When I finished, Arnan was gone; I lied down and slept until the alarm went off for me to wake up. I dressed and went to the reception or dinner what ever the frell it was. It was your typical political dinner, lots of speeches and toasts and idle conversation. I was completely frelling bored. Arnan kept me company though out the dinner. It was nice to have her there it was almost comforting in a way. She even stayed when the Councilor came to tell me that he was impressed by my career and that he was proud of me. Too little, too late. For the most part we kept to our selves, and to the rest of the Peacekeepers.

About two arns into the dinner, I thought I saw a flash, a small glint of light. I looked again, this time Arnan saw it.

"Did you..." I started

"See that?" She finished.

"Weapon?" I asked, paused "It is, lets go"

I tapped my coms twice, that was the code; the guards knew what to do. Arnan quickly moved to the councilor, and I went towards the source of my concern. I lost sight of it for a microt, then I reacquired my target, and the fool brought a knife to a gunfight. I raised my pistol and fired just as the assassin raised the knife to strike. He screamed as the pulse charge hit him. There was silence, then I saw who it was. It was the Whelp, my brother. He was struggling to stand, he go to his knees.

"You Peacekeeper bastards...you will ruin our way of life, and end our existence. I spit on all your houses." He sputtered as he stood defiantly. He turned to face the councilor, "How could you side with these butchers father."

"You are no longer my son, traitor." He answered sharply.

He screamed something intelligible, and lunged at me. I did not even remember seeing who shot him, I just remember the thud as he hit the ground. I looked around to see several soldiers enter and point their rifles at the councilor. Admiral Colnek approached him.

"Do we still have your vote councilor?"

"You do and you will have enough votes to win as well." He answered all the time staring at the body of his son.

With that the Admiral waved her hand, the soldiers lowered their weapons and pulled the body away.

"I think that this function is over." Arnan smirked.

The next few solar days were uneventful. The Rally went as planed. I thought it would get out of hand when the PDF showed up, but nothing happened. The vote was not even close. Without Rotana, the opposition crumbled, our opponents could not afford to vote against us. It was agreed that in two solar days from the vote the Peacekeepers would assume all defense responsibilities from the PDF. It was an impressive show of force when it happened. One hundred thousand Peacekeeper soldiers from five command carriers landed and took over from forty thousand PDF. Only the invasion of the Turok sector cycles later could rival the shear scale of troop movement and logistical planning that this took. I was proud to be a Peacekeeper that day.


With my assignment done, was looking forward to going to the Zelbinion. I was ready for the next phase in my career. I was looking forward to serving as a first officer. The Zelbinion was just commissioned, and it was bigger than the rest of the carriers in the fleet. I went to the Command building to see if I could have my report date pushed forward. I arrived to see command in an organized panic. I was immediately met by one of Fleet Admiral Colnek's aids, and I was escorted to her office. I was confused as to what was going on, no body would tell me. Something was wrong, very wrong.

I was ushered into her office, I saw the Admiral surrounded by aids and the other Admirals, and they looked concerned and worried.

"Ah, you are here good." She paused to read a report. "The Argus was attacked by an alien attack force. Captain Stallton is dead, along about a quarter of the crew. Lieutenant Darvo Strana is acting commanding officer. I believe he replaced you in covert ops section."

I was taken back by this information. Captain Stallton was my hero, the one Peacekeeper that I strove to be like.

"You are to go the fleet yards at Cholar IV, where you will await the Argus," She tossed me a new ident chip. " You will assume command and you will have as much time as you need to get the Argus re-crewed and operational. Do you understand me Captain Sun?"

"Yes Admiral" I stammered. I paused as to ask a question. I knew better. I saluted and left her office. There was an aid ready to take me by stores for my new uniforms and kit. I was pleased that the new Fleet Captain's uniforms were black with red trim, similar to the pilot and commando's uniforms. I was pleased to see that only those captains who commanded ships that did not hold post would still wear the red and black uniforms. I never liked those uniforms.

After being outfitted I headed to the spaceport. Much to my displeasure, I found out that I would have to take a Leviathan again. Due to the new situation, all other troop vessels were being sent to the outer colonies to re-enforce our troops there. I went to the Officer's Lounge where I found Arnan waiting.

"It is good to see you again sir!" She said as she snapped to attention. I noticed the whole Officer's lounge was at attention.

"At Ease everyone...Thank you Arnan, but cut out the 'Sir' dren" I said with a grin.

"I can very well call you Pleisar, it would not be appropriate, Sir"

"Well you can call me Pleisar when we are talking in private, how does that sound?" I responded. I enjoyed this verbal sparing with her.

"As you wish, Sir" she giggled.

"I suppose you will be travelling with me on the Leviathan back to the Fleet yards?" I inquired.

"Yes I am, and I have already arranged your quarters with the First Officer. I think you will be pleased."

"I don't suppose we will be quartered together again?" I think I sounded too hopeful at the time.

She shook her head and looked at the ground. "You will be in the Senior Officer's quarters. You and the ship's Captain have the only two rooms. I will be in one of the other rooms on the Officer's tier."

"That's a pity, for I am growing accustom to having you around all the time," I looked straight at her.

She seemed to blush; I remember it because it was the first time I had ever seen her blush. "I have too Pleisar, I have too."

We looked at each other for a microt, then the First Officer announced that the Leviathan was boarding. It would be a short journey to the fleet yards. It would take only five solar days to get there. Then I would wait until the Argus limped into the yards. I would start my new command, one that would elevate me to the status I hold today. I would rebuild a ship, a crew, and little did I know at the time...My life.

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