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Title: On the Edge of the Abyss (Unwanted Sun Part 3)

Written By: Buckwheat

Email: i_treuer@hotmail.com.

Rating: PG-13 (Hard)

Spoilers: A long time ago in this galaxy... well you get the picture

Summary: The further adventures of Pleisar Sun. Character created in " Unwanted Sun Part 1" His rise through the ranks under an assumed name. He has lived and fought to escape a past that will soon be on him again, all for the preservation of the Peacekeepers and the Sebacean way of life.

Special thanks goes to Janet for reading and fixing the technical aspects of Writing (spelling and other dren).

A great heap of thanks goes to "Marcase" for his input and help in streamlining the story and setting it on the right flow.

Note: Where as part 1 was written as Aeryn reading his memoirs so to speak, part II & III are written as first person narratives. If you have suggestions, comments or questions please feel free to email with suggestions.

Copyright Notice: The Jim Henson Company, Hallmark Entertainment, Nine Network Australia and the Sci-Fi Channel own Farscape. They own all rights to characters mentioned within this story. I made some or most up, but if they want to have them too, who am I to complain.

He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

Friedrich Nietzsche


"Can't this frelling ship go any faster?" I shouted through the comms.

"It is going as fast as it can, we took heavy damage during the escape sir" replied our pilot.

Frell, I wished Arnan was flying this mission, not this one, I didn't even know his name, I didn't even care. All I wanted was to get this mission over, and I hoped that the past half cycle spent tracking this piece of dren. I had hoped that it would end the past four cycles of infighting and uncertainty about the future of the Peacekeepers. There was a motion before the Council to make us the sole protectors of the Sebacean way of life. Some doubted our ability handle the entire defense issues; our record spoke for it's self. There were those that thought we were too powerful, to ruthless in our deployment of violence. Some of them dared to wear a Peacekeeper uniform; they all deserve the fate that awaited our "cargo," a fate that I had hoped to assist in bringing about.

"Fine just get us to the Argus as fast as this tub can go!" snapped Darvo.

I hated having to have my command team out on this mission; Darvo and I would make a perfect target for the opposition. I did not want him to see my form of retribution; he had to stop me from ripping this frell jak apart. I had not been myself since she died, thinking back on it, it made me a better soldier and a better commander. My friends just did not understand what I was going through. I did not go to the Officer's Lounge anymore, I kept to myself, I rarely talked to Darvo and the rest. I was becoming the model Peacekeeper. It was killing me inside, but I had to heal, I had to get my head on straight.

"I don't think yelling at the pilot will make this ship go any faster," quipped our cargo.

In a sudden fit of rage I slammed my fist on the wall and lunged at him. I don't remember much, other than Darvo pulling me off of him. My hands red with his blood, the rage was building me and I would see him pay. The cargo never spoke for the rest of the trip back to the Argus. Darvo just sat there and stared at me, I did not pay too much attention to him...well I did notice the pulse pistol aimed at my knee. We stayed that way for the next five arns.

"Sir, the Argus is hailing us...they want to know if we have secured the cargo?" the pilot broke the tense silence.

"Tell them the cargo is secure and we will be there as soon as possible...what is our ETA?" Asked Darvo.

"I have the carrier in sight now sir, we will aboard in a quarter of an arn."

Our marauder limped aboard the Argus; we were directed to go to gamma bay. The Captain was there to meet us; he had two of my commando teams there as well. It seemed that we were becoming the Captain's personal security forces, after that incident, we proved our loyalty and I proved mine. We docked and brought out the traitor and threw him to the ground. We then brought out our wounded, I had lost two of my men on this mission, it had better be worth it.

"Is he alive? I wanted him alive!" Snapped the Captain.

"I'm alive...barely," croaked the traitor. He slowly raised his head, his face bruised and swollen.

"Welcome back Lieutenant Rotana." Captain Stalltan's voice dripped with rage. "I am beginning to think my choices for First Officers are suspect. You are the second I have had the pleasure to execute."

"Maybe it is just you." Rotana murmured.

"Your attempt at wit is not amusing; what is amusing is that the instrument of your death will be the same as that traitor sister of yours. Yes we know about her and you, feeding information to our opponents in the council. You both took an oath to be loyal to the Peacekeepers you will die like she did. It is time to meet your reaper. Lieutenant Sun! It is time to do your duty again. Kill him the way you killed Xana, show him how we treat traitors."

I did not hesitate, I stepped forward pistol drawn, I wanted to get this over with I had other issues to deal with. "How could you Pleisar?" He cried as he got to his feet, "you killed your mate and the mother of your child. Are you that much of a bastard that you would do that. Does family not mean anything to you?"

"Do not talk to me of family, you now have none, your family is being sought out by our operatives in the core systems. Your fate is theirs! Do not talk to me of a child that I know that it is not mine. I had the DNA checked, it is not mine, and you expected me to understand, to pity her, to show mercy for her betrayal to the Peacekeepers and to me. You are as stupid as you look," I shouted at him. My hand never wavering, my pistol trained at his head.

"So you do have a set, I always wondered if you did" Rotana smirked.

"I am going to love not seeing that smirk any more!" I sneered.

"I'll be in your dreams big man." He retorted.

"And now you die"

With that I pulled the trigger. It seemed like there was no one else in the hangar, it was just him and I. No one noticed that I had slowly set my pistol to maximum charge; I did not expect the back of his head to explode when the pulse exited his head. He jerked backwards and made a very satisfying thud as he hit the deck. I came back to reality and looked around, the wall and the nearby marauder was coated with a red stick film. Everyone was in shock, they had not expected my outburst, they certainly did not expect to see his head explode.

"Sorry about the mess" I said nonchalantly. I tossed my pistol to Darvo, looked at the Captain, saluted and walked out of the hangar.

"Flush this mess out of an air lock." Captain Torvo Stallton said with glee as he left the hangar.

I told the Captain that I would be taking some of my accumulated leave. I had to deal with the question of the child. It deserved a life, a life that would be better than the one I could provide. It's traitor of a mother dead and its father had an "accident" sending him into the Living Death. I though of a solution that would be best to all concerned. I contacted the head of the Sun house, I asked that since they were gracious enough to let me use their name, could they look after the child; raise it as one of their own. They agreed, and two solar days later it was off to a new life. To this day I do not know what became of it, nor do I really care.

I gathered my friends together, all of my dearest and closest friends. Darvo, Manas, Milos and Arnan stood in my quarters and wondered why I had called them here.

"As you know, you are my closest friends, we have been there for each other when we needed it, even we didn't know we need it. When I return from leave I will be taking the First Officer's position on the new carrier being commissioned. The Zelbinian." I was not even looking at them.

"Congratulations Pleisar, we will miss you." Was all they could muster to say.

"You will receive orders in the next few days, obey them. I will try to get you assigned to the Zelbinian, but I cannot promise anything. I have to report to High Command after my leave, then to the Captain of the Zelbinian. I have recorded these messages for you. If you have not heard from me in a quarter of a cycle, then watch them. Not before, promise me that." They nodded. "Remember follow orders and be loyal to the Peacekeepers first, then to each other."

With that I picked up my gear and headed out the door. Within an arn I was aboard a transport back to the core system. Back to my past, though I did not know it yet. I had only thought about getting through leave. I needed the time alone, time to collect my thoughts, time to come to terms with what I had done. I gave a child a chance not to have the life that was given to me, that gave me hope, but did it? In the end I decided that the best thing to do was become detached, become more of the soldier I knew I had to be. So after only using 3 days of my leave I boarded a transport and headed to High Command. I was not reporting early, they said to arrive when my leave was done. If I did that I would not have to report for a full cycle.


I hate Leviathans; they have an air of doom about them. Maybe it is because they are mainly used for prisoner transports, or maybe it is because they have a strange odor. At least I think they do. I guess I should have felt luck that there were no prisoners aboard, at times I wished that there was, I could vent some frustrations on some lesser life forms. I actually enjoyed getting information that was not relevant to our line of questioning. It prolonged the experience. I never use think that way, but now it was a problem, not to me, but to my friends it was. The trip seamed to take forever; I ate with the other officers in the centre chamber, but mainly stayed in my quarters for the duration of the trip.

When I arrived at High Command I was awe struck by the shear size of the command facility. It looked like it was only on level, but it had twenty sub levels including quarters for all the staff. To say it was impressive would have been an understatement. I went to the duty desk and reported in, I was immediately directed to Fleet Admiral Colnek's office. Oh Frell, what have I done now? I had proven my loyalty by serving as executioner to the traitors; well at least I thought I had. I was told that I would have to wait the Admiral was a meeting and it would not be long.

Fleet Admiral Roxa Colnek, was a full captain in the Planetary Defense Forces, she was their senior most Captain too. It took everyone by surprise that she left for the Peacekeepers. I had heard that she was not the first choice to be Fleet Admiral, but she was the right choice. Her opponents had a habit of disappearing or having accidents. She was not one to double cross; she had three of her aids executed for passing on information without her consent. I wondered if I was to suffer the same fate of those poor bastards. I guess I would have to wait to find out. It would not be long turned into 3 arns, I just sat there and stared at the wall, it was the only thing I could do.

"Lieutenant...The Admiral will see you now. You can go right in." Her aide said

Finally I thought. I walked into the office stood to attention saluted and gave the appropriate greeting. "Lieutenant Pleisar Sun reporting as ordered"

"Welcome Lieutenant, please have a seat." She smiled and pointed to a group of chars off to the side of her office. We walked over and sat down. "Can I offer you some refreshment?" she asked, still smiling.

"No Sir, I'm fine thank you," I answered.

"I did not ask about your frelling health, would you like a drink Lieutenant?" the smile left her face.

"Sorry sir, I miss heard the question, I would love to have something if it not an inconvenience." I quickly replied.

"It is not, I hope you like citrus water, we are after all still on duty" she smiled again pouring the drinks. "Pleisar, may I call you Pleisar?"

"I would be honored." I replied, in fact she could call me a dentic if she wanted too. Why was she smiling so much? I was starting to feel uncomfortable.

"I have called you here for a reason Pleisar. You have proven to be loyal to the Peacekeepers time and time again. I have been following your career with some interest. I have been impressed and so has the rest of High Command. Captain Stallton speaks very highly of you, and he is not one to give praise. Your recent actions in the Rotana incidents indicate to us that your true loyalties lie with us and to no others save your friends."

I was wondering what all this was about. I knew that there were some following my career and some guiding it, was the Admiral the one?

"What do you know of the current political situation?" She asked.

"I know that there is a motion before the Council, that would make the Peacekeepers the sole military force for the Sebacean people. There are those that feel we would just take over the government if this was allowed to happen." I answered in a knowing tone.

"Some of what you have said is true, some a little misguided. The truth is that some in the Council do not like that we sell our services to lesser races that cannot manage their own affairs. They feel that we should just defend Sebaceans and no others. They are also not willing to pay for our services so that we can encourage new recruits and offer better training. They feel that the existing Planetary Defense Forces would do a better job." Her smile faded with the last statement. "That mission you were on when half your team was killed in an ambush, would it surprise you to know that the Scarans had a hand with that? Would it surprise you to know that they have some influence on members of the Council? They do not want to see us expand our powers and expand our forces either."

It was all starting to make sense now. I some how knew that there had to be outside influences on the Council. I thought it stupid that they would not want the best military in the galaxy to defend them. The Planetary Defense Forces were a joke. They let anyone in, they did not have the training we had or the ability to adapt as we did. Peacekeepers are a shining example of what it is to be Sebacean; they only have to look at our record to see that. This still did not explain why I was brought back to High Command.

"You are probably wondering how you fit into this...Well you have been brought here to head up a security detail. You will be protecting a councilor who is our biggest supporter. You will have a five-man team. Officer Strana has been assigned to handle all flights and to act as pilot. Your other three will come from my personal guard. They are above treason, I have seen to that."

Well Arnan is moving up in the world if she is on this detail. At lease I would have one competent person on the team. The question remained, who was I to protect and from whom was I protecting them. The answer to that question would shake the very foundations of my life.

"The councilor is on his way here now, he is with Officer Strana."

With that the door opened, in walked Arnan, she saluted and then smiled at me. The person that walked in next was the last person I expected to see. I was almost in shock, but my training took over and I stood at attention and waited.

"Councilor Grezya, I would like to introduce you to your knew head of security Lieutenant Pleisar Sun" The Admiral smiled as she handled the introduction.

He looked at me like he knew me, yet he was uncertain, there was something he was not sure of. I ended the awkward silence.

"Hello Father..."

End of Part III

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