Farscape: Undressed

On March 16, 2001, one hour before season three premiered in the US, the Sci-Fi Channel broadcast Farscape: Undressed. Hosed by Ben Browder and Claudia Black, it was intended as an introduction to Farscape for novices and a walk down memory lane for experienced scapers.

It was fun watching Ben and Claudia ham it up and play with the John/Aeryn relationship. They also talked about the other characters on the show and spent much of the time showing clips from Farscape's first two seasons. Pilot and Rygel tagged along with presentations of their own.

Significant to US scapers, the show presented a small clip of the "about last night" scene edited from A Human Reaction. Here you will find a photo gallery from the special. Except for the missing AHR scene, I didn't include photos of regular Farscape scenes shown during the program.



Click Here for the Farscape: Undressed photo gallery



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