The So-called "Pilot Episode"
Photos, video & transcript

Hello Scapers

Well, I finally got my hands on a copy of the so-called "pilot" Farscape episode. Of course, there never was a true pilot filmed for the show. This tape is simply a rough edit of the Premiere. Perhaps it was originally shown to the Sci-Fi Channel or investors or whoever before the final product was ready. I bought my copy on ebay and it is a must-have only for the most hard-core of Farscape fans.

What makes it different

At least 90% of the episode is exactly the same as the US broadcast version. The only scene included here that is an "extra" on the DVD version is Zhaan giving Crichton a Delvian kiss after the big escape. However, there are three major scenes on this tape, including the entire ending, that are not seen in either the broadcast or DVD Premiere episodes. Links to the photos and transcripts of those scenes are located below. The opening credits with the Farscape music isn't on the tape and probably wasn't even made when this episode was edited. Other than that, there are only a couple of minor post-production elements that are missing or different. Overall, I feel the broadcast version of the Premiere is superior to this version. The changes, particularly to the ending, are well worth Henson's extra effort and expense.

The tape

I "won" this tape with a bid of $20.50. The fact only one other person (who may have been the seller for all I know) was bidding against me suggest there wasn't much interest in this tape. I paid with PayPal and the tape was mailed promptly as promised. Unfortunately, the quality of the sound and picture was appropriate for a copy of a copy, of a copy, of a copy, and so on, and so on, and so on, and on, and on, and get the point. It sucks.

What you will find here

You will find a photo gallery - containing 44 video stills - open. There is also a transcript, with corresponding photos, of all three major scenes. If you want to see the scenes for yourself, they are available in both QuickTime and Windows Media. Enjoy!

Never aired "Pilot" Episode
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Scene 1 - DK & crew locate Crichton and they are not happy that he escaped quarantine.
Transcript & photos >>
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Scene 2 - Alternate ending part 1. Crichton's confrontation with Aeryn. Crichton's confrontation with D'Argo doesn't exist in this version. Transcript & photos >>
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Scene 3 - Alternate ending part 2 - Crichton tapes a message to his dad and the DRD pees on him. Crichton's confrontation with Rygel doesn't exist in this version.
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