The So-called "Pilot Episode"
Alternate Ending part 2

Scene Three 1:52

Crichton is sitting at a table recording a message to his dad. Rygel is floating on his thronesled nearby and is snoring. Instead of the mini voice recorder Crichton uses in the broadcast version, Crichton is using equipment removed from his module for his message.

Crichton speaking into a microphone.

It worked dad. DK's and my theory actually worked. Of course, I didn't test it under conditions I ever actually anticipated. You know, it's funny, this morning I was gonna spend a few hours orbiting the Earth and now...And how was your day?

The DRD Crichton damaged early in the episode is seen approaching the human. Rygel continues to snore as Crichton goes on.

I know this is crazy, you're never going to get this message, but I just wanted...I needed to let you know not to worry. I'm okay.


The DRD starts spaying water on Crichton's pant cuff and shoe. Crichton looks down.

You're cleaning my leg?

Crichton picks up the DRD and places it on the table.

Come here. Let's take a took at that eye.

Crichton removes some electrical tape and ties to repair the DRD. It resists at first, and then allows the human to perform the ineffective repair.

Oh, easy

The repairs continue.

After Crichton is satisfied with the repair, the lowers himself to the microphone and makes one last entry

For the record, this is John Crichton, somewhere in the universe.


End of the episode.



Dallascaper's analysis:

In my humble opinion, The Premiere is one of Farscape's weaker episodes. Its greatest strength was the ending. Crichton's confontations with D'Argo, Aeryn, and Rygel set the tone for all the character development seen since. This rough edited version lacks the magic of the broadcast version and I can certainly understand why these scenes were sacked in favor of new ones.

John's confrontaion with Aeryn seems cold and stilted to me; there's absolutely no hint of sexual tension between the two antagonists. Nor do we see a hint of future tensions with the other crew since Rygel spends the entire scene sleeping and D'Argo isn't seen at all. Should add that John's message to his dad did hint of things to come. His this is John Crichton, somewhere in the universe message would be used in episode #22, Family Ties. However, this time Ben seems uncertain how to play Crichton's message scenes, so it lacks the warmth of either the broadcast Premiere or FT. Clearly this episode was a work-in-progress not intened for the general audience.


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