The So-called "Pilot Episode"
Opening scene

Scene One 1:05

Scene opens with Crichton sitting on his T-Bird looking toward the space shuttle, exactly like the broadcast version of this episode. Credits appear over the video.

White trucks, including Suburbans and a Jeep, are racing toward Crichton. They stop just behind Crichton's T-Bird and several people dressed in white hazardous uniforms jump out of the trucks and run toward Crichton. Among the group, and dressed in casual clothes, is Crichton's buddy, DK. Crichton doesn't seem bothered by their presence and continues to stare off into the distance.

Voice from one of the handlers

Commander Crichton, please step away from the vehicle.

Crichton steps away from the car and the men start spraying him with something. DK, relieved, runs to Crichton's side.

DK, somewhat annoyed.

Good morning, John.

John, closing his eyes and taking the spray job in stride.



You know, there was kind of a general freak out this morning when we entered bio-quarantine and Baby Bear wasn't sleeping where he was supposed to be sleeping.


Yeah, I had to get out for a while.


Out? Yeah, sure. Okay. But you're one hour forty seven from launch and we got some funky weather we're trying to avoid. So, what do you say we try to get you back?

End of scene

The Farscape logo appears and the episode continues normally.

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