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Title: Trouble in the Leviathan
Rating: PG - 13
Author: Grey

Disclaimer: Farscape belongs to Jim Henson Co., Number Nine Australia and Sci-Fi Channel. I am just borrowing them for this lil ole story. J.

Author's Notes: This is my first story, so please do not bark totally at me -.o;;. The timeline is set three months after the Season 3 Finale. Enjoy!! And I dedicate this story to my sister, Jackie; she inspired me to write a story. Thanks to my Beta Reader Zhuuka :]


John and Aeryn were sitting upon the terrace, side by side as they looked out to the stars. He had his one arm draped over her shoulders, her head resting upon his chest, listening to his heartbeat. They had been sitting like that for arns, just keeping to themselves. John breaking the ice, "Aeryn.."

"Hmm.." She responded, still fixed upon the stars.

"I am sorry..about the-" Suddenly, he had a soft hand over his mouth, as Aeryn sat up to look at him in the eyes. Ice blue locked with her sapphire gaze, just staying that way for microts until she spoke.

"No John, don't be.." She moved her hand away from his mouth, it quickly being caught by his becoming entwined. Tears came to her eyes as she thought of how she experienced the other Crichton upon Talyn passing. Soon enough those thoughts were erased from her head as he felt a hand caress her cheek.

"Just relax." He gave off a smile, looking at her facial features. Even though it had been three monens, it was still tough for her to get used to this. Suddenly, Aeryn turned to sit upon his lap, making his legs lay flat on Moya's floor. "Aeryn..we can talk about this."

Aeryn hushed him as she set her arms around his neck, smiling to him. "I am tired of talking.." She moved in so that their lip's brushed against eachother. John groaned as they started to kiss, he slowly making descend to the floor.

"Commander!" Pilot cracked over the comm., John and Aeryn just froze where they were. "Crichton, please respond." Pilot's voice sounded panicked, John taking his comm., replying. "Yeah Big Guy?"

Pilot's claws worked the console as he looked up to the ceiling of his chamber, speaking. "There is a ship approaching, it is smaller and sent a message asking for boarding." John blinked as he looked to Aeryn. "Are they hostile?"

"Negative, it is a ship with four inhabitants within it, I am trying to scan to identify the species, but I cannot."

"Alright. Let them board, tell D'Argo and the others to meet me at the Docking bay." John replied, cutting the transmission, cursing. "Frell." Aeryn got up, giving him a hand, helping him. Before he could leave, Aeryn pulled him into an embrace, staring at him. "We will have time for that later." With that she let go of him, heading toward the Docking bay, Crichton following with a grin on his face.


They were waiting for the four beings to come off the ship, having their guns in hand, ready to raise and shoot if needed to. D'Argo was tense as he and Chiana arrived, holding his Qualta Blade, the Nebari looking from behind his shoulder. Rygel didn't even bother to come, since he was busy doing whatever he does. "Where is Jool?" Aeryn looked toward D'Argo curiously.

"She went into her sleep cycle early for some reason." John shot a glance toward D'Argo as he spoke again. "I didn't bother to wake her." Crichton just gave a look that you just got hit in the behind. "So you are saying that you didn't want to bother the Princess' beauty sleep!"

"Basically." He gave a look to John that read don't go there. While Chiana looked at him, snorting as she walked to stand next to John, looking toward the opening hatch of the ship.

Stepping out of the ship, was a female Sebacean, having blonde hair pulled back, with brown eyes. Soon following after her, a Tavlek coming from behind, being slightly smaller, telling that he was a young male without a gauntlet. Then, a large male Scarran came from the ship, giving anormal hiss as he looked around at the others, amber eyes studying the bay, stopping behind the Sebacean. And last a female that was an unknown species to them, for it was a purple humanoid with crimson eyes, yellow swirls within them, she had some sort of beak for a mouth, not the most attractive thing. Claws of hers were large, wearing a tan tunic over her. There was also a nasty scar over her left eye.

"Hold it! Scarran keep your hands down!" John took a step in front of Aeryn as he raised his pulse pistol. The being standing back a little as he gave off a defensive growl.

"Please do not shoot me." The scarran spoke, looking toward the rest as the weapons rose. Pilot's image appeared in the clamshell as DRDs came forward. "Don't!" The female Sebacean stepped forward in front of him, "He is my guardian. He will not harm you!"

They all settled their weapons as John looked toward the Sebacean. "I am John Crichton, this is Aeryn Sun, the Luxan is D'Argo. and this is Chiana. What brings you onto our ship?" He looked to the mixed crew that landed on Moya.

"I am Tara. This is my guardian, K'Ran, he may be scarran, but he has been my protector for five cycles. Please do not harm him in anyway." The Tavlek approached announcing his name as he pounded his chest. "I am Obax." That's all he said, for the Luxan who hissed at him made the boy feel intimidated.

"And who might you be?" Aeryn looked toward the unknown creature.

"I am Rionel." She simply said her words, taking a glance toward Aeryn. Tara spoke again going to answer the first question that came from Crichton. "We are a group of travelers who ran into the Command Carrier of Scorpius, he has been chasing us ever since. We fleeing until we discovered that our ship was damaged." She looked at John's appearance, hiding a smile.

"Alright that sounds good enough. Feel free to get to know everyone until the time comes that your ship is repaired." With that John walked off, D'Argo and Aeryn going with the Scarran and Tavlek who were suffering from starvation while the other two started reapirs on the shuttle.


John walked right into Pilot's chamber, whom was working at his console while talking to Moya within his bond. He stopped his work, claws resting upon the edge as he looked to Crichton. "Hello Commander. Can I help you?" John made his way to sit upon the side of his console, Pilot returning to his work.

"Just coming to say hi. Also, do you detect troubles on their ship?" Pilot halted for the moment as he looked and moved over to face him. "Affirmative." John rubbed his eyebrows as he looked toward Pilot, seeing that one of his many claws rested upon his shoulder. "It will take about three arns to pepare the ship." John was amazed, looking at Pilot as he went back to his work, "Thanks.". He got up, stepping out of his den, running into Tara.

"Oh sorry." Tara turned to go toward her destination, as John looked at her smiling.

"No harm done. What's up?" He leaned up against a pillar of Moya's inner halls as she approached him suddenly. "Oh! Your ship will be ready in three arns."

"Thank you for telling me." She stood a couple feet from him.

"Where are you heading anyway?" She looked up to Crichton as she felt something for him, basically wanting this male because of his attractive looks. "We are heading to a Sebacean colony. It is a distance from here but it is worth the travel."

"I see." He nodded, tilting his head. "So. Is the scarran your mate?"

"Oh? K'Ran? No, he is my protector. I saved him from a Scarran Dreadnought, he devoted his life to me." She looked to him. "You know, we could use someone like you on our crew." She went up against him, trying to seduce John, putting her leg between his. John held his breath as he looked down to Tara. "I am-" Tara kissed him.

Aeryn stepped around the corner as she saw the two together. She just stood there frozen for a microt. John pushed Tara back from the contact looking down to her, "No." That's when he caught site of Aeryn, who turned bolting through Moya's corridors. "Aeryn! Frell." He went off after her.

Tara then walked off toward her destination again.


The scarran and tavlek were standing on command with D'Argo as they looked out into space. K'Ran felt something, going to one of Moya's controls, looking. "There is a ship approaching! Pilot!"

"No need to worry K'Ran, it is Moya's son, Talyn." Pilot's face appeared within a clamshell as he looked toward K'Ran, noticing the tavlek looking at Talyn also.  Rionel came into command looking toward her crewmates, quirking a brow.

"But there is a Peacekeeper Captain upon there. Bailar Crais!" He looked panicked as he looked toward Pilot's image again.

"Correction, ex-Peacekeeper. Like I am." Aeryn came shortly, the scarran looking toward Aeryn as he calmed himself. Crais soon enough boarded going straight to Command to meet up with the group.


Crichton came into command hearing that Crais was here, going to stand next to Aeryn. Aeryn quickly moved away to lean up against a console near the Tavlek. A deep conversation went into pursuit. Without any words, Rionel left with a growl to herself, bumping into Chiana as she came in to listen along with Rygel. D'Argo looked as she left, shrugging paying attention to Crais.

"Attention! There has been a Peace Keeper transmission emitted!" Pilot's voice cracked over the comms as his face grew panicked, beginning to tap at his console frantically. "It has come from Moya!" Immediately K'Ran went to Crais, jacking him up against a wall growling. "It was you! Wasn't it!"

Crais was calm and looked toward the race he hated so. "It was not me, put me down!"

"It has come from the docking bay." Pilot spoke again, looking up at Moya who was panicking herself.

"Rionel." D'Argo stood, running toward the destination, everyone else following behind him.


They discovered that the creature they suspected to be the one who sent the transmission was dead on the ground. The young tavlek growled going to kneel at her side, yelling at her to get up. K'Ran looked away, as he stepped off in the distance. Aeryn stepped forth, leaning down to put a hand on the young boy's shoulder. "Obax."

He looked up, Aeryn looking into the metallic plate over his head, almost looking like Be'kesh at that time. As he stood along with her, she looks at him as to comfort. "Why are you sad?"

"She was my mother, well my caretaker." His sobs went to sniffles, shrugging his shoulders in defeat. Looking toward the rest of the crew, Obax gave off a growl running off into Moya. Chiana went to go follow him. So the ones that were left within the Docking Bay were John, Aeryn, D'Argo, Crais, Rygel, and K'Ran. They were all staring at each other, trying to figure out whom it was who shot her. Finally Crichton broke the silence.

"It might be Tara." Aeryn looked at him, while he soon looked at her, eyes locked. Aeryn had the expression upon her face as she said in her mind, 'Probably because you want the trelk out of here, making it look like nothing'. K'Ran growled, sending a glare toward the male who spoke, raising his hand, ready to dispel heat. But he heard a pulse pistol raise from Crais and D'Argo got his Qualta Blade out. Instead he lowered his hand and growled again.

"It is not Tara! Why would she do this?"

"Maybe because you two are planning something to get Scorpius here." Crais gave a glance toward the scarran. K'Ran growling even louder, afterwards John walked over to Aeryn as he looked to Rygel. "Sparky, go get Jool up. Guys, and lizard boy settle down."

Rygel snorted as he turned his throne sled, "Of all people, I a Dominar, listening to the likes of you Crichton." John rolled his eyes as he paid attention to the dispute ahead of him. He stepped looked to both K'Ran and Crais. "Alright Guys, I said calm down."

They all calmed themselves, looking to the human. "Alright, we need to get to the bottom of this. There is no need to jump to conclusions now, we will prove it first if it was Tara. Alright, D'Argo, you and Crais go to Talyn see if he can detect any Peacekeepers coming on his long distance scanners. Meanwhile, K'Ran, go find Obax and Chiana, make sure they aren't going to try and leave the ship."

"You are right, Obax would flee at times of trouble. As you wish, I will do so." With that he walked off, a DRD following him as he went to look for the two.

John turned to look at Aeryn, while she gave him a cold look. She looked down to the dead creature sighing. She lifted it, John quickly helping, putting it within their ship, not knowing what to do with it.  As soon as they droppedRionel's carcass, the body disintegrated into dust. Aeryn jumped back, going into John's arms. They stood there for a long moment, John making the attempt to kiss her. Seeing this, Aeryn pushed him away, hitting his head on a low bar on the ship. "Frell Aeryn! What the hell is wrong with you?" She turned making her way toward the exit as he grabbed her arm.

"Frell off Crichton!" She lashed her arm away from his grasp turning to look directly into his eyes. She was ready to knock him out with a Pantak Jab. For what she thought is that he did the 'innocent' when she saw the two. Even though the voice in her head told her to get an explanation first, her mind was so confused at the moment, losing the people she cared for. He stepped toward her, being only an inch away from her face.

"Sunshine, tell me what's wrong." He looked into her eyes, carressing her arms slowly, making her body ease toward his. She felt too tense, moving away from his touch. She stepped out of the ship not turning to talk to John, just saying it, "Do not bother with me Crichton." She was calling him by his last name, he sighed, just standing there for a moment before following her.


Rygel went into Jool's room, screaming her name. "JOOL! Get the Frell Up!" Immediately she awoke, giving off a scream.

"Rygel? What the frell is going on!" She got out of her bed as she saw the Throne Sled coming toward her.

"Peacekeepers that's what! The frelling girl that came to visit here has given off Moya's position."


Pilot was watching about Moya as he worked at the control without rest. Aeryn came into the den, as he knew it was her by the sound of the footsteps. He had not looked up from his duty, addressing her. "Hello Officer Sun."

"Pilot. Where is John?" She went up to sit at his console, as he did what she asked. He found the results, looking to Aeryn. "Crichton is in Command, keeping an eye out for any Peacekeeper vessels. Do you wish me to contact him?"

She quickly responded quickly to him, "No." Pilot looked to her confused, he just simply nodded, going back to his work. Talyn contacted Moya and Pilot, telling them there weren't any signs of them yet. So he then turned to Aerynagain addressing her, "Moya and I want to know, is there something wrong between you and Crichton?"

"Nothing that you can solve Pilot. Is it alright if I stay in here?" Aeryn asked, as she rested a hand upon his claw, giving off a smile. For she hadn't spent any time with Pilot when she was gone for the half cycle upon Talyn.

"Of course, Officer Sun."

"And Pilot"


"Call me Aeryn. I am not a Peacekeeper anymore."

"Yes Aeryn."


At last, K'Ran found Chiana within the galley, by herself. A brow quirked as he approached Chaina slowly. "Where is Obax?" He rested his hands upon the table, leaning against it.

Chiana looked up from a food cube she was looking at, shrugging. "Couldn't find him."


"Somebody has been shot!" Pilot interrupted all comms. John staring from his trance, realizing it was what Aeryn saw. He responded to Pilot, looking making his way out of command.

"Pilot who, what, and where?" Aeryn looked to Pilot from his console as she heard John's voice.

"The docking bay, the young Tavlek was shot."

"Frell, first the Bird Beak now the Tavloid." John muttered as he ran toward the docking bay.

"That's Tavlek! Can't you get it the frell right after three cycles?" Chiana and the scarran joined him.


Talyn bleeped toward Crais as D'Argo and him stood in his control center. "I know Talyn. We are not going until we see the Peacekeepers." He bleeped back a bit more louder. "No Talyn, we aren't taking Crichton."


They reached the docking bay, seeing that there wasn't the corpse of Obax. He hit his comm., frowning as his anger rose slowly. "Jool. Rygel. Have you seen Obax or Tara around?" There wasn't a response. "Yo! Buckwheat!" Still nothing. He cursed to himself, taking a run toward their quarters, none of them were there. "Pilot where is Rygel and Jool?"

Pilot looked up from his work he usually did, answering the agitated human. "Joolushko or Rygel cannot be found. I am unsure of where they are. I will send DRDs to search for them."

"Thanks Pilot." He looked toward the two that followed him. "K'Ran."

The scarran looked to John, obviously not liking what the outcome might be of this situation. "Yes Crichton."

"I want you to come with me and find Tara. Chiana, you go around to search for Rygel."

"Why me?" The nebari looking annoyed to him.

"Because you know his hiding places, that's where you to are best at."

"Fine." She snorted, walking off to find him and Jool.

Soon enough, the human and scarran were walking to find the sebacean that has not been seen for two arns now.


Talyn bleeped like crazy, his lighting system going crazy. "What is it Talyn!" He beeped and chirped, Crais' eyes going wide. "Pilot! Talyn has detected a Peacekeeper vessel on it's way here and fast!"

Pilot responded, scanning also to see whose command carrier it was. "Crichton! Scorpius is on his way here!"

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