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John halted hearing these words, quickly looking to the one who accompanied him. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain within the back of his head, a pistol bunt hitting him in the head. It was Tara, he fell to the floor out cold as the Scarran growled, looking toward Tara. "It was you wasn't it?"

"Sorry to frell with your mind. You are just like the rest of your race. Stupid and gullible"

She sneered, looking toward him like he was a pile of dren.

"Why Tara."

"Because, I am Peacekeeper I have been searching for these prisoners for Scorpius. Now I have found them." The scarran growled, heading toward her at full force. But out of nowhere, he fell down onto the ground, being tripped by Obax, who had been hiding when he was supposedly shot. He fell down upon Crichton, he getting a kick into the head by Tara.

"Nice work Obax." She looked toward him, throwing him a gauntlet.

"Anything to get this back." He caught it, the young boy sneering toward the Peacekeeper. "A mercenary always needs his weapon."


Scorpius stood up in the ship's command center, seeing the Leviathan and the hybrid offspring. Sending a transmission toward the two ships. "Attention, I suggest you stand down now, and let me board the ship. If not, I will destroy you on sight. I give you a half an arn for a reply." The transmission was cut off, a grin coming to his face. "Lieutenant Braca."

"Yes sir?" Braca approached.

"Have a Marauder ready within fifteen microns."

"Yes sir." He walked off to give the orders, Scorpius smirking as he looked toward the two ships.


Pilot was pressing frantically at his systems. "Crichton! Answer immediately!" Aeryn got to her feet, getting ready to bolt out of the den.

"I'm here Pilot." He said as he got up slowly from the state he was in. K'Ran was coming to also, looking toward the human. Aeryn stopped in her tracks standing there as she heard him reply.

"Scorpius is going to destroy Moya and Talyn if we do not respond."

"I know. Reply to him saying we stand down, and have Aeryn come up to me."

"Why Crichton?" Aeryn interrupted through the comm., both she and Pilot looking toward each other. Those words came out of his mouth again, sending them both to a worried state.

"I got a plan."


Crais waited there, staring at Scorpius' command carrier, while D'Argo was pacing like an idiot. He was swearing in Luxan  ready to go within a hyper rage.

"Crais. Crichton has ordered me to make it look like Talyn's weapons aren't in functioning order." D'Argo stopped in his tracks, looking toward Crais confused. "Another one of Crichton's plans? Frell!"

"Understood. Why Pilot?" Crais answered back.

"I am unsure. But be ready to Starburst when given the signal."

"Of course Pilot. Talyn you understand that?"

Talyn bleeped.


John met up with Aeryn, they beginning to walk toward the Hangar where the module and D'Argo's ship were held. The Luxan came around the corner.

"D'Argo? I thought you were on."

"I came over. So what? Let's get the frell there to meet Scorpius!"

John tilted his head suddenly, but then walked off, the four going toward their destination. "Chiana. Have you found them?"

Her voice cracked over the comm., replying, "Yes, we are all hiding."

"Not surprised." Aeryn scowled.

"Stay there Chi."

They reached their destination, D'Argo and Aeryn looking around for K'Ran.

"Umm..where's the scarran?"Aeryn looked to John.

"You'll see sunshine."


Tara and Obax made their way toward the docking bay, holding up their weapons toward the three. "Hold it right there."

"Frell." John said, looking toward the two. D'Argo hissed while Aeryn looked at John. "Some plan Crichton!"

They grinned, suddenly the marauder landing upon the ground softly. They turned to see Scorpius, and two men come out of the transport. Obax and Tara approached them, as the sebacean female saluted Scorpius. He growled, looking toward the tavlek. One of the men shot the obax, killing him, the scarran sebacean hybrid approaching the three.

"Well good to see you again John."

"Don't call me John." He was pissed that he had the nerve to show up here, testosterone kicking in. But Tara, the Luxan catching him quickly, knocked him back.

"Well, quite the welcome. Well it has finally come to this day. I am going to receive that Wormhole information in your head. It will be fun to retrieve it."

"You have the chip Scorpy."

"Yes, but it does not pick up anything. You on the other hand, have the information and you know about it."

Suddenly the peacekeeper's guns rose to height. Scorpius looked toward the three of them. "Kill these two."

John screamed bloody murder, as he heard those words. He stepped in front of Aeryn as D'Argo jumped out of the way also. "Now!!" Suddenly the scarran stood up from behind the crates that were there, sending heat from his hand at the four.

Scorpius stayed up long enough to shoot at the scarran. Getting his in the arm, he pulled back suddenly from the hit, his hand sending the heat grazing by Aeryn and John. But with luck, John pushed her to the ground, landing ontop of her as they both pointed their guns toward the Sebaceans on the floor.

Aeryn and John fired, as Scorpious crawls into the marauder, gaining his strength, while the Tara and one got onto the ship. Aeryn hit the other gaurd that came with Scorpius. They ceased fire as Aeryn looked up to John, who rested himself upon her, brushing his lips against hers. Tara dragged the corpse of the Sebacean onto the ship while the scarran was ready to aim and kill them.

"K'Ran let them go." John managed to say through his arousal. He did so, as the marauder quickly launched leaving Moya.


The marauder landed upon the carrier. Braca going to meet Scorpius as he got off the marauder. "Hello sir."

"Braca. Fire upon them immediately!"

"Don't they have weaponry on the hybrid?

"Yes, but the ship's weapons are down. Now fire upon them!"

"Yes Sir!"


Aeryn pushed John off of her as she got to her feet, he soon following. D'Argo approached them as he put a hand on John's shoulder.

"Nice work."

"Thanks big guy."

"I apologize for almost hitting you with my heat." The scarran looked toward Aeryn and John. Of course, the ex-peacekeeper walked toward command, D'Argo following after her. John patted the scarran on the shoulder, grinning. "Glad ya did, if you know what I mean."

The scarran actually smiled back, they both sharing a laugh as they headed to command.


Crais stood alone in Talyn's command center. "Talyn fire upon them now!"

Talyn bleeped, his main canon popping out.

"Sir! The leviathan hybrid is going to fire upon us!"

"What!" Scorpius looked at Braca, a growl within his voice.

Talyn chirped happily as he shot at the middle section of the carrier, barely a hit. For it was a weak fire as a distraction.


"Prepare for Starburst!" Pilot ordered as the blue energy formed over Moya. Soon enough she went into the super speed.

"Talyn Starburst following Moya now!!" Talyn bleeping, the red energy of his starburst came over him. As he followed in Moya's track, leaving the Command Carrier dazed.


Soon enough, they were going again. Talyn flying aside his mother as they spoke to each other, pilot busy recharging Moya and listening to the two.

All of them walked to the docking bay, where K'Ran stood there, looking toward the ship. He stepped into it slowly, looking behind him.

"Where will you go now?" D'Argo asked, as John looked toward Aeryn, who walked off. But looked back seeing that the Scarran was going to speak.

"I do not know. I am lifeless without a person to protect." He looked down sadly, for he was one of honor. John admired him for that. "Hold up." K'Ran looked up, his amber eyes looking toward John.

"Yes Crichton?"


"Yes?" He looked up about Talyn, smiling as he returned to his serious look.

"Are you willing to accept K'Ran aboard Talyn?"

Suddenly Talyn bleeped in excitement almost, he liked the big reptilian thing. The lights within the control were blinking frantically. Crais noticed this and he sighed, not wanting to argue with him. "If he wishes to."

"Are you certain?" The scarran came into the comm.

"Yes K'Ran."

"Then I will do so." K'Ran smiled, as he stepped into his ship. Turning one last time. "I will se you again Crichton and D'Argo. Farewell." Pilot's face appeared in a clamshell as he left. The ship leaving, going to land on Talyn.

"Pilot." He looked toward the image.

"Yes Commander."

"Where's Aeryn."

"She wishes that you do not-"

Interrupting him, he said angrily. "Now Pilot!"

"She is located within the Terrace." His image disappeared within the shell. D'Argo going toward where the three cowards were. In Rygel's chamber, he smirked seeing them all arguing. He quickly turned, going toward his own quarters.


"Yes Ka D'Argo?" He stopped tapping at the console.

"Make sure you do not try to contact them"

"Agreed." He cut off the comm. Going back to talk to Talyn, who was saying farewell to Moya.


"Farewell all upon Moya. We will see you soon." Crais said as he looked toward Moya. K'Ran came into command, just as Talyn hummed speeding off into space, leaving his mother and her crew.


The human walked in, seeing Aeryn sitting, hugging her knees. He sat down next to her just as she stood. He stood up quickly catching her within a bear hug. Putting his mouth to her ear. "What's wrong."

"Let go of me Crichton!" She struggled to get loose but she gave in. Just standing there. "I saw you kiss her."


"No! I do not want you calling me that! And you call Chiana a trelk! You should be known as a male trelk!" He tightened the grasp around her, beginning to whisper within her ear. "I love you only. She kissed me sunshine. I would never to anything like that to you."

She gave in, turning to face him. Tears within her eyes as her hand caressed his cheek. Eyes locked as he kissed her forehead, wrapping his arms around her. "Can we get back to what we were going to start?" She whispered into his ear, causing him to shudder. He nodded yes, they making their way to the floor.


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