"I want that Prowler ready for take off in two arns, is that understood?" Officer Sun spat out to the mechanic who nervously agreed. She was still furious that her scans did not pick up the debris field. 'When I get my hand on that tech who performed the maintenance..." Her thought trailed off as she spotted the fugitive. Smiling, she began following him to see if he would lead her to the others. It had been six monens since he helped her escape the Leviathan, but she still remembered the human called John Crichton very well.

Soon he led her to what he called his module, 'How in the frell has he survived with that piece of dren?' She wondered. It didn't matter, pulling out her pulse pistol.

"Halt! You are under arrest by order of Captain Bilar Crais of Peacekeeper Command. You will come with me." Officer Sun yelled.

"Ah Frell!" John Crichton said as he put his hands.

Part 1:

"Captain Crais, I have received word from High Command that you have apprehended an unknown species." Scorpius said as he entered Crais' quarters.

"Yes I did. He destroyed one of our Prowlers, killing a pilot in the process six monens ago. He is awaiting his execution in six arns." Crais said as he looked at the figure entering the room. He didn't like having Scorpius on board his Carrier. He abhorred the fact that High Command gave him special accommodations. For what reason? No one knew, it was eyes only for High Command.

"No... He is not. I am executing special directorate Four Decca Decca Nine. The prisoner is to be released into my custody immediately." Scorpius said as the Captain began to pace the room.

"What do you know of him?" He asked.

"Officer Sun captured him while having emergency maintenance performed on her prowler on Lavere Three. I have not had a chance for her to debrief me as of yet.

"Bring the officer to me."

Within microts Officer Sun was standing in front of Scorpius.

"You were held with this prisoner on the Leviathan Moya six monens ago, is that correct? What do you know of this creature? He looks to be Sebacean, but he is not." Scorpius fired at her.

"Yes sir, I was able to escape, but unable to bring the prisoner with me. He spoke to me before the other fugitives removed him. He claims to be a human from a planet called Earp." Officer Sun replied.

"You understand being around this unknown species has left you irrevocably contaminated do you not." Turning from Officer Sun, he spoke to Crais. "She is to be brought with the prisoner, we leave within the arn."

'What in the frell did I get myself into this time?' John Crichton thought as he looked around the small room they had thrown him into. While Moya had a warmer feel to her, this one was ice-cold not unlike surgical steel. His stomach felt as if it had grown one enormous knot.

'Why didn't I listen to the others about leaving me on that planet?' He was still in shock that the Peacekeeper who had caught him was the one who had escaped Moya when he first arrived. D'Argo had not wanted to let him down on Levere Three, but he had insisted that he needed to get outside or he would go stir-crazy. 'Looks like I won't be seeing the outside for a long time.'

He heard footsteps coming down the hall; suddenly they stopped. The door to his cell opened and three men in red and black uniforms entered without a word. He backed himself into the corner and crouched down. He knew he was being an idiot, but he couldn't help the reaction. Two of the men grabbed each arm and lifted him up, the third kept a pulse pistol aimed at him; they led him out of the room. Not knowing where he was being taken, it seemed they walked forever.

They brought him to a large room, the walls draped in the same red and black that he had seen through the corridors, the far wall appeared to be entirely made of glass. There were various men and women working at console stations, trying not to pay attention to the group standing in the center of the room.

His eyes gravitated to the two men and woman. He instantly recognized the pilot, Officer Sun, who had turned him into Captain Crais. "You bitch! I helped you get out of that damn cell and you arrest me?" He screamed and tried to jerk his arms loose. The officer who held the pistol on him during the walk brought the weapon up to rest against the side of his head. Officer Sun never flinched.

"Scorpius, I insist you allow me to execute the human, as you can see he is hostile. As I stated earlier, he has already killed one pilot. He must pay for his actions." Crais said.

"I keep telling you, it was an accident, that prowler hit my module." Crichton pleaded. He had stated his side too many times to count since he had been brought to the carrier several arns earlier.

The one Crais called Scorpius turned around for Crichton to see him. His entire body was covered in leather, except for his face, which appeared as if someone had taken the Frankenstein experiment one step too far, and succeeding.

"Ah, I see you have some fire in you. Well, we will see how that helps you. My name is Scorpius, and from my understanding, you are a most unique individual." Turning to Sun, "What did he mean when he said he helped you escape?"

"I had tried to steal a utensil when the fugitives fed me, but they noticed it missing. The human had somehow managed to do the same thing without be noticed. He gave the utensil to me before being taken from his cell." She responded.

Looking at Scorpius, Crichton asked, "What in the hell do you want from me?"

Walking towards him, Scorpius said, "You arrived here via a wormhole if I'm not mistaken. No one has survived this; I want to know why."

Turning, he walked out of the room. The pulse pistol was removed from Crichton's head, and then the men began to leading him to follow Scorpius with Officer Sun bringing up the rear.

He didn't know how long he had been on Scorpius' Gammak Base. The only ones he saw were Officer Sun and Scorpius, each 'day' began the same way; Officer Sun bringing in a tray of food with Scorpius following close behind. Scorpius would sit in a chair that had been placed in the room and wait for him finish eating. He knew the food was drugged because by the time he had finished eating each time, he felt extremely relaxed, almost lightheaded, but he had no choice but to eat the food. He had refused the food after the first time, but soon he was too weak to refuse.

The two of them would remain for arns, questioning him continuously on how to speak and write his language. Afterwards, Sun would leave the room and return with more food. Both would then leave the room and soon he would find himself falling asleep even before finishing the portion. After a short time, both of his keepers were fluent in writing and speaking English.

It seemed he had been held for monens and he still had not seen another soul since he had been brought to this prison. Soon after the English lessons ended, Officer Sun began allowing him an arn in the bases' recreation area. Before she would arrive, a buzzer would sound. He assumed it was to warn who ever was using the area to clear out, because there would be no one in the corridors or in the rec. area. He had an area spanning a national park all to himself. He tried to engage Sun in conversation, just to have someone talk to him, but she never said a word unless Scorpius was near by to prompt her to do so. She would keep a stance of frigid impartiality while he would run several laps around the large pond that had been recreated in what could be mistaken for outdoors if he didn't know better already.

"Commander Crichton, I see you have been enjoying yourself." Scorpius said after he entered the cell.

"Well, at least you've quit drugging my food with every meal. Pretty easy to enjoy myself when I'm not stoned out of my mind." Crichton said from a sitting position on his bed.

'I need to ask you once again about the wormhole that brought you here."

"God. Not this song and dance again. You Peacekeepers never take anyone's word at face value do you? I don't know squat about wormholes, all I have is theory."

"You created one near Dam Ba Da not very long ago did you not?" Scorpius asked.

"How in the hell did you about that? Like I said, I have theory. I was trying to recreate the experiment that brought me here, but I had to give up my data to a mechanic named Furlow as payment for fixing my module. Now how did you know about Dam Ba Da?"

Scorpius smiled, "I know because Furlow is one of my operatives. I have been watching that particular planet for quite some time. I still believe you are withholding information from me, but I know how to remedy that." Looking at the man on the bed, he gave a smile that sent chills down Crichton's spine.

"Officer Sun, bring him, I think it is time for the Aurora Chair to finish gathering the information I need."

As Officer Sun grabbed his arm and pulled him up, Crichton yelled at Scorpius' back as he was led out of the room, "What's the Aurora Chair?"

As he was strapped into the chair, the platform on which it sat began to rotate, Scorpius spoke to him, "I will ask you but once more Commander Crichton, how did you create the wormhole that brought you here?"

"I. Don't. Know!"

Scorpius nodded to the tall female Peacekeeper behind a large console. She pushed a lever away from her. Pain coursed through his body, images of his life flashed on the screen in front of him. After several long seconds, she pulled it back down.

Trying to catch his breath through the pain, "What in the hell was that?" He asked in shock.

"Pain memory. Random and indistinct at the moment. It will take some time to map your neural patterns."

"You stay the hell out of my mind you fr..."

Pain shot through him once more, images began appearing on the screen.

"Waste...of...time. I don't know how I did it."

The woman pushed the lever up once more, the pain course through him again.

Images of all the creatures he had met during his time on Moya appeared on the screen.

"Your memory holds quite an array of other races Crichton, you have become quite well traveled since your arrival. This is unimportant. Keep searching."

Crichton laughed, "It's like déjà vu all over again." He began screaming as the pain shot through his mind.

Images from his time on the false earth appeared on the screen. He then heard his father's voice speaking,

"There are but a few planets where we can live. The Ancients have stories of a world that will welcome us. We can only hope they are true."

The chair emitted a beeping noise then stopped.

"Malfunction?" Scorpius asked the Peacekeeper.

"No, he's put up a neural block." She said.

Crichton said with a weak laugh, "It wasn't me. Damn, don't you hate it when the batteries go dead?"

"Break through. Increase the extraction level."

She hit a button then pushed the lever forward again. Crichton screamed even louder.

Crichton heard his father's voice come through the speakers, "These equations are necessary for creating a wormhole."

On the screen showed the Ancient who had taken the form of Jack Crichton, with John Crichton in the foreground under what appeared to be a light.

"I don't remember that."

Crichton saw himself speaking to 'Jack', "Your teaching me how to..."

Jack: "No, you cannot access this data consciously. You won't remember this part of our encounter. We will not give you wormhole technology."

Crichton: "Why not?"

Jack: "If your not smart enough to discover it on your own, your not smart enough to handle it wisely. You'll have to find it yourself. The unconscious knowledge we've given you will guide you, nothing more. That's all that we can do for you, but that should be enough. You are already on the right path."

Scorpius smiled, "Well, well, well. Your value has just increased exponentially."

Crichton looked at the screen in shock, "He...he gave me the equations. All these questions about how I got here...your trying to create a wormhole!" He choked out, and then began laughing hysterically.

"As are you. That creature knows how, but he wouldn't tell you, now would he. Or so you thought."

Crichton was gasping for breath as Scorpius said this.

" never realized you had the knowledge, locked deeply away." Turning his back to Crichton and looking at the woman behind the console, "Find it. Segment his mind, as many layers as it takes."

"" He pleaded. He began screaming as the chair began again. His body was racked with pain; spittle ran down his chin as he then lost consciousness.

He attempted to open his eyes, it was too painful. There was not single milimeter of his body that did not scream in pain. Lying on the bed, he tried to remember what had happened to him to cause his body the enormous amount of pain that coursed through him.

When he was finally able to open his eyes, the first thing he saw was Scorpius sitting in his chair once again. "When I first heard about you arrival through a wormhole, I knew you would have value to me. You are most unique thanks to the one who took the form of your father."

"What happened to me?" Crichton asked as he held unto his head.

"Just a minor side effect to the Aurora Chair." He said looking at the Human.

"Due to your now 'invaluable' nature, I have taken special precautions to ensure your continued stay here. I have neutralized your body's ability to tolerate translator microbs; you will no longer be capable of understanding other species. I had already planned this, that is why I had you instruct Officer Sun and myself in your language. With this new development, I implemented a second safeguard. I have implanted a neural impulse control chip into your brain."

"You put something in my head!" Crichton jumped up to attack Scorpius, before he even took one step in his direction; his body was a quivering mass on the floor. He tried to speak, but no sound would come from him.

"John Crichton, there are several things you are going to remember. You will never be able to attack my project or me; this is a consequence of that action. You must remain within two hundred metres of myself or Officer Sun at all times, if you try and escape, the chip will render you unconscious until you are back within my presence. One final thing you must remember, the chip is capable of determining when you are near another species. It will then shut down all outward stimuli. You will not be able to see, hear, nor speak until such time you are back alone with either Officer Sun or myself. You will not be able to go to others for help or divulge information regarding the wormhole technology."

Crichton had pulled himself back onto his bed as Scorpius gave him the new rules of the game.

"This is bullshit, there is no way anything could do that." He said.

"You do not believe me? Even after that first example. Very well, one more should convince you." He touched his comm, "Officer Sun, bring the Banik slave Stark into Commander Crichton's cell."

Looking at Crichton, "Stand in the center for a few microts until the Banik arrives."

When he hesitated, Scorpius snarled and grabbed his arm, pulling him up to the position he had indicated. Crichton stood waiting, still in denial that these events were happening to him. As the door opened, he heard Officer Sun's voice, it was garbled. 'Okay, he wasn't lying about the microbs.' He thought.

The last thing he saw was a man timidly enter the room. An unusual sensation shot through him as suddenly he was plunged into total and complete darkness. The only way he knew he was still conscious was the fact as he tried to back himself up to the bed, his legs hit the chair that Scorpius had just occupied. He felt himself impact with the floor.

Officer Sun watched as the Banik entered the human's cell. Scorpius stood behind Crichton waiting for the anticipated reaction. She saw as Crichton's eyes focused on Stark with a questioning expression, which immediately took on a vacant, glossy appearance. He reached out one hand behind him; his mouth moving to form what looked to be the word 'no', but no sound emerged. As his legs hit the chair, the Banik cried out in warning, but she knew Crichton could not hear the call. After he hit the floor, his arms swung out, searching for anything to grasp onto. His hand found the edge of his bed; he began to pull himself against the side as if in comfort.

For some reason she could not fathom, she felt a twinge of sympathy seeing him function in this manner. She heard Scorpius' voice tell her to remove the slave; she did as she was ordered. In the monens since Scorpius 'assigned' her to the human she did her duty, but Crichton seemed determined to try and draw he into conversations whenever they in the same room together. There had been several moments during the last weekens when she almost responded to his nonsense, but she stopped herself knowing Scorpius would not allow it. Her duty was simple; she was his 'keeper'. She delivered the Banik to his cell then returned to her post outside of Crichton's door.

Slowly the world began to come back into focus, the first thing he saw was Scorpius' face leering downwards at him.

"Do you believe me now John? I call you by your given name because we are going to become very close now."

"D-Don't b-be a sm-smartass Scorpy."

"Ah, you have not yet lost that mentality that is most irritating." Scorpius said.

Crichton finished pulling himself up onto the bed. "What in the hell do you want from me?"

Sitting back in his chair, Scorpius said. "For such an intelligent creature it should be quite obvious. I want the equations the Ancients put into your brain. The only way to access them is for you to continue your work. Which is not unlike my own."

"Screw you Scorpy, I'm not helping you with shit."

"We can do it your way, for now, but you will soon come to help."

"You can go to hell, you sick mother fu..!"

He hadn't noticed that Scorpius had a control pad attached to him arm. As he began screaming, Scorpius hit a button on the pad, which immediately cut off the sound coming from his vocal chords. A feeling of panic spread throughout Crichton as he realized what Scorpius had done.

A grotesque smile spread across the abominations face. "You will remain this way until I see fit to release you. Think on what I have said." Scorpius said as he left the room.

He was left in that condition for three days. On the fourth day as Officer Sun brought in his food, he opened his eyes and tried to speak, "T-Testing...Yes! It's back!"

He jumped up, "Two down, bottom of the ninth, McGuire hit's a line drive down center field and it is gone!"

She looked at him as if he had gone insane, her hand went to rest on her pulse pistol, and Crichton saw the gesture. Waving his arms, "No, I haven't gone crazy. I'm just happy to hear my own voice again."

Taking her hand off of the weapon, she nodded in understanding; "I will be back in the arn to take you for your recreation."

"Thanks, I was about to go stir crazy in here."

When she returned, he stood up, anxious to get out of the stale air of the room. He needed to run, stretch, to get out into the sunshine. Even if it was artificial. As Officer Sun opened the door to his cell, Crichton realized he had not heard the buzzer before she had returned. She felt him take a step back as the neural chip took effect.

When she had returned to her quarters to wait for Crichton to finish his first meal, she found Scorpius waiting for her.

"What was Crichton's state of mind when you took him his meal?" He asked.

"He was very exuberant Sir. Talking nonstop from the time I entered the room."

"I knew he would be. When did you plan on taking him for his exercise?"

"Within the arn, I was about to sound off the buzzer for personnel to clear the area."

"Don't. This human is stubborn; he thinks he can resist the effects the chip will have on him. Give him five arns to enjoy himself, and then take him on a 'tour' of the base. I want this done everyday for a weeken."

"Yes Sir."
She took his arm and began to lead him down the corridor; his step was slow and hesitant as they walked along.

Arriving in the recreation area, she found an area that was unoccupied. Releasing his arm, she watched as he held out his hand and slowly lowered himself to the ground. He bent his legs and wrapped his arms around the knees. He sat in this way for almost the entire time they remained, only moving to occasionally stretch his back. When she took his arm to leave, she could see the look of relief on his face, as they walked through the corridors, the relief was replaced by desperation.

"Officer Sun, I believe it is time for his last meal of the day. Take him to the common lounge, let him see what it will be like if he refuses to cooperate any longer." Scorpius' voice said over her comms.

"Right away Sir."

As they entered the lounge, all eyes turned towards them. Everyone on the base knew about Scorpius' 'pet', but no one had seen him until now.

When she placed the food tray in Crichton's hands, he understood where they were and began shaking his head. She shoved him forward to continue towards the only empty table across the room. He waited for her to take his arm, but she only shoved him again.

'This is going to take frelling forever.' She thought as she watched Crichton slowly inch his way across the room, afraid of running into someone or something and falling. After watching for several microts, the men and women sitting around the tables lost interest and went back to their meals and conversations. She placed a hand on his shoulder when he reached the table. His hand reached out and found the back of a chair, he slowly sat down with his food. Once he was seated, Officer Sun went to retrieve her tray.

"How does it feel to be babysitter to an alien and that half-breed freak?" A voice asked from behind. She ignored the statement and continued back to the table, controlling the shaking in her hands that her anger caused. When she sat down, she noticed that Crichton was not eating his food; she took his hand and placed it forcibly onto the tray. He showed no indication of trying to feed himself. 'I am 'not' feeding this inferior creature.' She thought. She took his hand again shoving it down with more force, he flinched in pain. He reached for the eating utensil; it was as she watched him try and pick it up that she remembered something Scorpius had said about the chip. It stopped all outward stimuli, which included touch. She sighed in frustration when she realized he didn't even know when he had the implement in his fingers. Officer Sun put down her own utensils and began to feed Crichton his food. Afterwards, she finished her own meal. While she did so, Crichton kept his head pointed downwards as if staring at his tray.

Taking his arm once again, she finished walking him around the base. The entire time thinking it was a pointless waste of time. When they reached his cell, she walked him to the bed and had him sit down. She sat in the chair and waited for his sight to return, as it did so, he looked at her and gave a weak smile, then lay down on the bed. After a weeken of doing this, Scorpius extended the routine for another two weekens. Each day she saw that Crichton began to rely upon her more and growing despondent, even when alone in his cell. Her sympathy for him grew with each passing day.

"Officer Sun bring John Crichton to my research lab after he has had his first meal." Scorpius' voice said.

"We are almost finished Sir, I will bring him very shortly." She responded.

As she led him to the lab, she couldn't explain it but for some reason she felt apprehension at the idea of taking Crichton back to Scorpius. Over the past weeken, she noticed his shoulders were becoming more slumped and dark circles had begun to appear beneath his eyes.

As they entered the lab, Aeryn looked around the room at the different tech trying to finish putting away materials they had been working on.

Soon she saw Scorpius walking towards them, "Good, you've finally arrived. Progress report."

"No change Sir."

"So he still has not spoken to you while alone in his cell. That's fascinating." He said as the last of the techs exited the room.

Within a few microts John's eyes began to focus, he looked in Scorpius' direction.

"Welcome to my lab John. I thought I would show you where you will be working from now on."

John looked around the large room, soon he focused back on Scorpius, "Go to hell, I'm not helping you." His unused voice barely above a whisper.

"I see you are going to be stubborn once more. What you do not realize is the chip in your brain is capable of so much more, all by the touch of a button. I will give you another monen to think, but your reprieve back to your senses will only come when you come back to continue working on the wormhole equations." He said with a soft snarl.

Looking at Aeryn, "Take him back to his cell Officer Sun."

"N-No!" John whispered as loudly as he could when he saw Scorpius reaching for the pad on his arm.

True to his word, the chip 'was' capable of doing much more to him. John discovered this during his evening meal, while before he had been left with at least the senses of taste and smell, now he was left with nothing. He was in a complete and total void, it was as if he were floating over a sea of emptiness. Scorpius had cut him off from everything. The only way he even knew he had food in his mouth was the fact that Officer Sun would close his mouth to indicate there was something in it and then he had to force himself to even swallow the tasteless blob.

His mind wandered frequently as he thought of his family on Earth and the friends he had made on Moya. He wondered what the crew had thought when he didn't return from the commerce planet.

Soon after that last visit with Scorpius; whenever he began to think of these familiar images, a constant buzzing similar to white noise would begin to sound through his mind breaking up any thought. After a while he didn't even have those to rely upon.

Another gift from the neural chip would come as Officer Sun walked him around the base, he would feel his body begin to shudder, it wasn't painful at first; but as the shaking grew in intensity, the pain began. After it ended, he was left to lie on the floor until he recovered enough to continue walking. Scorpius wouldn't allow him to rest.

When the monen was up, Aeryn was ordered to bring John back to Scorpius' lab. This time there were no techs scrambling about, Scorpius stood in the center of the room waiting for them. As they walked towards him, she saw as he touched the control pad. As the world came back for John Crichton, he barely acknowledged it. There were only subtle differences in his facial expression as he registered Scorpius' presence.

"Are you ready to begin working now John?" He asked.

"Please Sir." John whispered, his eyes turned downward.

Scorpius smiled, "I knew you would soon see it my way. It is for the best, come with me."

John followed him automatically.

"Officer Sun, you may return to your quarters until I call for you."

"Thank you Sir."

As Aeryn walked back to her quarters, she tried to understand why the idea of leaving John alone with Scorpius filled her with such fear. She was a Peacekeeper, he was a prisoner. She shouldn't care one way or another whether he lived or died. It was in her training not to feel anything for anyone else except respect for her fellow Peacekeepers.

She had never seen anyone who had the life drained from them without so much as a touch, until now. She found it hard to believe that this was the same man who had defied Scorpius less than two monens ago. John was nothing but a shell of what he once was. Then the tremors began during their daily walks through the Gammak Base. During the first episode, Aeryn quickly commed Scorpius, thinking maybe it was a potentially life-threatening side effect of the neural chip. When Scorpius answered, she could almost hear the smile in his voice as he said, "I am aware of this, it is but one more lesson." All she could do was watch him on the floor silently screaming in pain. At times she would sit in his cell and just watch him. His eyes open but not really seeing. Occasionally during the first days tears would roll down his cheeks, she wanted to wipe them away, but she would remember her Peacekeeper training and stop herself.

She didn't know when she stopped thinking of him as Crichton or 'the human', but she found herself thinking of him as John. When she arrived at her door, there was woman standing beside it. The petite blond was dressed in a Tech uniform. "Officer Sun, my name is Gillina. We need to speak 'now'."

Scorpius was very pleased in the change in John Crichton. When the human had first arrived at the base he had been resistant and disruptive to his plans, but now Scorpius enjoyed seeing him more compliant. He was very happy with the way the neural chip had worked to break this man.

Crichton appeared to be focused on his work, would not even look up from the screen he had been placed in front of, not unless Scorpius called him to his side. Which was quite frequently, just to see how far he could be pushed. Together they worked side-by-side for ten arns strait. Soon Scorpius had no choice but to retire to his own quarters to change the cooling rod and recharge the protective cooling suite.

"John, it's time for you to return to your cell."

"Please, no, I want to keep working."

Scorpius like hearing those words, "No John. I have to rest, as do you."

"I'm not tired Sir, please I want to work."

He knew the reason for Crichton's persistence to continue working had to do with his fear of being cut off again from his senses.

"Are you defying me again John?"

Scorpius had been waiting for an opportunity to further his example of control. He reached for the pad on his arm. John's eyes grew wide with terror, he found himself on the floor, his body writhing uncontrollably again while no sound escaped him.

"Officer Sun, you may retrieve John Crichton. Give him his meal, and then see him to his cell. I want him back in here in eight arns."

"I'm on my way Sir." Her voice came over his comms.

When she entered the room, he was still in the same condition, but he was alone. Scorpius had left him alone for the half arn it had taken her to arrive.

Aeryn Sun was relieved of her duty for the next weeken, Scorpius took over personal care of John to ensure his level of control over the human and to see he no longer questioned 'anything' he said.

John was kept in the research lab during this time. When it was only Scorpius and himself, he was allowed to full use of his faculties. Scorpius stood over him, watching every notation and calculation he made. Instead of sending him back to his cell when the Techs returned for their own shifts, Scorpius would have him sit on the floor in the corner of the room. If John had worked well, he would be allowed to keep the use of his sight to watch the others work, but Scorpius kept the 'white noise' running to prevent John from forming any thoughts on how to communicate with these workers. He would sit there with a smile on his face, rocking himself until Scorpius fully activated the chip. He would then curl up and fall asleep until it was time to work once again.
When Aeryn returned to her duties, she was shocked to find John had succumbed even further to Scorpius' will in just a weeken. She noted that he was beginning to look pale and unhealthy, she casually mentioned it to Scorpius. He agreed to allow the human a day of rest.

"John would you like to enjoy some time in the recreation area today?" Scorpius asked him.

A look of sadness came across his face, "May I keep working?" He asked.

"I know you want to keep working, but your body needs to keep its health. Go with Officer Sun."

John gave no argument as they left the lab and Scorpius made the announcement to clear that area.

He must have been expecting to remain sightless, as he had been on his last visits, because as they entered the large outdoor reconstruction, a look of joy spread across his face when he was able to see the trees and feel the grass.

His eyes turning downwards, "May I, Officer Sun?" He asked, his voice still not above a whisper.

"Yes you may John, and you may also call me Aeryn." She answered.

It seemed at first he didn't register what she had said, when it did, a look of surprise came across his face. "Thank you Of...Aeryn."

He slowly walked around the pond, as if savoring the sights around him; he then surprised her by walking towards her after only one trip around the water.

"I'm ready Aeryn."


"To go back to work."

"Scorpius wanted you to enjoy yourself today. Take as much time as you need."

"I have enjoyed myself here, but I will be very happy to get back to work on the wormhole equations."

Sad to see him respond in this way, she asked when they reached the door, "Alright John, are you ready?"

Nodding his head, he allowed Aeryn to take his arm.

Soon he began to wonder what was taking so long to get back to the lab, they had been walking for quite a while. Suddenly it felt as if he was being thrown around like a rag doll, his body hitting the wall then falling to the floor. 'Please don't! I'll work! I promise I'll work!' He thought. John then realized this was different than the punishments that Scorpius had afflicted on him previously. He crawled on the floor, but was repeatedly knock down by what felt like people running past him. His soon found an object on the floor near him, he followed the contours of the shape, it was a body. 'Aeryn!' He mentally screamed. It had to be her, because she was supposed to protect him and for some reason she had not helped him up yet, this had to be the reason. Reaching her face, he tried slapping it to awaken her, while he silently screamed her name. He was starting to worry that she was dead and he was left all alone. John felt her body begin to move as she awoke. It took her several microts to get her bearings about her to stand, but soon she was pulling him up and leading him. He 'knew' she would keep him safe. She ran as she led him by the arm through the corridors, he could feel others running into them as they did the same.

There was several times when they were separated, each moment his mind cried out in fear. He was frightened because he didn't know what was going on or happening to him. Suddenly the 'white noise' began and it stopped his thoughts of panic. Aeryn pulled at his arm as she continued to run, soon they stopped, but his mind couldn't register it. It felt to him as if his body were being pushed upwards, then his legs were being maneuvered into different positions. He felt Aeryn's hands on his shoulders pushing him down indicating she wanted him to sit. Soon a new sensation overcame him, it was familiar, but the noise going through his mind would not allow him to remember what it was.

It body was beginning to feel cramped from the awkward position he was sitting in, but there was no room for him to move. He was finally able to sleep despite the pain and noise. John awoke to someone putting his or her hands under his arms and lifting him up then helping him out of the position he had been sitting. He attempted to stand once he was on solid ground, but his legs had been cramped up for so long he had difficulty doing this. He felt Aeryn hold him up until he was able to stand on his own.

She again took his arm and began leading him, when they arrived at their destination; she took his shoulders and had him sit down. Within a short time he regained his senses, but the noise in his head didn't end when his sight returned. He looked around the room he was in, but as he began to realize it was unfamiliar to him, the thoughts were disbursed once again.

The two women stood in the next room out of sight watching him for an arn, both concerned for his state of mind. They had seen as his sight returned he began looking around the room, he soon began to smile and rocking himself in the chair.

"Are you sure you were able to stop the chip?" Aeryn asked

"Well, I haven't been able to isolate all of the frequencies, but I was able to permanently disable the control pad that Scorpius was using shortly after the explosives ignited." Gillina said not taking her eyes off of the man she come to care deeply for.

"Then why is he behaving this way? He hasn't even spoken since his sight was restored."

"I don't know, unless Scorpius initiated something else we're not aware of before I was able to finish with the control pad, and I still have to find the original programming of the chip." She said with a tired voice. She had been working nonstop since she contacted Aeryn a little over a weeken ago.

"So your saying if we go out in public he will still lose all of his senses?"

"Yes, but we were lucky I was able to override the function that would force John to stay near Scorpius. Give me a couple of days and I should have the chip totally inoperable. Now I have to get back before I'm noticed gone. Take care of him."

"I will and thank you."

"I had to try and save him, he saved my life on the Zalbinion. It was the only thing I could do to repay him." Gillina said with a wistful smile on her face. Opening the door, she left.

Aeryn picked up a bundle and walked into the room where John sat. He looked up at her. She knelt down in front of him. "John how are you feeling?" He only looked at her.

"Can you hear me John?" She asked.

He nodded his head, but he still didn't speak.

"We have to get out of these Peacekeeper clothing, I want you to change for me." She laid his clothes in his lap; he touched them as she stood to leave the room to change herself. When she returned to the room, she was surprised to see John sitting in the same position as when she left, still fingering the clothes in his lap, the only difference was that now he was humming while he rocked.

'Something is definitely wrong with him, I was too late, Scorpius 'must' have done something else to him.' She thought. Walking back to him, she picked up the clothes.

He looked up at her, "Aeryn." He finally said.

"I'm going to help you now John."

"Yes Aeryn."

She began unbuttoning his shirt, as she pulled it off, his hand reached up and touched her face.

"Aeryn, can I go to work now?" He spoke these words slowly as he concentrated very hard on what he wanted to say.

"Very soon John." As she answered him, a feeling of sadness swept through her.

"Thank you." He said as she finished helping him change.

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To Serve

By: Kazbaby

Disclaimer: Belongs to Jim Hensen and Co.

Summery and Spoilers: This story is AU. Aeryn Sun never joined the crew because of Crais' order. We join the story shortly after what would have been 'A Human Reaction'. A few spoilers for Nerve.

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