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Title: A Time Of Pain.
Author: Sarah
E-Mail: anglefish1988@hotmail.com

Summary: After Taking The Stone, Chianna writes a passage about what her heart is feeling.


I often wonder late at night how it would`ve been.
All those memories locked away, safe inside of me.
I barely ever sleep at night as I think of you.
You can bring tears to my eyes or a smile to my face, But that doesn`t ease the pain.
I often wonder why it happened, why it was to me.
My heart yearns the touch that I`ll never feel again.
During the day, I am strong, as you would`ve been.
But at night, I am lost. A prisoner to the dark.
People try to comfort me, but it doesn`t help a bit.
I lock myself away, from the which I came.
I often wonder how it happened, how it really was.
People say you died in pain, others say you died peacefully.
I don`t know what to believe, I don`t know what to say.
I only know that some day, I`ll be with you again.



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