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Time Keeps on Slippin'

By Diene

Archive: sure, just let me know about it and let me know about it.

Rating: R....just to be safe.

Disclaimer: I do not own Farscape, the characters, the English language, or anything involving anything.

Summery: cannot give synopsis without giving it away. Good fic, though. Scorpius, J/A, and trouble (as usual)

Category: Comedy, Romance, Drama.

Spoilers: This fic is right before "A Clockwork Nebari."

Special Thanks to Iden, the guy in the box, (don't ask yet.) who gave ideas, Matt the Human Ranger for keeping Iden from completely destroying my poetic writing.


John Crichton hung in a dark cell. The shackles on his wrists chafed the skin, his arms drawn out at a 45-degree angle. John looked up but was unable to see where the chains connected, only darkness. "What the," John squeezed his eyes shut then reopened them trying to gather his bearings. He tugged at the chains but with no success. "How the hell," Scorpius appeared out of the dark corner of the cell.† John hung his head resigning, "Yup, it figures."

Scorpius grinned, "Hello, John. Isn't life full of irony?"

John snickered. "Actually, I prefer to say that I'm the universe's personal hackysack."

Scorpius walked towards John, crossing his arms behind him, "Mmmmm. To each his own."

John lifted his head and exhaled, "So. What's the drill? Am I going back into that Dentist chair of yours?"

"John," Scorpius grinned and shook his head, "Do you really think that you'd survive in your present state?"

John cocked his head to the left. "All right Satan's little helper, you gonna tell me how I got here?† Cuz I can't remember shit."

Scorpius tilted his head in the same direction, "Why, Don't you remember when all this began?"

John looked up and sarcastically answered, "When I was catapulted through that frelling wormhole."

Scorpius snickered, "Ah, John. Always the Joker."

John's tone became suddenly serious, "Who's joking?"

"Not that far back. Try yesterday." John stared, disinterested. "Go ahead, John.† Try." John closed his eyes and memory overwhelmed him.


John awoke in his chambers, the sheets tangled in his legs from the restless sleep. The lights brighten as the day, or what could be called a day on Moya, began. John sat up dangling his legs off the side of the bed.† He leaned over, resting his forearms on his thighs and hung his head.

The heel of a hand hit his forehead and John felt fingers on the top of his head. The hand pushed John's head back to raise his eyes. Scorpy stood in front of him, smiling, "Wakie, Wakie, John.† Its time for football practice."

John whacked Scorpy's hand away, stood, and walked to the showers. Steam filled the room, allowing John to relax in the comfort.† The hot water pounded against his tensed body, relaxing the muscles. He lathered the soap, inhaling the intoxicating aroma.† John lifted his face to the streaming water. He grumbled deep in his throat. John lingered for a few minutes then shook his head. He turned off the water and scratched his head, splattering the water from his hair.

John stepped out of the shower to see writing on the fogged mirror, ĆI STILL WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST CYCLE.'† John hacked back and spat on the mirror; the writing disappeared. He grinned and shook his head, "You want to know...pfff, I don't even frelling know!" He snickered, wrapped the towel around his waist, and walked to his room. Scorpy was nowhere to be seen.

John walked to his chair where his clothes had been flung the night before. He pulled the leather pants and black T-shirt onto his still wet body.† He ran his fingers through his hair and turned to see Scorpy standing by the door. Scorpy wore a long brown cloak tied at the waist; a wide brim hat hugged his brow. His left hand held a rope tied around the neck of a mule. His right hand held the reigns of a magnificent black steed clad in leather and armor and ready for battle. Scorpy grinned, "Where do we go from here, Don Quixote?"

John threw his arms into the air, "Oh.† I don't know.† Maybe take on a couple of windmills, joust with a Scarran. What do ya think?"† John burst out of his quarters and headed down the hall.

Scorpy skipped behind breaking into song, "49 bottles of beer on the wall. 49 bottles of beer," John stopped at the intersection of five corridors.† "John, do you know where you're going?" John looked around confused. Scorpy stopped right behind John, raised his hand, and pointed down one of the halls. John raised his hand and pointed down the same hall. "Good boy. Now go on."

John continued down the designated hall with Scorpy following close behind. John broke into song, "48 bottles of beer on the wall. 48 bottles of beer,"

A flash of white light and suddenly the hall changed to the gallery.

D'Argo, Chiana, Zhaan, Aeryn, and Rygel sat at the table; a pile of food cubes in the center. Rygel took cubes from the center and nonchalantly hid them in his cloak. Scorpius appeared behind Aeryn, who sat at the head of the table. He snapped his fingers and all the beings stopped in mid motion. "John Crichton had been avoiding the crew for the last few days."


"Hey, Hey, HEY!" John's tone grew as the words flowed. "How do I know that happened when I wasn't frelling there?"† Crichton grinned thinking he had the half-breed beat.

Scorpius leaned against the cinder block wall, his arms crossed over his chest, "Artistic License. I'm just helping you with the details. They might be of great interest to you."

"HA!† Wonderful." John scoffed. "I'm stuck in this generic torture chamber with the Peacekeeper version of Shakespeare." John cleared his throat then spoke with an exaggerated English accent, "To be or not to be, that is the question." John threw back his head laughing.

"That's simple, John," Scorpius responded. "It is within the nature of creatures of my -- and, I am assuming, your -- intelligence level to survive.† The answer is To Be."

John lowered his gaze to meet Scorpius's stare. "Rhetorical Question. You know... not to be answered -- at least by you."

"Can we get back to the events at hand now, John?"

The human nodded, consenting.


The crew sat motionless; Moya consciously hummed around them. The DRDs passed in the hall completely unaware of the crew's current condition.† Scorpius reappeared behind Aeryn, knelt at her side brushing her cheek and tucked her hair behind her ear. "She is quite lovely, John.† Have you compared her to a summer's day yet?" Scorpius laughed, snapped his fingers and disappeared.

The crew began to move at the snap as if nothing had happened. Zhaan sat with a solemn face, slowly eating. Rygel ate his own cubes with the right hand and stuffed his cloak with the left. The Delvian at his right did not notice, but the Nebari across from him did.

Chiana cocked her head to the right. Her voice squeaked as usual, "Excuse me, your lowness, but you're eating Crichton's share."

Rygel looked at Chiana, "Well, it's that Yotz's fault for not showing up." He straightened in an attempt to look regal. "As dominor to over 600 billion subjects, I am the most important member of this crew, and therefore, I should get the most food."

Aeryn looked up from the head, twirling a food cube in her fingers. "Oh would you Shut Up, Rygel." She said half laughing, making an unsuccessful attempt of her own to appear serious at the Dominor's solemn intent.

D'Argo hissed. "Who the frell are you to decide who's the most important member of this crew. The Vork did more around here than you've done in the last two cycles!"

"It was MY superior negotiating that brought all of this food, MY food, that you are now eating on to Moya." Rygel answered diplomatically, "I am allowing you to consume my food.† So," A food cube sailed across the table, hitting Rygel between the eyes. "You ... you little Trelk!" Chiana giggled and Aeryn snickered quietly. D'Argo grinned at Rygel's stunned expression. Rygel glared at them and popped the projectile into his mouth. Unseen in the commotion, Zhaan slipped a handful of cubes into her cloak.



Zhaan opened the door to John's empty quarters. She slowly crept to the table beside his bed and took the cubes from her cloak placing them on the dresser. She knew John had been troubled and respected his silent request for solitude. "Goddess be with you, John.† May you find the peace of mind you so desire." She turned and walked out.


Aeryn slowly walked into her quarters. It had been twelve arns since the crew was last together in the gallery and she was exhausted. She had been working nonstop and D'Argo had just relieved her of her duties. She sat on her bed resting her head in her hands.† Scorpius appeared next to Aeryn. He ran his fingers over her glistening shoulder and down her back. Aeryn shuddered at the unknown physical contact. Scorpius brought the sweat-covered finger to his mouth, "John, did you notice it getting warmer on Moya?" Scorpius leered at Aeryn. "She certainly did."


John shook his head and pulled at the chains.† His wrists were sore from supporting the weight of his body. John looked down to the floor, for the first time noticing his bare feet and the dirt floor.† He clenched his teeth. "But why? Why the heat?"

Scorpius stepped in front of John. He tapped John's forehead, "What's the matter, John. Don't you remember? Did something happen?" John looked to the ceiling and closed his eyes straining to remember. "Did something," Scorpius tilted his head, "collide, John?"

John's eyes widened at the word. "Collide." He hung his head. "My God. The asteroid. It," his voice was soft and weak, "it collided with Moya a few arns, or day, or weekens, or I don't frelling know. How long have I been here anyway?† Forget it, doesn't matter. Anyway, she was unconscious, or still is, or whatever! Advanced Life support, Environmental --it's all frelling broke."

"Mmmm, yes." Scorpius came within an inch of John's face, "What happened next?" John's eyes fluttered shut.


John stood at a panel in the docking bay, tweaking and tuning, attempting to repair the docking bay doors. The asteroid had forced the doors shut and John thought that if they could get Aeryn off the ship, she would survive. He reached out and Scorpy handed him a wrench.† Scorpy walked to the nose of Farscape I; he started to bang it like a drum. John lifted his head upon recognizing the beat, "Hey -- George of the Jungle. Cut it out!" He wiped the sweat from his brow and tapped his COM, "Hey Pilot, it's getting warmer in here and I can't seem to fix the........."

John turned to see Scorpy wearing a grass skirt, doing the hula, "Aloha Johnny.† Welcome to Maui."

John rolled his eyes. "I know, Commander." Pilot responded. "Environmental controls are still severely malfunctioning." John left the docking bay. "The DRDs and D'Argo are working as efficiently as possible."

"OK. Where's D'Argo? Is there anything else I can do?"† John walked towards command, assuming that's where D'Argo would be.

"You can go to Tier 4 and try to assist him."

"Ok. I'm going to see what I can do." John said while changing direction


Aeryn stood in her quarters. She pulled the sweat-soaked gray shirt over her head, leaving her in just leather pants and a black sports bra. She leaned back against the panel and slowly slid down. She slicked her hair away from her face and looked out her door.

She saw John's blurred figure pass and stop short when he caught a glimpse of her figure. Her lips turned up at the corners; she rested her head against the wall. She bent her knees and rested her forearms on them, her wrists loose allowing her hands to hang limply. John called for her. Her gray eyes met his from across the room. She smiled and he returned the gesture. Scorpius stepped into view behind John. Her eyes flared with anger; John returned the look, confused. Scorpius drew a knife and stood behind John the same way Larraq had held her about a cycle earlier. She struggled to her feet just as Scorpius plunged the knife into his side. "JOHN!!!" Aeryn stood and tried to walk to him, but her legs buckled, too weak now to support her. She collapsed to the ground as Scorpius dragged John away


Pilot looked at Zhaan with concern, "She said that dream has been vivid for the last ten solar days. And now with the current situation, she is unusually tense and highly alert."

Zhaan looked at Pilot comfortingly, "Do not worry, Pilot. We are doing everything we can. John will not let her go. None of us will."† Zhaan brushed his cheek and stayed in the den trying to give as much comfort as she could.


John's eyes widened; the presence of the chains escaping him. "Fabulous. She's finally dreamin' about me and I DIE!"

Scorpius exhaled. "Do you mind, John? Are you finished?"† John nodded.


John walked up to a nexus cluster that D'Argo was attempting to rewire. "Hey, Big Guy." John stretched out his arms. "The Calvary has arrived!" John grinned as the untranslatable Luxon dialogue escaped from his fellow shipmate. "No, D'Argo.........you're doing it wrong.........not red wire to Black wire.........its red wire to.........AGHHH!" An electrical surge knocked both off their feet.

Scorpy materialized behind the panel in a stewardess outfit and said, "In case of an emergency, exits are located towards the back," pointing to the door.

D'Argo was the first to his feet. John sat up and rubbed his head as more untranslatable Luxon dialogue echoed through the bay. D'Argo tapped his COM, "Pilot.† Pilot, the systems are,"† The lights flickered then blacked out. D'Argo let out a string of profanities. "How much longer now?"

"Four arns until environmental is back under control."

John's eyes widened, "Pilot, how much longer until Aeryn.........I mean, how long do we have until, I mean........."

"Less time than we have, Commander."

D'Argo looked at John and placed a hand on his shoulder. His eyes met his friend's, "Go to her, John."

John shrugged away D'Argo's hand, "No. I can be more useful trying to fix this. Then she'll be fine."

D'Argo shook his head, "I think you've done enough fixing. We can handle this. You should go to her." John tried to interrupt but D'Argo wouldn't let him. "At least comfort her until we fix this. You'd be more useful there. Go to her, John."

John lowered his head, slowly nodded and walked to the door, Scorpy yet again at heel.† John headed down the hall to Aeryn's quarters. Scorpy wore a green top hat and carried a cane. He sang, "Oh Johnny Boy...your heart, your heart is calling..."

John stopped and looked at Scorpy, "Hey uh, Harvey, do you mind?"

"Mind what?"

John took the hat off Scorpy's head, "This...has got to go." He threw it to the floor. "And the second heart was a little flat...so from the top."† John raised his hands like a conductor and cued Scorpy in. Scorpy started again, hitting all the right notes.† John continued down the hall conducting the Irish Serenade.

John abruptly stopped as a half-baked plan came to mind, "I'VE GOT IT!"† He pointed up with his index finger.

Scorpy stopped behind John, "As opposed to what?"

"Well not having it."

Scorpy nodded, "Oh, I see so what do you have, John."

John started walking again, "Why it of course."† He paused. †"A PLAN!"

"Ahhh.........good.† So, what's the plan?"

John turned the corner and walked into the locker room that had the showers on Moya. "It's simple. We need to cool Aeryn down, right?† So I get these showerheads to spit out arctic ice water, and she'll live."



Pilot waited anxiously for a response. D'Argo's voice resounded over the COM, "John just left to go find Aeryn. I need more DRDs."

"I'll send some right away." Pilot ended the transmission and looked at Zhaan, "Should I alarm them about the approaching Enforcer?"

Zhaan shook her head, "No, Pilot...tell D'Argo but not John. We still have six arns until intercept. Let John stay with her. They need each other now."

Pilot nodded. "Of course, Zhaan."

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