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This is the Future

by Snoopygirl

John Crichton was thinking about his life back on earth. He misses his dad, and DK. Eating pizza and drinking beer while watching football. He knows he can never go back. The Peacekeepers would follow him and destroy them.

Aeryn sat on her bed. She was thinking back to how her life was before that human came and messed it all up. She had been on Prowler detail. She was happy. She would stay up with Henta in the refreshment house and play card games. Then Crichton came along and ruined in all. 

Chiana was thinking about her life before Neri joined the Nebari Resistance. They would go to planets and steal food. They would jump transport without voucher when they needed to escape the police. She had some bad days, but overall she was happy.

DıArgo walked through Moyaıs StarBurst chamber. He always went there to think. He thought about Jothee and his wife. He wanted to find his son so bad. He still does. He misses his wife, and longs to go back to the Luxan home world. He wants be a warrior, to fight alongside his brothers for his leaders. Maybe even be a general. DıArgoıs soul is damaged. When he thinks about his family, his life before he was imprisoned, he almost cries.

This is the future. No looking back. No Peacekeepers. No running. Free. Thatıs what they are. Free to go, to do whatever they want. Nobody chasing them, not having to StarBurst every arn. They are free. They will all go their separate ways and not have each other. Aeryn pregnant. DıArgo leaving. Chiana searching for her brother. And Crichton, alone on Moya, with only DRDs and a Pilot to talk to.

This is the future.

A bleak, dark, alone future.

A future of small, brown planets, with short inhabitants, and no friends.

This is the future.

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