On October 15th 2004 Ben Browder was a guest on the CBS broadcast of The Late Late Show . Download the interview and 20 images HERE >> .
Farscape Bloopers, Out-takes and Frell Ups. The cast of Farscape relieve some tension, make little mistakes and goof off on the set. Download images and video. Enter >>

Ever wonder what Farscape would be like in an alternate universe, an unrealized reality? Mix and match Farscape with other shows, fiction or even real events and share them with Scapers.

Cygnus gets us started with Farscape Vice, the video opening credits that combine Farcape with Miami Vide. Download >>

Ben Browder on CSI: Miami. His first gig since Farscape, Ben plays Danny Maxwell, a bouncer at a trendy nightclub that burned, killing many people. Is Danny the killer, or just a nice guy in the wrong place at the wrong time? Download a clip of Ben's performance, along with images and other tidbits. Enter >>
Claudia Black interviewed on the Sydney TV show Morning with Kerri-Anne. On February 2, 2003 Claudia talked about Farcape, the fans, how she got into the entertainment business, her family's reaction to the show and various other topics. Download video, transcript and images >>
Farscape on Jeopardy! During the January 30, 2002 broadcast, a category called What's on Cable tested the wits of three brainy contestants. The contestants got every question correct, then they got to the toughest part, the $1000 brain-bender. The answer was Farscape, all the brains had to do was name the Sci-Fi Channel. Download the clip >>
The so-called "Pilot" Episode. There is a tape for sale on the net that shows an early edit of The Premiere episode. Containing scenes not used in either the broadcast or DVD versions, it's an interesting piece of Farscape history. There's no need to spend $20 for a grainy tape, everything worth seeing is right here. Photos, transcript and video >>
Ben on the Late Late Show. On June 14, 2001 Ben Browder was a guest on the CBS program, The Late Late Show. Photos and video>>
Virginia on parade. Virginia Hey was a guest host during Sci Fi's 2000 broadcast of the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. Photos and video>>
Murder by Twos. Early in his acting career, Ben was on a 1994 episode of Murder She Wrote. Too bad he wasn't the killer. Photos and video>>
Farscape: Undressed. Ben and Claudia ham it up in this introduction to Farscape broadcast on Sci Fi just prior to the season three premiere. Photo gallery >>
Ben Browder interview. August 2000 Sci Fi Stream interview with Ben Browder.
Part 1 transcript and photos >>
Part 2 transcript and photos >>
Claudia Black interview. August 2000 Sci Fi Stream interview with Claudia Black.
Part 1 transcript and photos >>
Part 2 transcript and photos >>
TV Guide Channel Interviews. Rarely seen interviews, conducted during the August 2000 Burbank convention, of Ben, Claudia, Virginia, Anthony, and Gigi. Transcript, photos, and video >>
Ben speaks his mind. On September 28, 2000 Ben was a guest on ABC's Politically Incorrect. Photos and video >>

Do you have a tape of something Farscape related that is unusual, unique that you haven't seen anywhere else and would like to share it with Scapers everywhere?

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