Texas Area Scapers

Texas Area Scapers from left to right:

Goose, Night-Owl, Genma, bache, ArtistStudio, Dorien, Dallascaper, OtomO, MoyasPilot and Azure


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Sunday Moring

Camp Grounds


Genma took great pride in entertaining the group with his amazing musical ability.

Cook out




Eating was the favorite pastime. Here we see FemaleSpecies and Night-Owl doing what women do best - working in the kitchen. :)





ArtistStudio is very talented with the guitar, among other instruments.



Lunch Saturday afternoon at Mercado Juarez Cantina was great. Here we see Goose, Azure, Genma and FemaleSpecies enjoying the food and each other's company.

Rose Gardens


Fort Worth Rose Garden. The oldest part of the garden was built in the 1930's by very poor people. The gardens cost somewhere between $100 and 600 million dollars to build. Today the gardens employ somewhere between 2 and 20,000 people to maintain. I stand behind my facts, so you can quote me.



Our group is mesmerized by the serenity of the pond. We see Genma as he considers the structural feasibility of building a dam for the stream.



As a former employee of the Botanical Gardens, I can assure you this kind of behavior is not tolerated.



When not working his normal job, Goose films shampoo commercials.



Our group sitting on a waterfall feeling mighty fine.



We had a little incident on the bridge.



Our group managed to get lost in the bamboo. We are lucky, last year the Japanese Gardens lost 26 tourists the same way.



The Botanical Gardens are home to many interesting species. Here we see a creature emerging from its nesting area inside an ancient tree. OtomO



The original Spaghetti Warehouse --Fort Worth Stockyards-- used to be a brothel.



Dallascaper in the unusual position of sitting on a bull, instead of being full of it.


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