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March 11, 2002

As you can see from the above photo, we got together at Six Flags amusement park Saturday and rode roller coasters until we all got sick. PK Capt Sun in particular acquired a lovely shade of green shortly after riding the Batman ride. The weather was a little cool (near freezing and very windy at 9am), which meant the crowds were very small, it was like we had the park all to ourselves!

When not riding the attractions, we talked about Farscape, Enterprise, monkey-fish pornography, and all the latest scaper gossip. The lines for the rides were so small, we rode everything in the park (except for the water rides, of course) by 3pm. We left Six Flags and headed for Joe Pool Lake where a scaper campground had been set up. Feasting on hot-dogs, chili, stuffed banana things, and marshmallows, we watched tapes of Enterprise and Farscape.

Scheduling conflicts meant I couldn't join in the fun on Friday night or Sunday, but I hear our little group had a good time.

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We may plan more get-togethers in the future. To learn more I suggest joining the Texas Area Scapers group at Yahoo Groups. The main page hasn't been updated lately, but if you join, you will see all of our latest emails and you can send / receive new emails within our group.

PK Capt Sun has a very interesting Farscape site featuring all kinds of art, convention photos, and other creative Farscape works. Be sure to check it out >>

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