Ten News television report announcing the cancellation of Farscape. The first new moments of the report was not taped. Angela Bishop reporting.


AB - ...with them nearly four hundred jobs. The cast and crew got word just as they were wrapping their fourth season last week. That the show they had poured their heart and soul into was being cancelled, effective immediately.

BB - The reaction on set was something akin to tragedy - there was a lot of people in tears...and a great deal of shock.



AB -US Network's The Sci Fi Channel made the call based on costs, ending production on one of the most sophisticated television shows ever made here.

David Kemper - There's only three Americans here and the rest are Australian. It is an Australian show with a bit of American paprika sprinkled on the top of it. And it couldn't have been made in the states, it couldn't have been made in Canada.


AB -In the four years Farscape has been in production here in Sydney, it's contributed almost as much to the New South Wales economy as The Matrix sequels. And in this current climate, that's a loss that's gonna be sorely felt.

It employed more than seven hundred actors over that period, attracting some of our best with the high quality film production, special effects and Jim Henson Company puppets.

Ben Browder naming some of the actors who have appeared on the show - Angie Milliken (Volme in TGIF,A), Chris Hayword, Ben Mendelsohn (one of the blue guys in IYYY), Claudia Karvan (Natira in LG&M trilogy), Alex Dimitriades (Velorek in TWWW)..Thank you to to Katarzyna who provided an accurate translation of Ben's list of actors..

AB (walking through the Moya set) - While few Australians have seen the show because of Channel Nine's decision to screen it haphazardly, the fan base in America and the UK is big and strong and they're fighting back. Eight Save Farscape websites have popped up, and fans have placed ads in newspapers worldwide calling for the show to be brought back. The reaction even made CNN's Headline News. (Download)

Those who have lost their jobs are in for some tough times. Brad Pitt's withdrawal from the movie, The Fountain, caused it to be cancelled, removing even more jobs. And there are now no new films on the horizon until next year.

Angela Bishop, Ten News.




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