Farscape is a show where the writers like to take chances, to experiment. Early in the third season, the writers borrowed a fairly common science-fiction gimmick and turned it into a series-altering event. Basically, the character of John Crichton was twinned, an event that would alter his relationship with Aeryn and the course of the show through the fourth season.

Faithful followers of the show are well aware of the events that brought about two Crichtons, but occasional viewers probably find the story perplexing, to say the least. To help, here is a brief explanation of what happened on that fateful day onboard the dying Leviathan "Rovhu."

During the sixth episode of the third season, Eat Me, part of Moya's crew encountered a dying Leviathan drifting in space. The ship was like a house of horrors, populated by a zombie-like crew and ruled by a madman named Kaarvok. Kaarvok fed on the brains of his victims, who were usually the dying Leviathan's crew. So he wouldn't run out of crewmembers to kill, Kaarvok apparently developed a method of twinning them. During their encounter with Kaarvok, D'Argo, Chiana and Crichton were all twinned at one point or another during the episode. Kaarvok killed one each of the D'Argo and Chiana twins, but never got the chance to kill the Crichton twin. Moya's crew, including the two Crichtons, escaped the dying Leviathan moments before it exploded.

The two Crichtons were identical, both physically and mentally. They shared the same memories and possessed the same personality. Although it was impossible tell them apart, each Crichton insisted that he was the real Crichton and the other guy was simply a copy.

At the end of Thanks For Sharing, it became necessary for Moya and Talyn to go their separate ways. While one Crichton was on a planet dealing with the locals, the other Crichton joined Aeryn onboard Talyn. From this point forward, the man that followed Aeryn is known as Talyn-John.

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Talyn John is played by American actor Ben Browder. Born on December 11, 1962 in Memphis, Tennessee as Robert Benedict Browder. Ben spent much of his younger years in Charlotte, North Carolina, where his family operates at least two successful businesses. Ben graduated from Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. Since moving to Australia in 1998, Ben has been forced to change his lifestyle greatly. Fortunately, Ben has acquired a love of surfing, which seems to make up for Australia's lack of Crisco vegetable shorting, Mountain Dew drinks, and Clark candy bars.

Ben started his acting career playing the small roll of a WW2 pilot in the 1990 film, Memphis Belle. Ben spent much of the 1990s honing his acting skills on such films as Kiss Before Dying, Nevada, and Boogie Boy. Ben also played various rolls on television programs such as "Secrets," "Grace Under Fire," and most notably, as Sam on "Party of Five."

Today Ben lives with his wife, English actress Francesca Buller, and their children in the Sydney, Australia area. Due to the cancellation of Farscape, and the fact that Australia has little tolerance for unemployed American surfing bums, Ben has indicated that he will pursue his acting career in the US.



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