Before They Were Stars - Pa'u Zhaan
Australian Mafia don


Those who find Zhaan's performance in Farscape an example of fine acting are not aware of the dark truth behind her performance.

Ten years ago, Zhaan was anything but a peace loving priestess. She was a don in one of the most powerful Mafia families in Australia. Feared by enemies, respected by allies, and trusted by fools, Zhaan headed one of the most notorious crime syndicates down under.

Zhaan's familiarity with Clorium in I, ET was no accident - her nefarious empire was built upon the illegal exportation of the little known element. Ruthless in her control of Clorium, Zhaan wasn't called the "Blue don" for nothing. Her reputation as a merciless crime lord was well earned; she seemed impervious to prosecution from the authorities.

However, Zhaan's fortunes took a dramatic twist when she was indicted March 19, 1991 on racketeering charges, participation in organized criminal activity, and the nonpayment of a $2 parking fine. Ever the survivor, Zhaan cooperated with prosecutors and turned state's witness. Within months of her arrest, Zhaan's testimony managed to bring down Australia's criminal underworld.

Fearing for her life, Zhaan entered the witness protection program and started a new life as a peaceful member of society. Ignoring advice to remain out of the public eye, Zhaan pursued an acting career by trying out for a TV show called Farscape.

Mistaken in the belief that Farscape was never intended for broadcast in Australia, Zhaan freely accepted the coveted roll of Delvian Priestess. To her surprise, Farscape was scheduled for broadcast in Australia on January 8, 2000

However, shortly before the scheduled premiere of Farscape, the show was rocked by a previously unknown threat. Farscape's producers received anonymous messages threatening harm to the production staff if the show was broadcast in Australia. Stunned by the terrorist claims, channel nine delayed The Premiere several months --May 20, 2000--until all facts could be investigated.

Though no one was ever arrested in the case, several cast members have privately raise issues of their own. Questioning whether Zhaan may have resorted to some of her old ways to keep the show off the air, many Farcape employees no longer trust the woman. The unusual turn of events make Farscape's behind the scenes antics fascinating as anything written into the show. Stay tuned...


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Zhaan was quite generous to those loyal to her empire. However, those unfortunate souls that managed to get in her way didn't fare as well.



The Blue don arrested. The next stop for Zhaan would have been the "big house," but she turned state's witness and avoided a long prison term.



Is she up to her old tricks? Farscape's cast and crew no longer trust Zhaan.



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