Before They Were Stars - Scorpius
Failed 80's Pop Icon


In the early 1980's, Scorpius was the lead singer of a little known English band named Culture Club. Recognized for his outlandish costumes and feminine singing style, many in the entertainment industry predicted fame and fortune for the young Scorpius.

However, a few months after these photos were taken, Scorpius was sacked by the band and replaced by his back-up singer, a guy named George. George assumed Scorpius' unique style and the rest is pop-culture history. Bitter over the sad turn of his career, Scorpius vowed to never again allow a "pip-squeak little human" get in the way of his glory.



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Boy Scorpy

Scorpius Publicity Photo circa 1981


Culture Club

The original Culture Club


Drowning his misery with drugs and alcohol, Scorpius finally hit bottom in 1985. Here is a photo of Scorpius being visited by Nancy Reagan, who was promoting her "just say no" anti-drug program, while he was a patient at the Betty Ford Center. Scorpius' recovery from drug abuse and subsequent rise to power is a source of inspiration to millions.



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