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Baby Photos


For an actress, M'Lee sure keeps photos of herself hidden from the net. Fortunately, with diligence, tenacious instinct, and unwavering fortitude we have discovered some baby photos Ms. M'Lee probably thought long buried in her parent's attic. Which, by chance, is where we found them. But, enough of that...

As you can see from these photos of the future Mrs. John Crichton, the child M'Lee was quite a charmer for the camera. Even so, how the producers of Farscape could envision her as a bone-eating monster is beyond us.



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M'Lee in Farscape makeup


Pick me up daddy!

"Pick me up daddy!"


Here is a touching scene of the baby M'Lee and her mother at a petting zoo. Moments after this photo was taken, to the horror of nearby children, she ate the goat.



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