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It is amazing how some people live their lives never experiencing the greatest of highs or the greatest of lows. D'Argo certainly wouldn't fall into that category; he is a classic example of a rags-to-riches, back-to-rags, back-to-riches story.

It all started in 1989 when D'Argo, one of Australia's most successful young models, posed for Playgirl magazine. Although the coveted title of "Playgirl Man of the Year" eluded him, D'Argo made quite an impression with the ladies of the world. Within months of the Playgirl "exposure," D'Argo exploded upon the fashion scene with a tough-guy look that symbolized the modeling world of the late 1980's .

Known for his brutish, yet sensitive looks, D'Argo was in high demand as one of the world's male super models. Lucrative contracts with Ralph Lauren, Versace, and the National Riffle Association guaranteed the Luxon a life of luxury and celebrity perks. D'Argo made money most people could never imagine and he spent it with abandon. Fast cars, luxury homes, and wild women were his way of life - he thought it would last forever.

Unfortunately for D'Argo, fame and beauty can be fleeting in the cutthroat world of fashion modeling. By the mid 1990's, the beefcake look that D'Argo epitomized fell out of favor with the hottest fashion design houses. The new lithe, slender male look was in and D'Argo couldn't make the transition. His modeling contracts disappeared nearly as quick as his money. D'Argo soon found himself broke, homeless and in debt.

By 1997, D'Argo was so desperate, he took whatever modeling jobs he could get. Perhaps the ultimate indignity came when his only contract was modeling underwear and work clothes for Wal-Mart, the Arkansas based discount retailer taking over the world.

When all seemed lost, D'Argo returned to his native Australia a broken man. Living with his mother in Perth, Western Australia, D'Argo pulled himself up by the bootstraps and worked on developing a new career as an actor.

Perhaps it is destiny working its strange magic, but D'Argo's first reading for an acting part was for an Australian-American hybrid TV show produced by The Jim Henson Company called An American Stuck With Pigs in Space. Originally cast as "Rygel," D'Argo persuaded the show's producers to create a new character just for him. Of course, the show title was changed to Farscape, D'Argo got the job and has turned yet another chapter in his turbulent and unpredictable life.





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The Pinnacle of D'Argo's career was 1995 - he was featured on the cover of 11 major magazines that year.


Here is a rare pre-production Farscape photo of D'Argo as he was originally cast - the cantankerous Dominor Rygel XVI. Notice how D'Argo got into the part with his scowl expression.

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