Before They Were Stars - Bialar Crais
Inventor of the Funnel Cake



Some may have wondered why Crais, so important to the plot of Farscape, is featured in only a handful of episodes each season. As a result of our research, we have come to a startling conclusion: Bialar Crais is a very wealthy man and Farscape is nothing more than a hobby for him.

His story begins in the Australian Outback about 20 years ago. Thinking he had developed a new type of bait for kangaroos, which are considered a menace to Australian ranchers, Crais traveled across the continent selling his "kangaroo killing funnel disks". Unfortunately, the kangaroos didn't like the bait and Crais' venture failed miserably.

Undaunted, Crais packed his bags and headed for America with his funnel bait recipe in hand. When he got there, he discovered there was very little market for unsuccessful kangaroo bait in the US. However, while Crais was trying to sell his product to a rancher in Albany, Texas, an amazing thing happened.

As Crais and the rancher haggled over the price of the bait, the rancher's son, thinking the flat bait disks were some kind of pastry, started eating them. Sprinkling powdered sugar on the disks, they were quite popular with the rancher's children, who ate them all.

Realizing he was on to something, Crais spent his last five hundred dollars on a dilapidated corn dog cart and set up shop at the Texas State Fair. In a stunning example of marketing genius, Crais renamed his "kangaroo killer disks" to "Funnel Cakes" and they were the talk of the fair that year.

Today, Crais' funnel cake empire stretches across North America with hundreds of funnel cake trailers spreading joy to millions of people. The funnel cake has become synonymous with summer fun and has made Crais a very rich man.

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early photo

Here is a photo of Crais at one of his early Funnel cake stands



Crais' Funnel Cake empire includes more than 500 trailers like this one which can be found at festivals, amusement parks, and fairs throughout North America


Crais, ever the marketing genius, always brings a fresh supply of funnel cakes when he visits the Farscape set. Though his fellow Australian cast members refuse to eat them, the funnel cakes do not go wasted. The show's lone American cast member, John Crichton, is known to devour a dozen funnel cakes in one sitting.

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