Before They Were Stars - Aeryn Sun
Airline Hostess

Of all the actors on Farscape, Aeryn was truly the most satisfied with her previous career. Since a teenage girl, when she was a popular cheerleader in high school, Aeryn always knew she wanted to be an airline hostess and was determined to be the best, most friendly one in the sky. By 1993, Aeryn had achieved her dream and was well thought of by her peers, customers and managers alike. If it weren't for "the incident" on board her aircraft, it is likely she never would have joined the cast of Farscape.

The exact details of what happened on the fateful day of November 12, 1997 are still not clear. However, it is known that after three international investigations, 47 lawsuits, the death of a Eucalyptus tree, and the broken nose of a Canadian tourist, Aeryn's career lay in ruins. For the official NTSB report Click Here.

As a matter of sheer coincidence, one of the passengers on board the aircraft that day was a man named Andrew Prouse. Mr. Prowse, charged with disorderly conduct and assault with a aircraft barf bag - later exonerated, would eventually be hired by Henson Productions to direct Farscape's first episode. During the casting process, he couldn't help but think of the riot on board the aircraft and the young, unassuming airline hostess that started it all. He learned her name from the criminal report and you know the rest.



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attendant Sun

Rare photo of Aeryn during her hostess days


These photos, taken by a an Australian passenger, shows the carnage that nearly brought down the aircraft

passenger riot

Generally considered the worst in-flight passenger riot in history, the incident resulted in 63 arrests


passenger riot

Though some consider her a scapegoat, attendant Sun's actions were blamed for inciting the melee.

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