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Soruboruo scenes 30 - 40

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Scene Thirty

A dismal corridor with small cells on either side. Rygel is moving along on his thronesled beside the Chief.

Chief: That's all the murderers...

Rygel: Huh - I wouldn't give a Cerillon Opak for any of them. They are too slow. They wouldn't stand a chance.

Chief: I thought that was the point.

Rygel: We are looking for someone to give several arns of entertainment. What else have you got waiting to be executed?

Chief: Looking annoyed. Follow me.

Scene Thirty-On

The cockpit of the prowler. John is searching frantically through the wires under the control console. Shots can be heard as D'argo returns fire with the guards outside.

D'argo: Tell me again why we didn't bring Aeryn?

John: Rolling his eyes. She has a concussion!

D'argo: She'd be more use than you!

A bolt sizzles into the cockpit, hitting another control panel and causing a small explosion. John jumps and bangs his head on the console he is working on.

D'argo: Uh - Crichton - hurry!

A quick shot of some guards outside moving a large gun into place outside. It almost looks like a peacekeeper frag cannon.

John: I'm hurrying, I'm hurrying! A small fire starts as a second bolt enters the cockpit, and he rushes to put it out. Before he gets near it, the engine starts.

D'argo: You did it

John: Looking at the fire burning through the wires. Yeah, yeah I did. With a grin he jumps into the pilot's seat, and guns the engine. The scene changes to one above the buildings as the prowler takes off.

Scene Thirty-Two

Rygel and the Chief, walking down another corridor in the prison.

Chief: You must understand, we normally have more prisoners, but many of them escaped, all thanks to this one. He sounds desperate to interest Rygel in his wares. Don't be fooled by her size or youth, she nearly killed a luxon barehanded, not to mention master-minding the whole escape.

They stop at a cell door, and the Chief keys in the release code. Immediately the screams of the occupant can be heard. As they enter, they see Soruboruo manacled to the wall. Her slave collar is active, and she is writhing in pain, not even aware that they are present.

Rygel: Doesn't look like much to me.

Chief: Pressing a button which switches off the collar. The girl slumps, the restraints the only thing holding her up. Take a closer look.

Rygel floats over to the girl and lifts her chin. Soruboruo glares at him with one eye - the other is swollen shut. As Rygel moves her head from side to side to get a better look at her, she tries to bite him. He yelps and backs away, making strange noises.

Rygel: His voice is higher than usual. She's spirited, I'll give you that.

He moves closer and back-hands her with surprising force for such a little guy, then backs away quickly as she begins to growl - deep and menacing.

Chief: She'll keep fighting to the end, I can assure you.

Rygel: Hmm. He pauses while he considers. I'll take her. Ten thousand credits.

Chief: I'd pay that much myself, just to see her fry for the trouble she's caused me.

Rygel: Fifteen thousand then.

Chief: Twenty.

Rygel: Turning to leave. No, in her condition, she'll die from exhaustion within two arns.

Chief: Panicking at losing his chance. Ok, ok, fifteen thousand.

Scene Thirty-Three

Inside the transport pod. Rygel is checking the chains on Soruboruo, then he turns to the com.

Rygel: Into com Pilot? Which button is the autopilot?

In the background, Soruboruo wakes, and leaps towards Rygel - she can't reach him because of the chains, but Rygel still loses control of his bowls as she threatens him.

Pilot: The blue one

Hastily Rygel jabs the control that controls her slave collar, keeping it pressed until she is unconscious again.

Pilot: Worried because he got no reply. Is anything the matter?

Rygel: Of course it's not! His voice is sounding a little high again. I'm trapped down here with a psychopathic killer.

Scene Thirty-Four

Inside Moya's landing bay. Aeryn is striding across the bay towards the prowler as D'argo opens the hatch.

Aeryn: What did you do to it!

D'argo: Um... It was all Crichton's fault. He makes a hasty exit as Aeryn peers into the prowler cockpit.

Scene Thirty-Five

Inside the prowler. The air is filled with a light  smoke. John is crouching down underneath the main controls as Aeryn stares down at him. She looks puzzled as she bats a drift of smoke away from her eyes, then spots him where he is hiding.

Aeryn: Menacingly. What did you do!

John: I can repair it. He looks past Aeryn out of the prowlers cockpit. Look, Rygel's back - we should-

Aeryn: I'm taking the spares out of your pod. She climbs down, and strides towards the transport pod without waiting for John.

Scene Thirty-Six

An empty cell on Moya. Aeryn and John enter, dragging the slave onto the bed as Zhaan follows them in with a small bag. Aeryn begins to chain Soruboruo to the bed.

Zhaan: No

Aeryn: Ignoring Zhaan's request. We don't know how she'll react when she realises where she is Zhaan.

John: Aeryn's right. This is for your protection.

Zhaan: No. I will not have her chained up like an animal. And take that off too. She waves at the slave collar.

John: Zhaan-

Zhaan: I appreciate your concern, but it isn't necessary. She removes the collar herself, handing it to John. Now leave, please.

John and Aeryn look at each other, then shrug and leave. Zhaan watches them leave, then closes the cell door. We hear it lock. She turns back to Soruboruo, who is twitching slightly in her sleep.

Scene Thirty-Seven

Soruboruo's dream. She is laying in the centre of a large number of delvians, who are ringed around what looks like a large cave. It is lit with fire. The delvian priests begin to chant, and Soruboruo clutches her head, screaming and writhing.

The perspective changes, although the sounds remain the same. We are looking at the scene from Soruboruo's point of view. The chanting ends, and we can hear Soruboruo's breath as she recovers. The scene changes wildly as Soruboruo looks around the gathered priests, wondering what is going on. She spots three delvians coming towards her: Zhaan flanked by two large guards. She rolls onto her back as they near her, and they tower above her. Reaching down, the guards drag her to her feet, holding her tightly. After a moment, she looks up, and up, to meet Zhaan's gaze: the coldest eyes you could ever hope to see.

Zhaan takes Soruboruo's head in her hands, and moves nearer, preparing to join with her in unity.

Fade to black as Soruboruo starts screaming again, and Zhaan's voice says over it all: If I ever see you again, I will kill you.

Scene Thirty-Eight

The cell. Soruboruo is still laying on the bed, twitching. Her wounds have been dressed, and her arm is in a sling. Zhaan is sitting meditating near the head of the bed. Soruboruo jolts awake with a cry, and Zhaan opens her eyes.

Soruboruo: Breathlessly trying to re-assure herself. A dream, just a frellin' dream.

Zhaan: How are you feeling?

Soruboruo sits bolt upright, staring at the delvian in fear. She swears in an unknown language, then gets to her feet. Stumbling slightly, she rushes to the cell door. Realising it is locked, she moans with fear, and spins around, looking wildly past Zhaan (who is walking calmly towards her) for a means of escape. Finding none, she shrinks back into a corner.

Soruboruo: Gasping. Pa'u Zhaan.

Zhaan: There is no need to fear, child. Zhaan continues to move towards Soruboruo

Soruboruo: Shaking her head as she sinks to her knees. Please don't - I - I'm sorry - I

Zhaan kneels before the girl and takes her head in her hands, touching their foreheads together - unity.

Scene Thirty-Nine

Command. The rest of the crew, including Chiana who is leaning heavily on D'argo and still looking ill, are watching the event in the cell on a monitor in silence. They hear Zhaan scream over the speakers.

Soruboruo: As she tries to push Zhaan away. Pa'u Zhaan! Break unity!

She succeeds in shoving Zhaan away, and the delvian crumples to the floor. Soruboruo falls back against the wall, seemingly exhausted, she runs her hands from her chin to the back of her head, then gets up, and moves over to Zhaan, who isn't moving.

Aeryn: I don't like the look of this.

John: Me neither.

They both run out of the room, heading down to the cells. D'argo follows them.

Scene Forty

In the corridor, just outside of the cell. Aeryn, John and D'argo run towards the cell, then stop, staring into it in amazement. Camera moves so it is looking into the cell. Soruboruo is holding the delvian, comforting Zhaan as she cries on her shoulder.

Soruboruo: Quietly. It doesn't matter, you didn't know. She pats Zhaan on the back, looking up in bemusement at the three spectators. In response to something Zhaan says, she replies, I've always been a slave, you didn't change anything. To be honest, you did me a favour, getting me away from my creators. I'd rather mine or work fields than kill.

John enters the cell, and touches Zhaan on the shoulder.

John: Are you ok?

Zhaan doesn't answer, but Soruboruo looks at him and smiles hesitantly.

Soruboruo: Yeah, I'm fine. It's good to be free.

Fade to black, roll credits

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