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Soruboruo scenes 13 - 29

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Scene Thirteen

Back to the corridor. Soruboruo has frozen, the guard still has his gun pointing at the back of her head.

Soruboruo ducks suddenly, twisting round, knocking the gun away from her as the gun fires. Before she can stop him, the guard hits the alarm. She knocks him unconscious and looks up at he flashing siren.

Soruboruo: Frell. Frell Frell Frell! It's too early! She runs down the corridor, abandoning any attempt to sneak through the station.

Scene Fourteen

Back in the prison cell just as the alarm goes off. Aeryn wakes with a start.

John: Shaking his head. That had better be part of her plan

D'argo: She's betrayed us!

The cell door opens, revealing Soruboruo in silhouette.

Soruboruo: Shouting. Jail break! Everyone out!

The prisoners, woken by the alarm, rush to escape. Soruboruo struggles against the flow to reach John & co. She presents herself with a flourish.

D'argo: Nice work. Now the entire planet is on alert.

Soruboruo: Exactly, and they'll all be busy catching them lot. She jerks a thumb after the fleeing prisoners.

D'argo: Right. He stands and heads towards the cell door

Soruboruo: Not that way. Aiming into the darkness, she fires the strange gun. There's a hollow clunk as the hook fastens onto the ceiling near the open vent, leaving a rope hanging down, which she tugs on to check it's secure. Through the ducts is fastest.

D'argo: If we could get out that way, why didn't we just escape earlier?

Soruboruo: With the rest of them watching us? Besides, could you have climbed that wall? D'argo looks away angrily. Aeryn starts pulling herself up the rope. Soruboruo looks uncomfortable. There are motion detectors near the exits to stop escapes this way anyway.

D'argo: Then what the frell are we-

John: Chill D'argo. I see where she's going with this. They aren't going to go after a couple of prisoners in the vents with the entire prison escaping through the main gates. Get up there! He slaps D'argo on the back, who starts to haul himself up, then turns back to Soruboruo. One thing - how come you could climb the wall?

Soruboruo: Turning back to him from watching the exit. Her eyes catch the light and flash like a cat's, explaining how she was able to aim in the darkness. Like you said, I'm not Sebacean.

Scene Fifteen

In the air ducts. Aeryn is in the lead, followed by D'argo, John and Soruboruo. Coming to an intersection.

Aeryn: Which way?

Soruboruo: Can't you smell the fresh air from the outside?

Aeryn: No.

Soruboruo: Muttering. Even a dead minnick would be able to smell it!

D'argo: Squeezing past Aeryn, and taking the left shaft. This way.

They continue along, turning occasionally. John is now behind Aeryn. She looks over her shoulder and catches him grinning.

Aeryn: Is something funny?

John: No, no. Just admiring the view

Aeryn glares at him then hurries to catch up with D'argo.

Soruboruo: To John. Don't know what you're laughing at. I'm enjoying the view too.

John turns to look at her, slightly worried.

Scene Sixteen

In the ducts, Aeryn and D'argo side by side, trying to force a grill open

Soruboruo: Hurry up would you!

D'argo: What's the matter? You said this way was safe.

Soruboruo: That was before my ass was first in line to be fried if they find us. Looking nervously over her shoulder. Come on, come on, come on!

Aeryn: If you think you can do a better job! Grunts as she pushes on the grill with D'argo - it doesn't move. Frell!

John: All right, back up Aeryn. Let me have a go.

Aeryn: Crichton, how many times have I won you at arm wrestling?

John: Point taken

Soruboruo: Let me have a go.

D'argo: Laughing slightly. You're just a girl.

Soruboruo: I'm older than you think Luxon. Stronger too.

John: It can't hurt

Aeryn: Annoyed. Right.

Scene Seventeen

Round the back of the building. People can be heard in the distance, and a couple of prisoners run by. The camera moves to focus on a grill. Which drops to the ground as a hand, Soruboruo's, tries to catch it. It lands with a load clang as the camera moves towards the opening.

D'argo: Not in the shot. Could you have made any more noise? We were trying to escape quietly

Soruboruo: What's up? Offended a little girl managed to do what you couldn't? She sticks her head outside. I don't think anyone heard. She drops to the ground, landing easily. Come on. The others drop to the ground as Soruboruo looks around. This way. They follow her at a run.

Scene Eighteen

Outside Moya's transport pod. Aeryn, John, D'argo and Soruboruo are present.

Aeryn: We have to get my prowler back.

Soruboruo: Right. You do that while I stay here. Better still, you Nodding at John fly me off this rock!

D'argo: Grabbing Soruboruo's shoulders from behind, making her jump. You, I don't trust. We can't take her back to Moya. She's a spy. She'll sell us out.

Soruboruo: No - I'm a slave about to be executed for attempted murder. I want out.

D'argo: Maybe you made a deal. Maybe they'll let you go free for handing us over.

Soruboruo: Don't be such a yotz. Why would I have bothered helping you escape? Anyway, I was trying to get a lift off them before you were arrested.

John: She's right D'argo. And she warned us about Stapi.

D'argo: Squeezing Soruboruo's shoulders until she writhes in his grasp, teeth bared. I don't like it!

Aeryn: Look, we can't stay here much longer. D'argo - you're coming with me to get the prowler back. Crichton, you take the barl extract up to Zhaan with-

Soruboruo:  Interrupting. Zhaan? Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan? She looks like she's panicking

John: Curious. Yes

Soruboruo: Zhaan? She looks terrified. She's the delvian I smelled on you? Big blue delvian Zhaan? She stops abruptly, aware she is babbling

John: Yes. Why?

Soruboruo: Shaking her head. No way. No way am I going near her!

D'argo: Grabbing her against him as she tries to escape. What are you afraid of?

Soruboruo: Let me go! At least if I'm caught here, I'll die quick. She struggles against D'argo as he drags her towards the pod.

D'argo: I've changed my mind. Let's get her to Moya and see what she's hiding. I knew you were a spy!

Soruboruo: Suddenly calm. Let me go luxon. I don't want to hurt you.

D'argo: Laughing. You are coming with us

Soruboruo: No! She twists in his grip, throwing him to the ground and bolting away to the far side of the bay. Camera follows her as she suddenly stops and drops to the ground grasping her slave collar

Aeryn: They've found us

John: Looking at Soruboruo who is screaming in pain as she is surrounded by guards. Let's go.

They run into the pod and take off as a couple of the guards fire at them pointlessly.

Scene Nineteen

A quick view of the transport heading towards Moya in space, then into the landing bay where Zhaan is waiting. Aeryn, John and D'argo exit.

Zhaan: Quickly. You have the barl root.

John: Not quite - some kind of extract. He hands the phial to Zhaan, who turns immediately and hurries away. Will it work?

Zhaan: If it really is what you say, yes. I won't know for a while.

They watch Zhaan leave.

Scene Twenty

Zhaan's apothecary as she administers a small amount of the barl extract to Chiana. She sits beside Chiana again, meditating.

Scene Twenty-One

Zhaan is at her table, sorting through her equipment. A moment later she returns to Chiana, who is laying still, and checks her vital statistics. She smiles minutely and speaks into her com.

Zhaan: The extract appears to be working. Chiana's pulse has slowed, her breathing is easier. Pause. Where did you find it?

John: Actually, we need to talk to you about that.

Scene Twenty-Two

In command. The entire crew is present, except Chiana

John: Yes, she was scared of you. Really, really-

Aeryn: Interrupting. Terrified.

D'argo: She nearly broke my frelling arm.

Rygel: Some good came from it then

John: So, you care to enlighten us blue?

Zhaan: Spreading her hands. I don't know what to say John. I've had run-ins with many Sebaceans, but I can't think what I have ever done to inspire such a reaction.

Aeryn: She's not Sebacean. Her owner called her a half-breed.

John: Yeah, but with what? I mean, she has teeth like He opens his mouth and puts his hands in front, making pointy shapes with his fingers. The others look at him like he's insane, and he stops, slightly embarrassed.

D'argo: And claws, I think. It's the only way she could have climbed that wall

John: Don't forget the glow-in-the-dark eyes. Spooky.

Zhaan: Pilot, does she appear in any of the transport pod's records?

Pilot: Searching now. Pause. Yes, yes I believe this is her.

An image appears on the forward view-screen of Soruboruo being held by D'argo. The image plays on for a second, and during the struggle, Soruboruo looks directly into the camera. Pilot pauses the image.

Zhaan: Frowning. Pilot, can you zoom in on her face?

Pilot: Yes Zhaan.

The image enlarges in stages

Zhaan: Thank you pilot. She moves over to the screen, examining the image. It can't be. She moves her hands over the image, blocking out the hair and ears. Surely not... but... She turns back to the others, a strange look on her face. I thought she died years ago. We must rescue her. I- I have to put this right.

Aeryn: Sounding impatient. Who is she Zhaan? Why is she afraid of you?

Scene Twenty-Three

Inside a delvian temple. About thirty delvian priests are gathered on either side of the temple, a corridor between them. A further nine are standing on a raised platform, around a kind of alter. Their robes are different to those standing in the main bit of the temple. A door opens at the opposite end of the temple from the platform, and two more delvian priests enter, escorting a cat-like alien between them. The alien is wearing flowing robes that bear a slight resemblance to those of the delvian priests. Everyone seems perfectly at ease.  As the grentex moves onto the platform, the priests there bow their heads in greeting.

Suddenly, the grentex attacks ferociously, killing all those on the platform with her claws, killing more of the gathered priests as she escapes. As she runs past the camera, we get a clear look at her face: it is unmistakably Soruboruo.

The camera moves around the temple, looking at the dead and injured. It stops on a delvian woman in priests clothing cradling one of those on the platform as he dies. The woman looks up, and we see it is Zhaan.

Scene Twenty-Four

Back in Moya's command centre. D'argo is pacing angrily, Zhaan is standing by the view-screen, looking into space.

D'argo: She killed your brother? No wonder she was afraid. I'd tear her apart!

Zhaan: Quietly. It wasn't her fault

Aeryn: Of course it was. She was an assassin posing as a grentex priestess. She went there with one purpose only: to kill the heads of your religious order.

Zhaan: No, there's more, but we didn't know it at the time. Afterwards, we hunted her down and... and punished her.

John: Suddenly understanding. You tortured her, didn't you?

Zhaan: Yes John. We were... furious. She had killed nine of the twelve Dsa Pa'us. We wanted revenge. As I was a relative of the most senior Dsa Pa'u killed, I had to choose her fate. Zhaan closes her eyes. I couldn't give the order to have her executed, so I ordered her to be sold as a slave to one of the kemlac miners in our system.

Rygel: Sounds more than fair to me. When I was Dominar we would have-

Zhaan: Shouting suddenly. But she was innocent!

Aeryn: You saw her kill with your own eyes.

Zhaan: She had no choice. We found out later, when a similar assassination on the remaining Dsa Pa'us failed, that she was...created. She was created as a killer, a spy, able to adapt and disguise herself so that she was undetectable. While she was being - grown - she had chips planted throughout her body to control her. She could no more go against her programming than you could breathe under water.

Rygel: Speak for yourself

Zhaan hides her face in her hands, and John pats her on the shoulder.

John: You didn't know

Zhaan: We should have

John: It wasn't your fault

Zhaan: Standing suddenly. John, we have to get her back. She's been a slave now for so long and She trails off, not wanting to admit what else her kind did to Soruboruo.

John: How long? When did this happen?

Zhaan: Five hundred and eighty cycles ago. We thought she would be dead. We didn't look very hard for her when we found out the truth.

Aeryn: I don't know how we'll get near her again. They know us Nodding at John and D'argo

John: And she'll blow a gasket if she sees Zhaan.

D'Argo: Grinning. Which leaves Rygel...

Cut to Rygel who is trying to sneak out, not wanting to help. He turns to look at them when he senses them glaring at him

Rygel. I am Dominar of over XXXXXXXX subjects. I will not-

Zhaan: Grabbing Rygel's ear before he can escape. You will if you want to eat anything again.

Rygel growls and then goes limp in defeat.

Scene Twenty-Five

Outside of Moya - the transport pod is seen leaving and heading down to the surface of the planet.

Scene Twenty-Six

Zhaan is meditating in her room, chanting quietly, as Aeryn walks in. She sits down on the table where Zhaan is sitting. Zhaan finishes her meditation when Aeryn coughs quietly.

Zhaan: Is your head still - how did John describe it? Pounding like a drum?

Aeryn: No, my head's fine...We were told about delvian torture methods during peacekeeper training...We were told you could do the unity thing with your prisoner, but the contact is all one way, into the...victim. You tear their mind apart from the inside.

Zhaan: Nodding in silent agreement. Essentially that is correct.

Aeryn: Thoughtfully. It is meant to be unbearable. We were told about people who went insane from it.

Zhaan: It has happened. What we did to Soruboruo though... Almost the entire temple, those who had survived, took part. All of them, filling her with their pain and rage, all at the same time. I don't know how long they had her like that before I was called to pass judgment.

Aeryn: You didn't take part?

Zhaan: Not then, later. On my own.

Aeryn: Following a long pause. So, why are you so desperate to see her again? You can bet she'll be angry.

Zhaan: I know. I need to help her.

Aeryn: You mean take it back? All that suffering your people caused her, it's still in her mind, isn't it? We were told about survivors who woke screaming every night 'til they died because of what was left inside them. There is silence for a few moments. Zhaan looks sad, and ashamed as she nods agreement. If she attacks you, we may not be able to stop her in time. You have no idea how strong she is.

Zhaan: Looking up. Don't I?

Aeryn gets up and walks to the door, where she stops. Without turning, she addresses Zhaan.

Aeryn: Zhaan?

Zhaan: Yes my dear?

Aeryn: Pausing for a moment. I think you did the right thing back then...I think you're doing the right thing now.

Aeryn leaves. Zhaan looks after her, amazed at the reaction of the peacekeeper.

Scene Twenty-Seven

It is the early hours of the morning, just starting to get light. John and D'argo are sitting in the undergrowth looking at a small group of buildings. In between them there are various space vehicles. The place is almost deserted, with just one guard seen moving between buildings.

John: What do you think?

D'argo: Changing his grip on the qualta blade. Lets go.

Scene Twenty-Eight

Close up of Aeryn's prowler. Camera moves out, and we see John and D'argo sneaking up to it. As soon as they get into it, alarms start.

John: Frell!

D'argo: Let's get out of here!

John fiddles with the controls. The engine starts, and they lift a few feet off the ground. Then, with a gentle whine, the prowler drops back to the ground.

D'argo: I thought you were a pilot

John doesn't answer as he tries to re-start the prowler. It's no good.

John: Frell!

The vid-screen in the cockpit clicks on, and Stapi's face appears.

Stapi: When we heard you had escaped, we thought you'd try something like this, so we took - precautions.

John: Looking over his shoulder at D'argo. We're not going anywhere.

Scene Twenty-Nine

In the main lobby of the police station. Rygel is on his thronesled, arguing with an officer.

Officer: I don't care who you are; you can't speak to the Chief.

Rygel: I am here on business. Loudly. This could be very profitable for your Chief

The officer who apprehended John, Aeryn and D'argo sidles up to them.

Chief: I'm the chief. What do you want?

Rygel: I represent a couple of - ah - game hunters. They've hunted pretty much every animal in this system, and now, they want a challenge.

Chief: I fail to see what this has to do with me.

Rygel: They want to hunt a - different type of prey. The kind that can fight back. A criminal would be perfect.

Chief: We can't just give you a prisoner - although there are a few we'd like to see the back of.

Rygel: How much would it cost for one of them to - ah - disappear?

Chief: Oh, not much. Twelve thousand credits...

Rygel: Hmm. Let's inspect them.

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