The Save Farscape Commercial
Aired in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area on March 21, 2003 during the broadcast of 4.22 Bad Timing





Enjoying tonight's episode of Farscape?
Did you know the series has been cancelled?
A promised fifth season has been terminated
and now fans of the show may never know the ending
of this exciting story.

Want to help save Farscape?
Join us online at
or call toll-free 1-888-SCAPE-66
You can help make the fifth season a reality!

Paid for by Atlanta Scapers, Boston Scaper, Chicago Scapers, DC Scapers,
Ohio Scapers and Scapers worldwide.

Download the commercial: Length :37

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For more information, here is a list of the best Save Farscape resources I have found so far: - Unofficial home to saving Farscape - a huge site.

NewScape - brought to you by Karlsweb - tons of stuff here.

Farscape World - UK based site at the center of the save-Farscape storm.

Farscape-one - Lots of info, including downloads of the CNN Farscape reports (must see)

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If you want to help fund Farscape's fifth season, please make a pledge here >>

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