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Space Ghost, the greatest space-based action hero of the 1960's has thrilled generations of science-fiction fans with an exciting blend of heroics and astro-ethics. It's safe to say that Star Wars, Star Trek, and Farscape wouldn't exist today if it weren't for this innovative television program.

Reinventing his career, Space Ghost is now the most admired celebrity interviewer since Johnny Carson.

Craig Kilborn has nothing on Space Ghost when it comes to intense and fascinating interviews.

Tonight's show features an interview with John Crichton, the star of Sci-Fi's Farscape. Crichton plays an American astronaut lost in deep space where he is rescued by a band of escaped prisoners living aboard a living ship called Moya.

Our second guest is Brian Henson, the aging lead singer of the once-popular teen music group by the same name.

Once Space Ghost's evil nemesis, Zorak is now content to play the roll of obligatory late show sidekick.


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