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"One other thing, Dad. Remember the day I left? You told me that every man has a chance to be his own kind of hero. Well, I don't think I'm ever coming home, so I won't get that ticker-tape parade and doubt that I'm gonna have kids. So, I won't get a chance to be a hero to them. But, I think I know what you meant.

I've got a strange life here, Dad. It's different, but it's my own. I have people who rely on me, people I care about. People who mystify me and people who have become allies - friends. And people who teach me patience and people who teach me...other things.

Well, you said the time would come and I think it has. I had a job to do and I am unafraid. That's what you said when they asked you what it's like to walk on the moon.

You did good, Dad. You taught me well.

This is John Chrichton - somewhere in the universe."





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