Farscape Fantasy privacy policy

In the clearest terms, I don't collect any information about anyone who visits this site. E-mail addresses of scapers who send me messages are not sold to anyone and will be lost the next time my PC hard drive crashes.

However, my counter does use anonymous cookies to collect some basic information in regard to your system and domain. Here's the info it collects:

-Your domain, such as .COM, .UK, .AU, etc... This information lets me know the country visitors are from.
-The browser you are using, such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, etc...and the version number of that browser. Because the same site can look very different depending on the browser used to view it, knowing the most popular browser version helps in the design process.
-Your Operating System. Windows, Mac, Linux, WebTV, etc...
-Screen resolution. Are you viewing this site with 800x600 or 1024x768, or even higher? Once again, this information helps when making design decisions.
-Your web host, such as AOL, AT&T, or whoever. Frankly, this information is useless to me.
-How you got here. If you enter "www.farscapefantasy.com" in your browser window, or have this site bookmarked, the information I receive says "direct request." However, if you came here from a link, I can trace that link back to its source. For example, if you came here from the links page at another fan site, I will know that they linked to this site. Links from emails, chats, or other private places can not be traced.

Should add that my counter keeps specific data for only the last 30 visitors. In other words, unless I check my data every few minutes, which I don't, I miss the specific information it collects. The counter does keep a summary of data from the thousands of visitors to this site, which is far more useful for making design decisions.

I f you would like more detailed information on my counter's privacy policy, click here >>

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