Farscape for the Scaper novice

Farscape is a science-fiction/fantasy series filmed in Australia and produced by The Jim Henson Company. The series started production in late 1998 and filmed 88 episodes spanning four seasons through September 2002. A four-hour mini-series was filmed in December 2003 through mid-March 2004 and should be broadcast sometime late this year.

The series tells the story of a contemporary American astronaut John Crichton (Ben Browder), who was sucked down a wormhole while testing an experimental spacecraft. Click Here to read my review of the first episode. Brought aboard an escaped prison transport and quickly subdued by its inhabitants, John Crichton plays the standard story of a stranger in a strange land. Fortunately, the creative, sometimes twisted minds behind the show have produced characters and stories that are anything but standard.

Free of the burdens placed on broadcast network television, and produced far from Hollywood, Farscape is free to experiment with stories and styles that one will not find on corporate science-fiction. One of Farscape's greatest strengths, and the reason for its small viewing audience, is that the show relies on complex story lines spanning many episodes, even seasons. In other words, the series is like a soap opera in that it can be difficult to understand what is happening if one enters in the middle of the series. The good news is that the show has inspired people from all over the world to build a community of fans, called Scapers. We build fan sites, discuss the show on forums and get together in person. It's within our community that you will find the resources needed to understand the characters and the story up to now.

To fully understand the story up to now, I suggest visiting the episode guide located on this site. If you are looking for a truncated synopsis of everything that has happened on the show, you should visit Farscape primers linked to the right of this page.

Resources for the Scaper novice:

Best Farscape Primers:
Farscape World
Watch Farscape

Music Videos:

Sail Away - This video sets up the series, focusing on the first few episodes.

Falcon in the Dive: John's confrontation with Crais.

Wear Sunscreen - If you want to experience the soul of Farscape, this is the video.

The end of the series: Two For Tragedy - If you really want to know, this is how the series ends.

Character study videos:

John Crichton - Behind Blue Eyes. John late in the series.

Aeryn Sun - When I'm Gone. Aeryn's journey from day one.

Aeryn and John - The Spirit We. John and Aeryn's relationship from her POV.

Zhaan - Deliver Me. The many sides of our favorite blue priestess.

Jool - I Woke Up In A Car - A video for our very own red head.

Chiana - Cherry Lips - Chiana in all her glory, pretty much spoiler free.

Scorpius & Crichton - Scorpy Went Down to Georgia. John and his arch nemesis battle it out.

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