Running a giant ship and maintaining her systems is a huge job. Instead of manning the Leviathan ship with a large number of service crew, Peacekeepers have chosen to bond the Leviathan with another creature. Pilot is the creature and his job is keeping the ship in top running order. Normally, the Peacekeepers control Pilot and Pilot controls Moya. It is the perfect arrangement for Peacekeepers and an unusual plot element for Farscape.

Though a highly intelligent, multitasking capable species, Pilot's kind are unable to travel though space on their own. Apparently, their only way to achieve space travel is to be permanently bonded to a Leviathan ship. Usually, each Pilot is chosen by the elders to go into space. Perhaps because he was too young, Moya's Pilot wasn't yet deemed worthy of the honor.

Determined to see the stars, Pilot circumvented normal procedures and cooperated with a renegade Peacekeeper to secure his place as Moya's Pilot. The unfortunate consequences of this unusual arrangement continue to haunt Pilot to this day.


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Pilot is voiced by New Zealand actor Lani John Tupu, who also plays the character of Captain Bialar Crais.

Of the regular Farscape cast, Lani Tupu is probably the most experienced actor. In fact, Lani's credits include directing, such as award-winning film Talk of the Town and the video The Main Course.

His professional acting credits include over 40 theatrical productions and guest appearances on Time Trax, Mission: Impossible, and Water Rats.

Lani Tupu's name is native to Samoa, which is a cluster of small Polynesian islands in the South Pacific. On a side note, Euless, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, is home to one of the largest Samoan populations in Texas. Aren't you glad you know that?



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