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Through the Eyes of a Peacekeeper Child

A fanfiction by Snoopygirl

My name is Cadet Asenna Zagh.

I am a Peacekeeper child.

I am seven cycles old.

I have a brother.

His name is Annoda Zagh.

He is six cycles older than I am.

He is thirteen cycles old.

I do not know my mother or father.

It would be against Peacekeeper Regulations.

I flew in my first Leviathan today.

Her name is Tekor.

She is a magnificent ship.

I also met the Pilot.

He is very nice.

He gave me a package of food cubes because I was hungry.

I ate them out of the sight of my Commander.

The Pilot and I are friends.

The Pilot told us about how he came to be on Tekor.

I thought that is would be fun to be a Leviathan Specialist.

Today some prisoners came on the Command Carrier.

Scorpius gave them full diplomatic rights, immunities, and courtesies.

They're prisoners!

A lot of us were mad.

I am too.

My brother Annoda thought we should throw them in our brig.

So did I.

One of the prisoners is ex-Officer Aeryn Sun.

I can not believe she left us.

Why would she do that?

I would never leave.

I love being a Peacekeeper.

I think that that Crichton man forced her to come.

Captain Crais came, also.

He betrayed us.

I hope Scorpius tortures him.

When he was walking with Lieutenant Braca, he looked at me and smiled.

I am confused.

Why would he smile?

He knows we all hate him.

I hate him.

He misused his command.

But why did he smile?

Captain Crais is my father.

I visited Tekor again today.

Pilot looked it up for me.

I don't know who my mother is yet.

Pilot said he'd try to find her.

I hate Crais.

How can he be my father?

Today Pilot contacted me by my comms.

My mother's name was Akler Zagh.

She was killed in battle.

Today the prisoners were captured for conspiring to destroy the command carrier.

Why didn't we kill them?

Sorry I stopped. Someone walked in and I had to stop.

Crais came into my quarters.

I asked him what he wanted.

He said, "Do you know I'm your father?"

I said yes.

He said that I should go wait in the prowler hangar.

He said to stay as far away as possible from the hangar the gunship was in.

He hugged me.

I hugged back.

He left.

I am going to take this journal with me.

I am going to the prowler hangar.

I am now in the prowler hangar.

I don't know why I was told to wait here.

The command carrier is rumbling.

Everything's shaking.

Fire is coming into this hanger.

The command carrier is imploding in on itself!

I am now yelling for someone to take me on their prowler.

Someone did grab me. I am now in an officer's prowler.

I am crying.

I am scared.

What will happen to us?

There's still the wormhole by the hull of the command carrier

We flew at top speed to the wormhole.

I asked her what her name was.

She said, "My name is Akler Zagh."

I said, "Mother?"


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