Utu-Noranti Pralatong

Aside form the original cast, most new members of Moya's crew have made grand entrances to the show. Noranti, however, just showed up and stayed. Not a great deal is known about the mysterious three-eyed woman. Noranti, who is nearly 300 cycles old, claims to be a cook, healer, negotiator, and expert of anything mystical. She is also a terrific belly dancer prone to stirring up trouble, particularly for Moya's crew.

Originally a prisoner onboard Scorpius' Peacekeeper carrier, Noranti was freed when the carrier was destroyed by Moya's crew at the end of season three. Claiming to be grateful for her newfound freedom, Noranti chose to stay onboard Moya and seems to have taken an interest in Crichton. Noranti's motives involving Crichton, unlike her body odor, remain hidden from all.


Noranti is played by Australian actress Melissa Jaffer. A veteran actress, whose career dates back to the 1970's, Melissa was best known to Scapers as the voice of Moya's original pilot from TWWW, and as the old Nilam from VM.

Following Farscape, Melissa retired from television and film, but she continued her stage acting career. In 2010 she played the lead role of Gwen in Gwen in Purgatory, a play by Tommy Murpy.

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