<< Continued from part 7

Part 8:

It had been three solar days since Kelly had any sleep. Everyone else thought it was just quiet, but Kelly had decided while sitting in John's module that until she could find a way to keep 'Talyn' away, she would stay awake and alert. She wasn't going to give him a chance to come back. She enlisted Noranti's help to find an herbal remedy to help her sleep without her subconscious going out for a midnight stroll, but Noranti was having a problem creating a mixture that would do what Kelly needed. Until then, Kelly stayed awake with the help of two of the DRDs, Blue and 1812. If she began to doze off, one of them would give her a small shock to wake her back up.

Neither Pilot or Moya had an explanation for how a human, so far from the Builders and the Uncharted Territories could have even a trace of Leviathan DNA. The only thing John could come up with was an evolutionary jump. But even he found that solution wanting.

Routines began to go back to normal, with only infrequent checks on Kelly's well being.


Finding the conductor she needed to finish the repair, Kelly climbed back into the duct. As she finished, with the help of Blue, she tried to think of other repair jobs she could do while everyone was asleep and not alert John to what she was doing. It was becoming harder to keep the fact she wasn't sleeping anymore a secret. But she was determined to stay awake until Noranti could come up with something to help. It wasn't that she was afraid to go out of her body anymore, but she didn't like the idea of Talyn hitchhiking back with her. Also she didn't want to accidentally drag John along for the ride. The same scenario kept going through her mind, Talyn jumping in and wanting to stay for the duration, with herself and John, stranded with no 'body' to go to.

Tightening the last clamp, Kelly started backing out. As she climbed out, she grabbed the DRD and put him on the floor and turned around. She jumped and screamed at the same time, holding her chest, she leaned against the opening she had just climbed out of.

"What do you think you're doing?" John asked.

"What does it look like? Having a freaking heart attack. By the way, thank you. I was overdue for one of those." She answered.

"Don't be a smart ass, you know what I mean. What are you doing awake and doing my repair work. No one has shown you how to patch those conductors yet. You might mess it up even more than it is."

As Kelly walked over to the work table, she started to get angry. She began wiping off the tools she had been using and put them away. As she did this, her fatigue started catching up with her, but it only served to make her more angry. She began slamming the tools.

Turning around, she asked, "Are you ready to get down?"

Confusion came over John's face, "Get down? What are talking about? I just asked you a simple question. Why are you getting mad?"

Asking again, "Are you ready to get down off of that fucking pedestal you put yourself on? Cause I sure as hell get tired of having to look up to you. It's none of your business what I'm doing awake, and I 'thought' I would help out since I was up. If you must know, Pilot had one of the DRDs helping me."

She turned around and finished putting away the tools. Stepping back in shock, John just stared at her for a moment then turned and walked out of the room without saying another word to Kelly.

Realizing she was acting like a royal bitch, she turned around to apologize, but he was already gone. 'Nice job, keep this up and they'll all notice something is wrong.' She decided to go after him.

He was standing in Command looking out the front view when she finally caught up with him.

"John...I wanted to tell you I'm sorry for going off like that. I didn't mean to get mad. Hell, I don't even know 'why' I got mad. I guess I'm just tired and hell I don't know...Just I'm sorry."

She stood there waiting for him to turn around and let her have it. What she didn't expect was to see his shoulders shake, but still no word. 'Oh shit, he's really mad.' She thought.

As he turned around, he busted out laughing, it was Kelly's turn to be confused.

"Your not pissed?" Kelly asked.

All he said was, "Are you ready to get down." and started laughing even harder.

Kelly smiled and thought, 'At least I'll live for today.'

"Girl, I didn't think you had it in you to go off like that." John stopped laughing.

Wiping his eyes, he walked over to her. "Listen, I know you've been stressed the last few days, but you can't just keep yourself busy constantly. You'll burn out. Fast. Trust me on this, I know."

Nodding her head, "Yeah, you're right. I guess I'll go and try and get some sleep."

Standing up, she turned toward John, "I really am sorry for being such a bitch."

John smiled again, "Just be lucky I'm not D'Argo."

As Kelly rounded the last corner before her room, a hand reached out and touched her shoulder. Kelly jumped back with her fist drawn back. The figure came out of the shadows. Kelly put her hand down when she saw Noranti standing there.

"I am sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you."

"That's okay, I was just heading to my room for a little while. Was there anything you needed?"

The old woman nodded her head, "I believe I have found what you requested. But it will put you in such a deep sleep, you will have no dreams, no thoughts. Is this what you wanted?"

Shrugging her shoulder, Kelly said, "Sort of, but it will have to do until I can figure out something more permanent. How long does it last?"

The smile that Noranti had on her face faded. "That is the unfortunate thing, I could not mix it without one small side effect. If you take this, you will sleep for 10-12 arns."

"10-12 arns! I don't want to sleep for that damn long."

"You might find it very restorative. A chance to catch up on much need rest." Noranti began walking toward her cell.

Kelly followed, "Of course it'll be restorative. It's a frelling coma."

Turning towards Kelly, "Not a coma...just much needed sleep...with no thoughts or traveling."

"Sleeping for 12 arns...with no thoughts...that's a coma."

Kelly turned to walk away, when she suddenly became dizzy, she closed her eyes and held onto the wall. When she opened them again, she realized she was on the floor looking upwards with Noranti looking down at her with concern on her face.

"Okay, maybe I 'do' need some restorative sleep. Let me have the magic potion."

Together they walked back to Noranti's quarters.

John heard footsteps approach from behind him. He turned around and saw D'Argo entering the room.

"Hey D. Ready for another fun filled day?"

"Not really, I could of used a couple more arns for sleep."

Picking up his notebook, John said, "Don't worry, I'll catch them for you."

D'Argo sat down, "Very funny, now get out of here before I change my mind and go back to sleep myself."

John laughed, "See you in a few arns." Then went to his room.


Walking down a dimly lit corridor, Kelly stopped when she realized where she was. "I'm going to kill her...I swear to God. I am going to kill her."
She started walking again. When she saw a familiar figure, she walked up to him. John turned toward her.

"Again?" He asked.

"Yeah, unfortunately."

Looking around, John asked, "So do you think this is live or Memorex?"

"I really don't know anymore. You got me."

"I believe it's real. I saw the ident markers and they are from a carrier you have never seen before Crichton."

Kelly and John whipped around at the sound of the new voice and saw Aeryn walking toward them.

"Ah Crap! This is getting out of hand. How in the hell did I bring you along?"

John looked at her as Aeryn joined them. "It's okay. Just make yourself wake up like the two other times and we're outta here."

Looking back and forth between the two of them, Kelly realized how bad she had just screwed up.

"Uh, well I...we have a small problem. I kind of asked Noranti to fix me up something that would let me sleep without dreaming or accidentally going out of my body. The only problem with it was it lasts about 10 arns."

John screamed, "Are you insane!" Then stomped off.

Aeryn asked, "10 arns? We are stuck here for 10 frelling arns?"

"Or 12, she wasn't sure."

John looked at her, "12? Okay, you really screwed us here, didn't you?"

"Listen, I only took that crap to make sure this 'didn't' happen. She said I could sleep with no dreams or thoughts at all. I was afraid that if I brought John back here and Talyn wanted to stay with Moya, we would both be stuck. So I went to the old woman because she knows about medicines."

John thought, "I wouldn't exactly call them medicines.'

As Kelly was talking, she became upset that she had harmed them, even unintentionally. Aeryn understood that Kelly had acted in the best interest of all of them when she took the drug, she went over to Kelly and put her arms around her. John looked on in surprise, it was a very rare occasion that Aeryn offered sympathy, especially of this type. It was something he liked seeing.

Aeryn took a step back and held Kelly's face, "You know you frelled up. But just remember this. That drug lasts for 10 arns or more. Which means that 'yes' we are stuck here for that time, but also Talyn cannot control your body with it being under a sedative. Just keep trying to get us back and as the drug wears off, we'll get back with no ill effects. Alright. Now I want you to calm down and remember to concentrate on getting us home."

Kelly nodded her head, then rubbed her eyes. "Damn, I don't know why I've been so damn emotional lately."

John chuckled dryly, "Stress...it'll get you every time. Come on, if we're stuck here for a little while, it might be to our advantage to check things out. Aeryn was right about one thing when you first told us about this. With us being out of our bodies, we can do a little recon and for once we don't have to worry about being seen."

Aeryn reached down for her pulse pistol, she jerked her head up when she saw it wasn't there.

Kelly slowly shrugged her shoulders, "You don't have a body, so no gun."

"This is so frelled." Aeryn stated and walked off.

John smacked his hands together, "Let's go exploring!" and followed Aeryn.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Kelly said and joined the other two.

An alarm sounded on one of the consoles to Scorpius' right. Walking over he looked at the readings.

"Officer Telka, I see by the these readings that the energy signals have returned, but there are now three registered."

Officer Telka hit several control buttons on the panel in front of him, "Yes sir. I have sent word to the techs to isolate them and determine their nature sir. They just informed me it will take ninety microts to establish the phase variance in the spectrum, but we will have them isolated shortly."

Commandant Grayza walked into Command, "Where are they located at this time?

Telka looked at the readings once again, "Corridor five, section ten Ma'am."

"Inform me when you have them contained. I want to know what these energy readings are and where they are coming from."

Looking around the corridor; Kelly said, "So do you think this is the same carrier from the first two times?

"These damn things all look the same to me; but yeah, I think it is."

Still walking ahead of them; but looking behind her, Aeryn said, "You said you both saw Grayza and Braca, and Kelly saw Scorpius the second time. If they are all working together, we need to make certain to find out any details we can dealing with their plans to us."

John looked at Aeryn, "You don't have to say that twice, but I'm not getting near that witch."

John rubbed his arms as if a cold chill went through him. Both women looked at him wondering what could of caused that reaction.

Kelly turned back toward the direction they had been walking, "No problem, so we need to head for Command. That's were we will find what we need, right?"

"Then we hit Scorpius' quarters. I don't think that after what Grayza did to him, he'll have too much free reign of this place yet." John said.

As they went down various corridors, suddenly Kelly felt lightheaded. She grabbed John's arm to steady herself against him.

They stopped and John looked at her, "What's wrong?"

Kelly couldn't hear him, all she could hear was a droning noise that was steadily growing louder. Just as suddenly as it started, it stopped.

Shaking her head, "What in the hell was that?"

Still holding onto her, John could see she was still unsteady. "I don't know, you tell me."

"It was like a hundred bees buzzing in my head. It was fast too, like being hit with a brick wall."

Aeryn asked, "How often does this happen to you?"

Standing on her own, "Never, it came out of no where and left just as fast. I couldn't hear anything else."

"Maybe its due to the unusual circumstances with this 'trip' we are on. Have you ever brought two others with you before?" John asked.

"Of course not, but I don't think that was it. The buzzing was kind of like static in a way, it's hard to explain. Let's just get going."


Grayza looked at Officer Telka, "What happened? You said ninety microts and they would be contained."

Standing in rigid form; Telka said, "Yes Ma'am! According to Tech Mekkah, there was a power surge and it burned out the nelix cable. They will have it repaired in one arn."

"Tell them to have it done in half an arn or there will be consequences for their ineptness."

Without saying anything else, Officer Telka turned and relayed the instruction to the techs doing the repair. He was sure the repairs would be done before the time Commandant Grayza specified.

D'Argo was sitting in the center chamber trying to eat First Meal when Chiana's voice came over the comm.

"D'Argo, something's wrong, I need you to come to Aeryn's quarters."

Putting down his utensils, he replied, "I'm on my way."

When he arrived, D'Argo saw Chiana and Sikozu standing over Aeryn's bed, deep in discussion.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

Chiana looked over to him, "I don't know, I came in to see if she wanted to eat yet, but she didn't wake up when I called her name. She hasn't moved a muscle. She wouldn't do that, unless something was wrong. So I called you, Crichton, and Sikozu."

"Then where's Crichton?"

Shaking her head, "I don't know, he should have been here by now."

D'Argo hit his comm, "Crichton, where are you? You need to get down here to Aeryn's quarters."

No answer, "Crichton."

No answer, "Pilot, is there something wrong with his comms?"

Pilot pushed a couple of buttons, "No, I see no malfunction, but he is still in his quarters. I will try again."

Growling in frustration, "Don't bother, I'll get him."

D'Argo started toward John's quarters. On his way, he noticed that Kelly was still asleep herself. Reaching the entrance to John's quarters, he saw that John was still wearing the same clothing he had been wearing at the end of his shift. It appeared he had just let himself fall into bed, not caring whether he was dressed or not.

"Crichton wake up, we've been calling you."

John didn't move. Reaching over, D'Argo started shaking him. He got no response at all.

"Chiana. Sikozu. We have the same problem with Crichton. I'm going to check on Kelly, on my way here, I saw was she still asleep too."

When he reached Kelly, he received the same response. He decided it would be better for Sikozu to examine the three of them together, so D'Argo picked up Kelly.

"Sikozu, get to the med bay, I'm taking Kelly there now and I'll bring Crichton and Aeryn there shortly. See if you can find what is causing this."

After half an arn, D'Argo had carried Aeryn and John up two tiers to the medical bay. Sikozu had already begun the scans on Kelly and Aeryn by the time he carried in John.

Looking at D'Argo laying John down on the examination table; Sikozu said, "So far the only readings I am receiving, show no foreign substances, but I have only just begun. Give me another arn to complete the scans."

"Just do what you can." D'Argo said.

After little more than an arn, everyone was standing around the med bay, waiting for word. Everyone except for Noranti, no one knew where she was, nor cared.

Rygel was becoming impatient with the waiting, "When are we going to be done with all this yotz? I'm growing tired of waiting."

Sikozu looked at the readings, "It is almost finished. I had to run one of the scans a second time, due to inconsistencies, but I have found nothing to cause this condition."

D'Argo said, "Nothing? How can there be nothing?"

"What I meant was Crichton and Officer Sun show nothing wrong physically really, but Kelly has an unusual chemical in her system. It is unknown to Moya, but from it's properties, I would say it is sedative. Also the readings I had to recheck had to deal with the brain activity of all three. I am showing almost no brain waves from any of them, it is as if they are victims of major head trauma."

D'Argo just stared at her, "How is that possible, and how in the hezmana did Kelly get a sedative?"

"Well I gave it to her of course." Noranti said.

Everyone turned around in shock. D'Argo charged the old woman.

Lifting her up by the front of her dress, "Why in the frell would you do that? You don't know what humans can tolerate. No one does."

Fear crossed Noranti's eyes, "She wanted no dreams, to not travel. So she asked me to help. So I provided what she required."

"You both have gone completely farbot." Rygel said.

Noranti tried to explain, "No dreams, no thoughts, but it lasts too long. I could not shorten the time."

Chiana asked, "How long?"

Looking at the others, "Too long, too long."

D'Argo growled, "How long?"

"Twelve arns."

D'Argo looked as if he was about to throw Noranti across the room. "Are you saying they are stuck sleeping as if they are dead for the next twelve arns?"

Chiana stepped up to him, "D'Argo put her down before you hurt her."

Slowly, he did as Chiana requested.

"Obviously it didn't work as you said, it looks as if she sucked Crichton and Aeryn right along with her." Rygel stated.

Noranti took a step back from D'Argo, "It should have worked. Maybe she is too strong for the remedy."

"And maybe you should have come to us when she made this request."

"She asked that I not speak of it to anyone."

Chiana slowly shook her head, "She has only been here four monens, she doesn't know melkit about us. You should have at least gone to Crichton."

Stepping forward; Sikozu said, "There is nothing more I can do, we have to let the sedative run its course."
D'Argo turned towards Noranti, "First planet, populated or not, you are off Moya for good."

Then he walked out of the room before he could do what Chiana asked him not to.

The buzzing noise was back, but not as strong as before. Kelly looked up to tell the others, but noticed something else to bring to their attention.

"Hey guys, do you see that?"

John asked, "What are you talking about?"

"Just ahead of us."

Aeryn commented, "I don't see anything but the junction ahead of us."

Looking more closely, "I can't believe you don't see it. It's weird, it looks like a wall, but it's as if it has waves overlapping one another. It showed up at the same time this buzzing came back."

"You don't seem to be as affected this time." Aeryn said.

Glancing at Aeryn; Kelly said, "No, this time it came on gradually. Listen, I don't want to get near that thing, I say we go back."

Turning around, she saw the way they had just come was also blocked.

"Ah dren, that way is also cut off too."

"Frell it, let's just go through it." Aeryn said.

"Wait!" Too late, Aeryn touched the field and screamed. Jerking her hand back, she just looked at Kelly.

"Are you okay?" John asked her.

"No, I'm not. That frelling burned!"

Kelly yelled, "Hurry, let's try this way!"

And ran towards an opening she saw between the energy fields, with both John and Aeryn following quickly behind.

Once on the other side, John asked, "Why in the frell can you see that and we can't?"

"I have no idea. This part is new to me too. All I know is I don't want to get caught in the middle of them."

"We need to keep going. Kelly, keep an eye open for anymore of those fields." Aeryn said as she took the junction to her right.

Time was passing at a torturous rate, D'Argo had waited in the med bay for almost the entire ten arns that had passed. Sikozu kept telling him there was nothing that could be done.

Chiana walked into the room, Sikozu had called her to try and convince D'Argo to leave, he kept getting in her way as she was updating the medical data.

"Umm...D'Argo, you need to get something to eat. You're not doing them or yourself any favors by just standing in here. Come on, before Rygel eats your share."

D'Argo crossed his arms, "Your right, but for some reason, I don't want to leave them. I want to be here when they wake up."

"I understand, but if Noranti is right, it won't be for a couple more arns."

She took his hand and led him out of the room.

'Finally. I can accomplish some work.' Sikozu thought.


They had kept away from the fields, for what seemed to be an eternity. Just as each of them thought they had made progress in reaching the command, more of the walls would appear to Kelly and they were on the run again. After several arns of running, they finally saw the entrance to the command area. When the three of them entered the room, they saw Grayza standing off to the right side and looking very angry.

Scorpius entered the room just as Officer Telka was making his report.

"The energy readings have entered the room Ma'am. According to this, they are just at the edge of the command."

"Finish it. Now." Grayza said.

Officer Telka relayed her message.

"Ah guys? They can frelling see us." John said with surprise in his voice.

Shaking her head, Kelly said, "That's impossible. No one can see us."

Aeryn looked at her, "You thought the same thing until Chiana saw you."

She nodded her head at Aeryn, "I'd forgotten about that."

They stepped further into the room. Looking at the different consoles, all they found was the search for the mysterious 'energy' readings, but they were able to see how they had been tracking them and for how long.

"Kelly, we've been here for ten arns already. Have you been trying to get us back?"

"Time flies when your having fun. Of course I've been trying..." Before she could finish, Kelly grabbed her head and fell to the floor.

She could see the field walls were back, the walls and the buzzing in her head came just as suddenly as the first time. She could not hear anything that John and Aeryn were yelling at her. The walls had appeared too closely together for them to run between this time, they were mere denches apart. John was shaking her.

Kelly looked upwards to him, shaking her head. "It's too close. We're stuck this time. I can't hear you so don't waste your breath."

Just at that moment, something clicked in her head and she realized it was the way back home. She knew if they were closed off between the walls there was no way for them to be able to make it back.

With her eyes squeezed tightly shut, she concentrated. It was hard because the noise in her head was becoming too loud, it felt as if her thoughts were coming apart as soon as she formed them.

"GRAB ONTO ME! YOU HAVE TO HOLD ON!" Kelly screamed.

Without hesitation, both John and Aeryn took hold of Kelly's arms. There were tears in her eyes, and they could see she was in a great deal of pain.

"John, is there anything we can do to help?" Aeryn asked with concern in her voice.

"I don't...think so." John realized his eyes were open in another room, and he was lying down. He sat up, looking over, he saw Aeryn sitting up as well.

'She frelling did it.' Aeryn thought.

Looking around and seeing they were in the med bay; she said, "I take it the others are aware of our situation."

Sikozu walked into the room, "Good, you are finally awake. I'll inform the others."

"Don't bother, Pilot has already told us." Chiana said as she and D'Argo walked into the room, Rygel came up behind them.

John swung his legs over the edge of the table and smiled at Aeryn, "You okay?"

"Yes, it appears so. You?"

"I'm alright, but now no one can say we need to catch up on our sleep."

John turned around, "Kelly, how are you do..."

He saw that she hadn't woken up yet. Jumping off the table, he took the two steps to her side and shook her.

"Kelly wake up. Why in the hell isn't she waking up?" He looked over to Sikozu.

"Probably because it was her body that took in the sedative, she should be waking momentarily."

"That makes sense...unfortunately." John stepped towards the other and looked at the little group around them, "You guys look like dren."

Just then they all heard a small shout come from Kelly. They turned just as she rolled off of the exam table. She hit the floor before anyone could catch her.

She hooked her right arm on the side of the exam table and tried to stand up, "Could someone kind of help me up?"

"What's wrong?" Chiana asked.

"I sort of can't use my legs, they're numb." They could hear the worry creep into her voice as she said this. D'Argo walked over and helped her onto the table.

"Oh...I'd forgotten about that side effect." Noranti said behind them.

"Old woman, if you don't leave this room right now. I swear to God I will kill you where you stand." Kelly said glaring at her.

"I only tried to help as you asked..." Noranti started.

"You said I wouldn't travel! Not only did I end up on the Damn carrier again, I dragged John and Aeryn along. We were almost stuck there you old Bitch!"

Kelly reached for John's pulse pistol on the table between the beds. John reached it first.

"Girl, you don't want to go there." John said softly.

He turned towards Noranti, "I suggest you leave now, before she can move her legs again."

Noranti turned and walked out of the room.

"What do you mean they have lost the signals?" Grayza demanded.

"Tech Mekkah informed me that just as the containment closed, the signals vanished." Officer Telka answered.

"This is unacceptable..." she began.

"We need to refocus our attention on the Leviathan and John Crichton. We are now only eight solar days away from them. Our Marauders are keeping a careful watch over them, but we do need to be prepared in case they starburst." Scorpius stated.

Walking up to him Grayza said quietly, but also loud enough for all to hear, "If you ever interrupt me again, I will see you back in the Aurora Chair, with no reprieve from High Command this time. Now see to your preparations."

No one could exactly pinpoint when it happened, but they all realized that Kelly quit talking to them or even spending any time around any of them. Especially John and Chiana, if either of them wanted to speak to her, they had to use the comms. When she did respond it was in clipped sentences and she kept their conversations very short. Finally Pilot was relaying all messages for her.

"John this is ridiculous. No one even knows where she is. She's always on the move. Pilot is covering for her too." Chiana said, pacing back and forth.

John was working on replacing three-kay wire on the modules hetch drive. Pushing himself out from under the machine; he said, "I know. The only reason I can see is, she feels guilty over her fiasco with Noranti's magical medicine. Give her a couple more days and she'll come around. She use to do this when she was younger. Whenever she messed up something of DK's she wouldn't talk to him sometimes for a monen. Hand me those wire cutters."

Looking at the tools laying around, she picked up the correct tool and handed it to him. "I'm just worried. It's been a weeken, when I do see her, she doesn't look too good."

Putting down the cutters, John started cleaning his hands. "Alright. I'll go talk to her, but I tell you she just feels bad because of what happened the other day."

Pilot's frantic voice came over the comms, "Peacekeeper Marauders have appeared on Moya's sensors, coming in fast. Moya is attempting evasive maneuvers."

John and Chiana began running down the corridors, "Damn! Pilot how many are there? We need to starburst out of here now!"

"Moya counts five Marauders. We are unable to starburst, Officer Sun was in the process of removing a clog in Moya's amnexus fluid. The Marauders will be here in eight hundred microts."

"Aeryn, how long until you have that fixed?" John asked.

"Too long, I had only just begun when Pilot commed. Even if I put it back together, Moya still won't be able to starburst with the blockage in place. I'm on my way to command now."

"Frell...okay we'll meet you there. D'Argo. Any ideas captain?"

D'Argo's voice came over the comm, "Yeah, shoot anything that comes on the ship."

"Good plan." John said.

"I'll go find Kelly and get her up to command, I don't think she should be off by herself if we get boarded." Chiana said.


Chiana took the corridor to her right to check Kelly's quarters first. When she didn't find her there, she started to comm her.

"Kelly, why won't you answer me?" Chiana said angrily.

"Chiana, I believe she has her comms turned off. She is on tier 12." Pilot answered instead.

She started running in that direction. When she reached tier 12, she began looking in each of the cells. She knew their time had run out, the Marauders would be on them any microt. Just at that moment, Moya shook and she was knocked onto her back. Standing up, she began running again. Just as she rounded another corner, Chiana spotted Kelly. She was lying crumpled on the floor. When she reached Kelly, Chiana saw blood running down the side of her neck. Looking around, Chiana saw blood on the lever for the heating vents. Searching for the injury, she found where Kelly had hit her head.

"John! I found Kelly, but she's hurt. It looks as if she hit her head. She's unconscious."

"Okay, see what you can do to help her. I have my hands tied up here." John answered.

"Chiana, try and wake her up. She didn't want to fall asleep, she has not slept in the last eight solar days. That is why she has been avoiding everyone. She asked that I help. She was afraid of taking someone back with her again." Pilot urged.

'Frelling humans and their ideas.' Chiana thought as she lifted Kelly's head up. She started smacking her on the face, attempting to wake her up.

<Kelly, I need your help.>

'Not again.'

<Shut up Kelly, Mother is in trouble. I need your help in saving her.>

'Are you Talyn?'

<Yes, now please listen to me. I'm sorry for taking over before, I wasn't expecting it myself, I was scared. I need your help. Marauders are attacking Mother.>

'I know. I was on my way to command when I found myself back here. How do you expect to help?'

<It is very simple.>


"Are the Marauders in position to board the Leviathan?" Scorpius questioned.

"Yes sir, they are moving into position now." Captain Braca answered.


Chiana noticed Kelly opening her eyes, "You had me worried there for a microt. We need to get to command, now. We're fixin' to be boarded by Peacekeepers."

Kelly nodded her head and led the way towards command. Chiana noticed that Kelly still wasn't speaking to her, and she also saw the blood was beginning to flow a little more as they walked on.

"Maybe we should stop and get something on your injury. It's starting to bleed more." Chiana suggested.

Kelly only shook her head and continued walking. When they reached command, they met chaos. Everyone was trying to coordinate their actions, but to no avail. There was no way to stop the Peacekeepers this time.

Kelly walked up to the center console, next to John. Looking at Pilots image, she said, "Krezna vol ze kena. Volka kien Talyna."

Everyone looked at her. John asked, "What did she just say? Please don't tell me Talyn is back, we do 'not' need this now."

"Yes, it is Talyn and he asks that you stand aside." Pilot said.

"What? I am not moving aside. Tell him to get the hell out of her, we are in too much trouble right now to handle this. Chiana why didn't you say anything?"

"I didn't know, she never said a word since she woke up." Chiana yelled back as another blast shook Moya.

Putting her hand on John's, Talyn spoke through Kelly, "Jene ke za. Metki nok vak."

Looking to Pilot for translation; John asked, "What did he say?"

"He says he is not going to hurt her."

"Ke ketha di pleko."

"He says, I have a plan." Pilot translated.

John stepped aside, "I hope like hell you do."

D'Argo yelled, "Have you gone fekket? Why are you letting him have the controls?"

"Do you have a plan? Because I sure as hell don't!"

All of them looked out the front view screen, the Marauders were closing their positions. In the distance, they saw what they all knew was a sign of their death, they saw the command carrier.

"Okay, let him have it. Either way we are dead." D'Argo finally said.

"Vaki nothma salkani daz ni Thona nuil."

"Everyone lie down on Moya's floor."

"Thum ze dakum vai."

"Make sure all parts of your bodies are touching the floor."

Everyone complied with what Talyn wanted. Lying flat on the floor, but where they could all see Kelly.

"This is insane. How do you expect this crazy trelk and this crippled ship to save us?" Sikozu demanded.

Before anyone could tell her to shut up, they looked in shock as Kelly closed her eyes and saw her hands on the consol begin to glow slightly, but it grew. Soon the light coming from her hands had grown in intensity. It began to hurt their eyes looking up at her. They had no choice but to close their eyes once it became too painful to look on it, but they could still see it through their closed eyes.

The power built up in Kelly and Moya until there was no choice but to release it. The release gave off a sound similar to a sonic boom, it shot outwards in all directions at once. Going through the walls of Moya and outwards into space. It hit the Marauders within microts of leaving the outer hull of Moya. The first ship exploded on impact with the light, the four that remained tried to flee the light but it soon caught them, each exploding in turn.

Grayza and Scorpius stood side by side looking on as their ships exploded. Before either of them could issue orders for evasive maneuvers, Talyn's light was upon them too.

Scorpius' last words were, "John Crichton."
They could not see the light anymore, slowly in turn they each opened their eyes. Kelly was laying face down on the console.

John jumped up, "Kelly...Talyn, are you alright?"

Kelly picked herself up off of the console. Looking up towards Pilot, "Ketha Thona?"

Pilot responded with, "Zek Thona nilok."

"What did he say?" John asked.

"Talyn wanted to know how Moya is doing. I told him she is doing well now."

"What happened with the Marauders? How long until the command carrier is on us?"

Pilot hit several controls, "Moya's sensors read the Marauders are destroyed and there are no power readings coming from the carrier. In fact there are no life signs at all coming from the carrier."

They all stood in shock looking at Kelly.

Aeryn whispered, "He just destroyed thousands of Peacekeepers in ten microts."

"Scorpy's dead? I have to see it for myself." John said.

Soon they were all shouting in celebration, hugging one another at the victory that Talyn had just brought them. Kelly was sitting on the floor, leaning against the console, with her eyes closed, exhaustion was taking its toll on her body.

"Now maybe we can make it to a commerce planet and I can get off of this dilapidated, frelling ship." Sikozu said.

Kelly's eyes opened and she stood up. She walked over to Sikozu, but it was Talyn who spoke, "Koza umit ke Thona valmi."

Before anyone realized what was happening, Kelly (Talyn) hit Sikozu, knocking her to the floor.

"What in the hell did he just say?" John asked Sikozu.

"He said, don't ever talk about Mother like that again." Kelly answered and walked out of the room.

"How in the frell did she know what he said?" Chiana asked and followed her out of the room before anyone could answer.

"I told you she didn't like you, now neither does Talyn." John said smiling.

Looking over at Aeryn, he saw she was smiling too, "Do you want me to finish up the amnexus lines?"

"That's alright, I'll go finish it so we can starburst out of here. We don't know if the command carrier was able to put out a distress signal before being destroyed."

"I'll help, and we can talk while we are at it." John said

Together they walked out of the room.


Chiana followed Kelly and saw she was heading towards Pilot's Den. She figured that Talyn wanted a private talk with his mother and turned around.

Over the next several arns, Talyn, Pilot and Moya talked. Finally, Talyn realized it was time to say good-bye. This time Moya understood why he had to leave, but she shook in sadness, everyone felt it and knew what was going on. With tears in his eyes, Pilot said one last good-bye to Talyn as he walked out of the den.

"Chiana, Kelly has just left for her quarters, but she may need help. She has been awake for so long and her head injury also needs to be attended to. Could you help her?"

"Of course Pilot, I'm on my way."

When she caught up with Kelly, she was already in her room. She was sitting on the side of her bed with a wet rag and trying to clean the blood off of her skin.

"Here, lay down and close your eyes. I'll do that for you. Does it hurt badly?" Chiana said.

"Not right now, but it will." Kelly answered slurring her words.

'Talyn? Are you still here?'

<Yes, for now. I want to thank you for helping me. I can see why Mother loves you and the others so.>

'Are you coming back?'

<No. It is finally time for me to move on. I tried to find a way to lead you back to your home, but I was unable to.>

'That's okay, John will find a way to get us back home. He's got these wormholes figured out. Now he just needs to get us there.'

<Thank you again. Take care of Mother, she needs all the care she can get. Good-bye Kelly.>

'Good-bye Talyn and thank you too.'


As they worked to unclog to the tubing for the amnexus fluid, John and Aeryn talked about what had just happened. Both realized they now were free to go where they wanted without worry of Scorpius tracking them down. After they finished with the repair, they retired to Aeryn's quarters to continue talking. John took his hand and slowly rubbed the side of her face, putting her hand on his, both said the words that each wanted to hear.

"I love you."

The End.

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