Part 6:

There was a roar from all voices in the room, "What!?"

Sikozu piped in, "It's actually a variation of the Pilot language."

Looking at her, "Shut up Sputnik! We have to figure out what the hell is going on." John shot at her.

"Noranti, we need you to bring some of your sedative powders. Our problem with Kelly has just escalated."

Her answer came back over the comms, "Of course John, how strong do you need it?"

Looking over at Kelly, the look in her eyes was one of a terrified animal.

"Very strong, enough to knock her out for a few arns, and hurry."

"I'll be there as soon as possible," then her voice was gone.

At that moment; Kelly jumped up and started for the door. John lunged for her. D'Argo grabbed him.

"John, don't. Let her go, you don't know what is going on. Let Pilot keep track of her signal, we don't need anyone injured right now.

He nodded. "Pilot are you tracking her signal?"

"Yes Commander, I also have several DRDs following her. For some reason, she keeps trying to grab one of them," Pilot answered.

After several microts, they started looking at one another, not hearing any word from Pilot.

"Where is she now?" Aeryn asked.

She has almost reached the neural cluster. Hold on one moment....I've lost her signal."

"Let's go!" John yelled. All of them ran out of the training room to search for Kelly before she could hurt herself or the neural cluster. When they reached the cluster, they found no trace of her. Each took a different level in the search.

"Any sign of her yet?" D'Argo inquired as each of the crew rejoined him.

"No, I cannot find any trace of her, but I suspect I know where she is." Pilot stated.

"When were you planning on tell us this?" Rygel remarked.

Chiana cut in, "Shut up Rygel! Pilot where do think she may be?"

"For quite some time Kelly has been coming to the den and visiting with Moya and myself. Recently Kelly has taken to calling Moya 'mother."

Everyone's head jerked up at that.

"...But occasionally, she will go down to the starburst chamber. As I do not have sensors in this area I have to rely on Moya to inform me of these visits."

"Starburst chamber," John nodded his head and took off running.

They had to file in one at a time due to the cramped area. When they reached the chamber they found her sitting against one of the walls of the chamber, looking up and talking as to herself in a language they had only heard a couple of times.

"Thona...melna furlio jullnk...." Kelly whispered.

D'Argo asked, "Sikozu, you knew she was speaking a different form of Pilot, move up here and tell us what she is saying. Pilot can't reach in here and we can't get close enough with our comms for him to hear."

Sikozu slid beside the others to get by and stand next to D'Argo and John at the entrance to the starburst chamber. Kelly sat holding her legs, looking upwards, continuing to speak to Moya.
Sikozu tilted her head to the side to concentrate on what Kelly was saying, it was apparent she was having a difficult time understanding her completely.

"Noek subrnoa moun imnt Thona. Noek subrnoa moun imnt Thona. Melni vodu Chrsia jlaun lku jhyu. Thona...Thona, thouka ulu uanuza. Kunuvk za. Vech jluui za niu ou."

"She is apologizing for dishonoring Moya, she keeps speaking how she did her best...,she did everything she was asked. Crais said it would protect you?"

John grabbed Sikozu arm and yanked her around

"Did you just say Crais? She never frelling knew him. Make damn sure you're translating right."

Pulling her arm out of John's grasp, "I'm doing the best that I can. I told you, it's a different variation of Pilot's language. But I definitely heard the name Crais."

At that moment Noranti came up behind them with the sedative powders.

"I have what you asked for. It is quite strong. You have to be careful, only use one pinch and she will be unconscious for several arns."

Kelly looked over to the group. She still showed no recognition of what they were saying, but as Noranti blew the sleep powders toward her. It appeared she knew what its purpose was, she held up her hand and the powders appeared to hit an unseen wall and fell to the floor. When the others saw this, they knew they had to rethink how they were going to get her out of the starburst chamber before she hit one of the panels and killed herself.

Running his fingers through the hair on the back of his head, "How in the frell are we going to get her out of there. It's not like we can storm her, and how in the hell is she able to do that with her hand?"

"It more than likely has to do with what the two of you were doing in the training room." D'Argo pointed out.

"We weren't doing anything. She was just going to teach me...," he stopped.
"Teach you what? D'Argo asked, looking at John.

John wasn't sure how to go about explaining what had been going on between him and Kelly for the last two solar days.

Aeryn could see that John was having a hard time beginning his explanation. She saw him looking back at the starburst chamber and the look of worry on him face increased with every passing microt.

"John...just start at the beginning, it may help figure out what is going on with her. I would like to know why in the frell she is able to speak to Moya in Pilot's language and why she was talking about Crais asking her to protect us."

They all heard a slight whirring noise and looked down. Surrounding their feet were about thirty DRDs, it appeared that Moya had sent every DRD on the ship to them.

"Moya would like to convey that she will do whatever she can to help in this situation, she says she understands what is going on. But...under no circumstances does she want Kelly hurt. I believe she is keeping something from me. I cannot access this information from her. She says we will be informed when the time is right."

Chiana looked at John expecting him to begin explaining what he and Kelly had been up to, "Well...we're waiting John."

'Oh they are never going to believe this.' John thought. "Okay. Do you remember a couple of days ago when both of us woke up with our heads hurting? Well, it turns out we both had the same dream that night.... Before you start arguing that it is impossible, we both know this. That doesn't change the fact it happened.

We've been trying to figure out how it happened. Kelly and I came up with nothing. Well it happened again a few arns ago. It shook Kelly up pretty bad this time...She could hardly talk when I was finally able to wake her. She apparently had been thinking this over and asked me to come to the training room. She wanted to show me something. This something turned out to be her showing me how to go out of my body also, so that we wouldn't share anymore dreams. Kelly said she didn't want anything to do with my nightmares." John laughed at that, "They sure as hell didn't feel like any dream I've had before. It felt as if I was really in the command carrier watching techs working on the wormhole equations."

Noranti took a step towards the others. "You know, it is possible to share dreams. But it is after many cycles of training to achieve this." She put her hand on John's shoulder. "It is very likely with this ability of hers, you both did share not only a dream, but both of you were out of your bodies at the time. Because of your connection to one another's past, when she traveled, she took you with her."

John started pacing the corridor, the others looked on as he was trying to sort out this new information. John stopped and looked back at the old woman.

"So your saying, me and Kelly really saw Scorpius working with Grayza again and they are still working on the wormhole technology?" His voice starting to get louder as he spoke, "and Crais and Talon both frelling died for nothing? Is that what you are telling me?"

A look of sadness swept over her face, "Yes John, that is what I'm saying. All of that death and destruction was for nothing."

"Commander, I believe Moya has come up with a solution to how we can safely remove Kelly from the chamber, but she needs Ka D'Argo's assistance."

"What is it Pilot?" D'Argo asked.

Pilot hit two control buttons in the den, "Moya says she can slowly cut off the oxygen levels in the chamber until Kelly is unconscious. Seeing as you are able to go with out oxygen for brief periods, she asks that you stay in the chamber with Kelly until this happens. Then you can bring her out, she will be unconscious for only a short time, but it should be sufficient for you to contain her."

D'Argo looked to John, "I'll do it, as long as we are sure Kelly won't be harmed."

"She should be okay. Moya knows how long humans can go without oxygen, as long as you are able to get her out fast enough."

Pilot continued pushing controls, < I know Moya, soon you'll have him back, but we need to tell the others very soon.>

D'Argo walked back into the chamber with Sikozu, he wanted her to try and talk to her and calm Kelly down. He kept the comm open so the others could hear what was going on. He and Sikozu stopped at the entrance to the chamber. He looked to Sikozu, "Go on and talk to her. She needs to know we are not going to hurt her."

Sikozu knelt down, "Kresna voljuk za voi. Molka kulni aiunk zai."

Tears had started running down Kelly's face as she looked at Sikozu. She put her hand to her face and wiped the tears away and looked to her hand, "Vlok jaqu jivu? Thona unawn upunulk zwilu. Kemau?"

"She wants to know what the tears are, and why her mother won't speak to her." Sikozu translated for D'Argo.

John's voice came over the comm, "She wants to know what tears are? Something is seriously wrong here. Pilot, can you have Moya begin? Sikozu get out of there as soon as you can. Explain that D'Argo will be staying so she doesn't become scared, just don't tell her too much."
John began pacing the corridor again as he waited for Sikozu to come out. He didn't know exactly how long it would take for Moya to extract the oxygen from the room, but he knew Kelly was in safe hands with D'Argo in there with her. He just couldn't figure out how this whole deal went south all of a sudden.

Sikozu came out, "Okay Pilot, we are ready."

"Moya is beginning now."

Chiana had begun pacing along with John; while Aeryn just looked toward the entrance to the starburst chamber. Surprised at her impatience, Aeryn decided to be the one to ask. "D'Argo, what is going on?"

"It won't be much longer, the room is almost completely empty of oxygen and Kelly is beginning to get sleepy. Give it another ten microts."

They continued waiting, "Okay, she's out. I'm bringing her out now." When he came out, she was in his arms as if a child. All they could see was the top of her blond hair sticking out.

"Get her down to the med room now;" John said urgently, "before she wakes up and decides to knock the hell out of us."

Looking out into open space she sees the Command Carrier, with prowlers flying patrol. 'Time I check this out on my own...I can't believe he went back.'



'What? John, did you get lost...I thought you decided to go back.'

<It's time for you to go back.>

'But I'm having fun.'

<I know, but the others are worried about you?>

'You're not John, who are you?'

<Mother will explain, there is no time now.>

'What? Mother? You mean Moya...? What does she have to do with my traveling?'

<Don't worry about that, now wake up.>

The first thing she knew when she opened her eyes was instant pain. Kelly immediately closed them, she kept trying to pull her blanket over her head, but for some reason her arms weren't working. Slowly opening her eyes, she saw she was strapped down. 'What kind of sick joke is this?'
She heard someone speaking and looked over and saw Sikozu.

"Voku zu unilna meloz?"

Puzzled, "What in the hell are you saying? John?" No answer, she started struggling, she yelled, "John? JOHN! CHIANA?"

Chiana came running into the medical room followed closely by John. Chiana looked at Sikozu, "Why didn't you get us when she woke?"

Looking more than a little irritated, Sikozu put her hands on hers hips, "She just awoke, I tried to speak to her in Pilot, but she asked what was I saying then started screaming for John and yourself. It's only been a couple of microts."

Feeling chastised, "Sorry, we're just worried."

Watching the exchange between the two girls; Kelly was getting more than a little pissed. "Ah, excuse me, tied up person here. If this is some little hazing joke, it is not Frelling funny. Now untie me NOW!" For emphasis she jerked her arms against the straps.

Realizing that Kelly had no idea how she got into this situation; John spoke up, "I'm sorry, kiddo. This is not any kind of hazing. What do you remember after we went out of our bodies?"

Leaning her head back, "We were relaxing, it started to work. I think I remember talking to you. Then you were gone and I was waking up here, and if you don't untie me now....I am going to kick your ass." Kelly growled the last part of her answer.

John smiled at that point and went to undo the straps, "She's okay for now."

Looking down at her; Sikozu asked, "When did you learn to speak Pilot. I would think it would be too difficult for one of your species to comprehend this language."

As she sat up Kelly looked at her as if she smelled something bad. "What... in...the....hell are you talking about?"
Trying to get off the table, she suddenly became dizzy, falling against the table. She grabbed her head, "Whoa...head rush."

After her head quit spinning, Kelly looked up and noticed that D'Argo and Aeryn come into the room.

"Now will someone please tell me what the deal is with bondage treatment?"

"Pilot, were you able to find the data on what happened? Kelly it is better for you to see for yourself. We're still not able to understand it ourselves, much less explain it." Aeryn said.

Looking at everyone, "Why won't you just tell me?" At that moment, an image came up on the clam shell. As the images progressed, a look of shock come over Kelly's face. She just kept looking from the view screen to each in the room.

"This is bull, I don't remember any of this dren." Kelly tried to walk across the room, but as soon as she stepped away from the table, her head started spinning again and she had to grab onto the side once more.

Chiana grabbed Kelly under her arm, "Take it easy, you just went through a lot."

"A lot? A lot. I'd say this is more than a frelling lot!" Putting her hand over her eyes to dull the pain, "Damn. My eyes are killing me, this is the worse frelling hangover I've ever had."

John walked over to her and put his arm around Kelly's shoulder. He took her head and had her lean it on his shoulder. As she did this, John began massaging the back of her head to help dull the pain. 'If she only knew how bad it could really get,' he thought.

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The New Arrival
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