Moya is a living, sentient being providing travel through space and protection from enemies for her crew. Since she got pregnant in mid-season one, it can be assumed she is a female. Without doubt, Moya is the most enigmatic of all Farscape characters since she doesn't say anything and very little background information has been established about her species.

It is known she is a member of a space dwelling species that can live several hundred years. Captured by Peacekeepers and subjugated to their will with the use of a control collar, Leviathans are used as a transport vessels. It isn't explained how this collar works, but the use of extreme pain is part of the process. Moya's collar was removed in The Premiere and one presumes she willingly accepts Pilot's control and the presence of crew members aboard her.

It is known she has an intellect, but she rarely communicates to the crew herself - that is done through Pilot. One can only speculate if she will try to communicate with the crew directly in future episodes. What she would say to them would make an interesting story. Perhaps in the future, she will seek out her own kind and the consequences of that event to the crew would be interesting.


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Though Farscape has been cancelled, and the Moya sets torn down, not all is lost. The most expensive set pieces, along with most of the props, have been placed in storage. Should Farscape return, Moya will be reborn again. In fact, this has happened before. Farscape's first season was filmed at the Fox Studios in Sydney. However, the sets were dismantled and production moved to Homebush Studios to accommodate the filming of the dreadful Star Wars prequels. The Phoenix of the Uncharted Territories has risen once before, it will rise again.
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