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That Old Black Magic

The idea that John would rather kiss a Hynerian than kiss me is beyond all comprehension. Come to think of it, he kissed the Hynerian before he kissed that Peacekeeper Aeryn, too. I suspect John must have been though a great deal of stress with Maldis and simply had a temporary lapse of judgment.

This scene reminds me of the time, on Estar 4, when circumstances required me to become very friendly with a Hynerian named Dohal. On the third evening of my stay, I entered the Hynerian's bed chamber and quietly moved toward him. Careful not to startle the sleeping creature, I gently placed my finger on his brow and caressed it with smooth strokes. Of course he awakened as I slowly pulled his night clothes off, reveling his rolling folds of glorious green skin...(remaining portion of this article edited by Dallascaper.)

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