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"Kill my sex life, now, just shoot!"


I realize this scene isn't romantic, it isn't even from LATP part 3, but I feel compelled to comment about it anyway. At first, I didn't understand what John was talking about when he made that strange statement. Then, I realized what he was saying and it broke my heart. The human isn't the most potent male I have ever encountered, but even he deserves better than this.

Look At The Princess part 3

I hardly think Peacekeeper females are worth the time for any man. However, considering John's...situation, he is fortunate Jena came along when she did. See, I keep track of these things, John mated with Aeryn once in season one and with Jena once in season two. That's it, one time per season. No wonder John is losing his mind.

Richard Manning, if you're reading this, bring me back! Write me in as a clone or, perhaps, my own twin sister. John needs me - he needs a real woman. I promise not to kill him, right away.

Matala's rating: 2




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