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Look At The Princess part 1

Here is a fine example of how Peacekeeper females manipulate and destroy their male suitors. Aeryn, clumsy at such things early in the series, obviously took notes when observing the work of the master Peacekeeper predator, Gilina.

Observe how the naive human is lured into a romantic situation by Aeryn. John, desperate for female companionship, falls for the ruse completely. Just when John thinks he's finally going to mate, Aeryn strikes mercilessly. With nothing for his hormones to do but ferment, John is left dumbfounded and broken.

After destroying the human's spirit and wasting his male offerings, Aeryn chooses to rub John's nose in humiliation by letting him live to think about it. The absolute cruelty, disguised as coyness, of the Peackeeper female shocks even me.

Matala's rating: 1




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