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If You Want Me To
(Part 3)

<< Continued from part 2

By: Aeryncrichton82 E-mail: aeryncrichton82@hotmail.com

Rating: PG

Category: Romance/Drama

Disclaimer: The Jim Henson Company, Hallmark Entertainment, Nine Network Australia and the Sci-Fi Channel own Farscape. They own all rights to characters mentioned within this story. I just used them because the show is frelling awesome and plus I have a wild imagination!

Summary: It had been four monens since Aeryn has left Moya and company. She had hopes leaving would lessen the pain, but it only got worse. Aeryn decides to return in hopes of reuniting with John and also to tell him a secret that she carries within her.

Thanks: I would like to give thanks to Dallascaper and Rory Kearn for making the best shipper music videos that inspired me to write this fan fic. And also a very special thanks to all of my beta readers who helped me out and also who have me great suggestions!

"I would be lost without you."

"Then you will never be lost."

John Crichton dreamed of a time so long ago. He turned his thoughts to a woman he loved more than life itself, even more than his damn wormhole technology. Aeryn Sun. The one person who kept him grounded through his whole experience in the Uncharted Territories. John jerked out of a restless sleep that he slept so many nights. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes. It's been four monens. She is not coming back. You have to face it. Life goes on. He went over to the refresher and splashed water on his face. He looked at himself in the mirror. You look like dren. You are starting to look like an old man. John pulled himself away from the mirror and gathered his clothes and put them on. He left his quarters and head to the galley in search of nourishment.

D'Argo was setting his food onto the table when John entered.

"Hey, Big guy! What's happening?" he greeted D'Argo as he grabbed a plate full of food cubes.

"John, we are reaching a commerce planet in four arns. We need to re supply. You are needed to come down to help load the cargo on the Transport Pod." D'Argo said as he sat down beside John.

John looked over at D'Argo as he took a drink from his cup of water. "Sure, while we are down there I might as well go look for some entertainment."

D'Argo smiled. "That would be very nice, my friend. I think I will join you on that quest. Chiana and Jool talked about doing some shopping while down on the planet."

"Great. All set then. Re supply and then find entertainment," John said as he smiled back at his long time friend.


Aeryn Sun blinked twice at her radar screen on her Prowler. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. A Leviathan. Aeryn hit her com switch to Moya's frequency.

"Prowler to Pilot," she said calmly, trying not to get her hopes up.

Through the crackling of the com came a familiar voice. "Officer Sun, is that really you?" Pilot asked.

Aeryn smiled slightly. "Yes, Pilot. It is me."

"It is a pleasure to hear from you again. Do you wish to come aboard?" Pilot asked.

"Yes, Pilot. Deploy the docking web," Aeryn said.

"Deploying docking web," Pilot said. Aeryn felt the familiar pull of the docking web pulling her Prowler into the docking bay aboard Moya.

"Is anyone aboard?" she asked.

"John, D'Argo, Chiana, Jool, and Rygel have all gone down to the planet. Captain Crais is aboard." Pilot responded as he monitored Aeryn's Prowler coming through the docking bay.

Aeryn sighed heavily. "Can you com Crais and ask him to meet me in the docking bay?" Aeryn asked as she began powering down her Prowler.

"As you wish. Moya and I are pleased that you have decided to return," Pilot said with happiness in his voice.

"It is good to be back on board, Pilot." Aeryn said quietly. The Prowler set down in the docking bay. The doors opened and Aeryn saw Crais heading towards the Prowler.  Aeryn lifted the top off and looked at Crais. Crais smiled back at her.

"It is good to see you again, Aeryn." He said. Aeryn smiled back at him.

"Could you help me out?" Aeryn asked. Crais looked confused, but went over to help her out of the Prowler. He had an expression of surprise on his face as he saw Aeryn standing up the cockpit of the Prowler. Crais gave her his hand and she went down the short ladder on the side of the Prowler. Aeryn stood in front of Crais. He slid his eyes from head to toe of her. She was wearing her usual PK leathers, but with one small difference. Aeryn was with child. Crais cleared his throat, trying not to give away his shock.

"Crais, I'm with child. You don't have to stare," Aeryn said as she shook her head at him.

"Who is the father?" he asked looking at her.

"That is none of your concern," Aeryn said coldly as she slid past him to walk deeper into the docking bay.

Crais cleared his throat, keeping his opinions to himself. "Everyone went down to the planet. They should be back within 48 arns." Crais said. "Why don't I escort you to quarters?"

Aeryn smiled at the offer. "That would be a great idea. I have a bag in the supply area of the Prowler." She went to the Prowler to retrieve it. Crais took the bag from her hand and they went down the corridor.


John stumbled into his quarters as D'Argo placed him on his bed. "John, I think you had a little too much entertainment." D'Argo said with a grin on his face.

John sat up and laughed. "I think you are right. I can't even stand up straight."

D'Argo bent down to begin pulling off his boots, but John passed out onto the bed. D'Argo got up from the floor and walked to the door.

"Sleep well. You are going to have one frelling headache when you get up." D'Argo chuckled as he headed out the door.


Aeryn crept her way quietly down the corridor to John's quarters. Pilot had commed her just half and arn ago saying that everyone had returned from the planet. She needed to see John. She waved her hand in front of the door sensor, the door opening, and pushed aside the privacy curtain. Aeryn's eyes adjusted to the dark, making out the form on the bed. Aeryn silently walk to the bed, looking at John's sleeping face. She sat down on the bed and ran her hand lightly across his cheek. I'm so sorry, John. I should have never left. I thought it would help with the pain, but it only made me feel more emptiness. I could not stand being away any longer. She slid her hand to her rounded belly. She felt the child inside kick at where she placed her hand. You have a right to know your child. I cannot take that away from you. Despite what has happened between us in the past, we have a child that links us together. Nothing can ever change that. Aeryn felt tears coming to her eyes, wiping them away quickly.

"Aeryn..." John moaned in his sleep. " Don't leave me."

Aeryn lay down next to John. She wrapped her arms around him, falling asleep within a few microts.


"You once said it was as if fates meant for us to be together."

"And I believe that."

"We are in the hands of fate now."

"We have to trust in that."

John tossed in his bed as his dreams of Aeryn haunted him. Why doesn't fate just bring us back together? I love her so much. A part of me died when she left. John slowly opened his eyes to what seemed like a familiar scent. It smelled like Aeryn. Don't be stupid. She's gone. He slowly sensed that someone was in bed with him. Your senses are frelled up because of all the rasiac that you drank. John turned his head to see who was beside him. He jumped out of bed in surprise.

"Aeryn..." he shouted. Aeryn slowly opened her blue eyes to look at John who was standing beside the edge of the bed. She smiled slowly.

"Hello, John." Aeryn said quietly. John shook his head.

"No, you not real. You left. You are just a figment of my imagination," he said in denial as he slipped to the floor. Aeryn got out of bed quickly and went over to John. She put her hands on the side of his face; bring his to look at hers.

"John, I am really here." She said as she looked into those beautiful blue eyes that she missed so much.

John looked back at her still not believing his eyes. He reached out and cupped her face in his hands. He laughed with relief. "Aeryn. God, baby. It's really you." John embraced her, smelling her scent wrap around him. Tears came to Aeryn's eyes as she settled into her lover's embrace. John pulled back, looking into Aeryn's eyes.

"Why? You left me." he asked.

Aeryn smiled. "I had to come back, John. I couldn't stand being away from the man that I loved."

"I love you, Aeryn." John said as tears slipped down his cheeks. "Why did you leave me?"

"I could not be around you anymore. I lost the other John. He died in my arms. I loved him so much. You are that same man, John. I could not be around if something ever happened to you again. The loss devastated me so much. I had to leave. That was my only protection. I could not bear another loss like that again," she said looking away from John as tears filled her eyes. "But, I had to come back because the pain was so unbearable. I love you so much. I can't go on without you."

"Baby, I have been so lost without you. When you left, you took a piece of my heart with you. I died when you left." John said as he kissed Aeryn softly. "Don't ever leave me again."

Aeryn smiled. "I will never leave you."

"You better not," John teased as he felt her body press against his. Something felt different. Aeryn sensed what he was feeling. She moved his hand down to rest of her belly.

John's eyes widened in surprise as he felt movement under his hand. "Aeryn...you're pregnant?"

Aeryn shook her head and laughed. "Yes, John. I am having your child." John slowly caressed the bulge of her belly with his hand. Aeryn rested her hand on top of his. The child within moved as the union of its parents began.

End of Part 3

Part 4 >>

E-mail: aeryncrichton82@hotmail.com

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