There are many ways to express one's fondness for Farscape. Perhaps the best way is to make fun of it!
Scape Ghost by Hynerian Donkey. On tonight's show, Space Ghost interviews the star of Sci Fi's Farscape, John Crichton. Also appearing, the lead singer of the teen music sensation Henson, Brian Henson. Zorak tags along to add insightful comments and comic relief. Flash Player required.
Before They Were Stars! Have you ever wondered what our favorite Farscape characters were doing for a living before Farscape? I've been told this feature reminds some people of The Onion.
Matala's Lair: Since her appearance on Farscape in season one, Matala has been very busy as a lounge singer for the Riviera casino in Las Vegas. Taking time out of her hectic schedule, Matala rates Crichton's romantic scenes in Farscape.
The Funny Gallery page 1: Farscape photos with funny captions.
The Funny Gallery page 2: More Farscape photos with funny captions.
Geoffrey the Giraffe: Farscape isn't just for humans anymore.
Click Here for the article that introduced Geoffrey.
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