Over the centuries, there have been literary - and much later, cinematic - characters blessed with the guidance and companionship if invisible friends, like guiding angels. Crichton's invisible friend, however, is no angel. Regular viewers have come to accept Crichton's companion as simply one of the show's quirky embellishments. Occasional viewers are probably left stumped as to who or what Crichton is always interacting with. Here is a brief explanation of what is happening.

During the episode titled, Won't Get Fooled Again, it is learned Scorpius implanted a neural chip inside Crichton's brain while the human was a PK prisoner during late season one. The chip contained a clone of Scorpius' personality. The neural clone was charged with the task of keeping Crichton safe, preventing Crichton from ever harming Scorpius, and locating the wormhole knowledge locked in Crichton's brain. This was all to occur in Crichton's subconscious; the human was never to have known the clone was in his head until it was too late. However, early in season two, during an encounter with an alien named Traltixx, Scorpy's plan went somewhat awry.

Traltixx was a bad guy who distracted his victims by changing their personalities. Although he was defeated, the alien's devious work on the human's mind allowed Crichton some awareness of the Scorpy neural clone. At first, Crichton thought he was hallucinating; seeing Scorpy in beach shirts, drinking margaritas and eating pizza. As the season progressed however, Crichton's Scorpy sightings were becoming more realistic and disturbing. It's during this period that Crichton named the clone Harvey, as in Harvey the invisible Rabbit. In late season two, Crichton finally became fully aware of the neural clone and its sinister plan. Unfortunately for Crichton, his discovery came too late. The clone had done its job, finding the valuable wormhole data, and had already made arrangements for Crichton's capture by the real Scorpius.

The neural chip was removed from Crichton's brain, but the neural clone was inadvertently left behind. Now powerless to harm Crichton, "Harvey" the clone first wanted Crichton to commit suicide so they wouldn't have to live with each other. However, over time, the clone developed a personality different from the real Scorpius. More willing to help Crichton when it can, the clone has become a valuable advisor to the human. In a way, the clone has become less like an invisible rabbit to Crichton, and more like Clarence, the guardian angel.



Harvey is played by Australian actor Wayne Pygram.

A veteran of Australian theater, cinema, and television, Wayne brings a wealth of talent and experience to the character of Harvey. Wayne's television credits include Time Trax, Water Rats, and the Lost World. Not sure what it is about this "Water Rats" thing, but virtually the entire Farscape cast has appeared on that show at least once. Go figure...

An avid musician, Wayne plays the drums for his band, much to the delight of Scapers at the recent Burbank Farscape convention.

Wayne was born in Cootamundra and raised in Wagga Wagga, Australia.

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